A Simple Bead Craft Project

Yesterday I sat here in front of the TV with my container of beads and strung unfinished beads on a strand of jute.

This has become pretty popular of late.

I think it’s the move toward global decorating. I love baskets and anything that brings a bit of texture to my decor.

Fall decor

I needed to get out a bit yesterday, so I went to Tulsa Hills and stopped in at Kirklands. Right by the front door they had these sweater pumpkins half off just for the day.

That made them $6. I just had to have one.

I didn’t want more fall decor to store in my closets, but I just loved this pumpkin. And it isn’t very big. Maybe 7-8 inches across.

The beads you see I have been accumulating from various sources over time. I’m just now getting around to doing something with them.

Neutral fall decor

I got out my roll of jute and tied some knots in the end so the beads would stay put.

Then I simply strung the beads and then tied it off at the other end.

This is such a simple craft and only takes about 10 minutes of your time.

Vignette on my desk

Neutral fall decor on coffee table

This blue folding table was outside on my patio. After years out in the elements, it is now quite chippy.

I recall I bought this table at Tuesday Morning while living in Texas. I used it outdoors there as well.

I hosed it down (the birds like to hop around on it) and then when it was dry I brought it indoors so I could put a fall display on it.

In a small space room, a table like this works well because you can see through it. It does not take up much vertical space at all. And it also folds up so it stores well.

Another plus was that it is light blue, which doesn’t make the blue hutch look so out of place as the only piece of furniture painted blue anywhere in my apartment.

I’m still debating about painting my kitchen table and little pantry (now yellow) this shade of blue.

I’ve also considered painting each piece different shades of blue. Thoughts? Either way I’ll have to buy paint.

Neutral fall decor

Those of you who are around my age will recall that we bought baskets and such at Pier 1 years and years ago. Baskets were very popular back in the late seventies.

Since decor comes and goes and comes around again, it seems this look is back.

I remember finding flat type basketry and hanging it on my walls. Did you do that?

Neutral fall decor on my blue hutch

Yesterday was Charlie’s birthday. He turned 12. I sang him happy birthday.

He does not know he is a senior dog now. He still thinks he’s a puppy barking at every sound and sleeping next to Mom on the couch.

My sweet Charlie boy.

My dog Charlie

Today he takes his last antibiotic pill and we’ll see what happens in the next couple of days.

Last time and the time before that, I found bloody urine the day or so after he ended the round of antibiotics.

If this happens again, another vet visit is in store for us.


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  1. In my humble opinion, baskets never go out of style ! I think the different shades of blue would look great. Happy Birthday Charlie !!

  2. Happy doggie birthday to sweet Charlie !
    Love all your fall decorating .
    I need to start mine soon ,but I am having back /spinal issues so do not need to start pulling out boxes .Maybe my sweet and helpful husband will do it for me .I was suppose to have had surgery on the 11th but going to get second opinion .It is not always good to rush into spinal surgery many have wished they had not had it .
    Getting old is not fun but we all know what the the opposite of aging is so I will carry on and be thankful for each day I have .I will keep on keeping on !
    Enjoy your crafting and Charlie boy !

  3. Happy Birthday Charlie! Stay well little guy!
    Love the little pumpkin and the beads. All look nice on the little table.
    Blessings for a beautiful day

  4. Happy Birthday to Charlie! I hope you two had a wonderful day! I love your sweater pumpkin and your beads!
    I finally put up the rest of my Halloween decorations. I don’t want summer to end and bring in the cold weather. Brrrrr!
    I never got rid of my baskets, I keep them on my wooden valances that my Dad made for me. Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  5. Nice bead work, Brenda. I like the two shapes of beads combined that you used.

    If I were there I would sing Charlie a birthday song, but, alas, I will just have to say, “Happy Birthday, Charlie! We all love you! Did you have anything special to eat? Like doggy cake? If not, your mama and you can celebrate the rest of the month and maybe she will make you one.”

    Sure hope Charlie’s infection is gone after this last of course of medicine.

    I love that little blue table. It’s perfect for your sweater pumpkin and the beads. And I like the fact that you can see through it. That kind of thing is good in a smaller space. I’ve seen them in wood but not in the metal.

    Take care, you two. Hugs and pats.

  6. I really like the sweater pumpkin and the beads. Texture and some color but not glaring. I really love that chippy blue table. I’m heading home tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed my visit with daughter #1 but time to get on home. I’ll start some Fall decor soon!

  7. I remember doing the basket thing also, I was so disappointed when it when out. I have been looking forward to start decorating for fall, but at this time I am holed up in a hotel miles from home waiting to get back to our home in Wilmington, NC. Our home sustained roof damage and allowed rain to enter the house for 4 days. I can only imagine what it is going to look like. It will be quite a while before we can even live there. On the positive side, my daughters house did not have any damage so we will be able to stay there when we are allowed to return. Happy Birthday to sweet little Charlie. Your little display is darling.

  8. Happy Birthday Charlie. I hope all is well after the antibiotic pills are done.
    I love the baskets and still hang them on my wall. Decorations for the seasons can be changed.
    The little pumpkin is so cute. I have been crocheting some little pumpkins, but I would like to try making some of the sweater pumpkins.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Happy Birthday to Charlie!! I think you’ve made these days for him the happiest days of his life. Sweet Charlie–love pouring out of little soft eyes.


  11. Love that pumpkin; there is a Kirklands near me and I need to get there to look at their fall decor. Gosh, the bead craft project is so simple. I will try this — love the look and the texture of your string of beads.

    Hope Charlie continues to do well. Happy Birthday to a handsome fella!

  12. Oh my goodness Brenda, I used to collect baskets and hang them on my wall in my dining room. I finally got rid of all of them, (big mistake) in a purging frenzy. Now I am collecting again, and I display them on the tops of my kitchen cabinets and also scattered throughout my home to hold various items. I have always loved baskets.
    Happy Birthday Charlie! Give him a kiss for me.

  13. Hope Charlie does well after his last antibiotic pill. Those infections can be hard to clear up so lets hope this second round will do the trick. Happy Birthday to Charlie. What a sweetie pie. I just got one of those beads like you made. Mine has a love little sign on the end of it. I love them. Yours looks really cute. Good score from Kirklands on the sweater pumpkin.
    Have a great week.

    1. I’ve kind of been holding my breath while he’s been taking them. The vet wants to look at the bloody urine, if he has it, as he suspects a tumor.

  14. On your post Out Of The Loop that picture of the purple flower with the butterfly on it is gorgeous. You should take that picture and frame it.

  15. Happy birthday Charlie! Hope he does ok after the antibiotics.

    Where did you get the beads from? Love those! Your house always looks so cozy.

  16. Those golden tones are great for fall. The blue will be a good compliment. I would like to have blue dishes. That would be my sixth set of dishes. I have too many for my small kitchen and just donated green, blue, orange, and russet Fiesta to make more space.

  17. Oh I love the sweater pumpkin! You were lucky to go Kirkland’s on the right day.
    Yes, I did the baskets on the wall thing back in the day too. Think I’ll bring out my box of fall decorations after I do a little fall cleaning. Thanks for the inspiration!

        1. It is both. I work just a little each day. This is the first fall I have not worked in my life. I am finding a routine for my retirement.

    1. I’m trying to go more natural this year with fall pumpkins from Trader Joe’s and things I pick outside.

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