The Seemingly Lost Duck Outside My Apartment

A bit ago I was sitting here in my chair working when I heard a loud shrill type of quacking noise. It wasn’t a “hi there how are you” quack. No, it was more of a startled “I need help” quack.

So I got up and walked outside to my small front porch and there just beyond my car was a duck.

I walked slowly toward it, talking to it in what I considered a “motherly” tone of voice. “Are you lost, little duck?”

It turned and started walking in the opposite direction. I figured it was headed to the swimming pool. And when I looked just beyond I saw another duck swimming there.

The duck didn’t appear to be afraid of me. These ducks are pretty tame.

I followed behind it until it caught sight of the pool again. And then it flew up and over the railing and into the pool with its friend.

I was surprised to see just two. Normally there are a lot more of them. I hear them quacking and flying over my roof a couple of times per day.

Going To Charlie’s Acupuncture Appointment:

Then I went to take Charlie to acupuncture. I started driving and the duck was right in front of me. I sat and waited until it meandered out of the way.

When I came back the duck was once again roaming around the parking lot. I walked behind it until it went back into the pool with its friend.

Am I going to become the duck herder?

If you don’t know the story of the ducks, here’s what I was told. Someone who lived here got the ducks long ago. But then they moved and left the ducks behind.

The ducks apparently consider this their home. So they fly here and there but always end up back here.

It drives maintenance crazy that they swim in the pool of course. But I don’t swim there so I like that they’ve found their happy place.


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  1. Brenda, I hate to say this but it looks like there is only one duck and one swan. Is there another duck somewhere?

        1. I agree with Cathy. That’s a male mallard on the pool and the female is the brown one. I have them on my pond all the time and I’m sure those are mallards.

    1. That’s a male and a female duck. Swans look very different and are much larger.

    2. Unless I have a different picture I do not see a Swan? I see a pair of Mallards – a male and female. Swans have very long necks and are much larger then ducks.

  2. Love it..sweet story!!!…and sounds like you are the “duck whisperer”.. :0)

  3. What a nice story about the ducks. There is a river behind my house and there are very pretty black and white ducks living on the river’s edge!

  4. Mr & Mrs probably having a spat, as mates do, and she stormed off to teach him a lesson (lol).

  5. I would take the story about the ducks belonging to a former tenant who were abandoned when the tenant moved with a grain of salt 🙂 I looked up Mallard ducks on the internet and found out that they are the most “gregarious” of ducks, they “talk” a lot and are friendly around humans. They mate for a season, but do not mate for life. They like to visit swimming pools and kiddie pools. You may have a mating pair visiting for the season, there may be a nest hidden behind some shrubs or hidden behind tall grasses and other growth.

  6. What a cute story about the ducks! I bet there are others around that weren’t visible to you while you were out there. I thought of you when I was out walking with Cooper earlier this morning. I heard unusual ‘chirping’ from a bird up in a nearby tree. The chirping sounded like a clanging bell – very interesting and unusual. Held me captivated for a couple of minutes because I wanted to continue listening to it.

  7. Oh how lovely, any wildlife that comes my way gives me pleasure . In our last house we had a pond and one day I saw a mother duck and 6 of her babies come into the garden and head straight for the pond, they didn’t stay or return as it was a very small pond but it certainly brightened my day.

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