These Two Pets I So Love

I’m sitting here with an ice pack on my back with Charlie next to me. Ivy is up on the cupboard where she likes to watch what’s going on in the parking lot. Earlier she was being completely silly with the cat zoomies.

I can tell Ivy’s mood by looking at her. If her ears are back, she is irritated and annoyed. If her tail is dancing in the air when she runs around the apartment, she is full of energy.

Sometimes I catch her sitting still on the floor staring out a window with her tail thump-thumping against the floor like a metronome. And that means she sees something outside she’d love to pounce on.

Cats Are Curious Creatures:

Cats are an enigma of sorts. They have distinctive personalities that set them apart.

It took over two years for Ivy to decide to plop down in my lap. No amount of encouraging her made a bit of difference. Ivy had to decide on her own.

Ivy is not a small cat. So when she sits on my lap she is spilling over the sides. If I’m not petting her enough, she prods me with her knobby head until I begin petting her again.

She just cannot seem to leave Charlie alone. Sometimes she will lay down close to him. He ignores her as long as she is not touching him.

The Laws Of Attraction:

But as soon as she ventures out with one of those big paws to softly touch him, he snaps at her. Which then sends him into a coughing fit.

Ivy jerks her head away and her ears go back and she looks at him as if to say: “Now was being ugly to me worth it?”

I don’t know why he can’t stand for her to touch him. Actually in the very odd moment he will sometimes allow her to lay her head against his. He just doesn’t want her to touch him with her paw.

They are silly characters, both of them. Set in their ways, yet subject to change for dubious reasons.

A Cat Is A Cat & That Is That:

Cats are capricious, apt to do most anything.

Ivy seems to have moved past her fascination with the bath tub. She rarely puts her toys in there anymore. And she doesn’t loll around in the empty tub as she once did.

Now it’s all about the chair she likes to nap in and her princess cat tower where she reigns.

Sometimes when she jumps up there I am convinced it’s going to fall over from the force of her weight. It dips back and forth a bit, but then it settles. Crisis averted.

They surely make me laugh with all their antics.

Charlie and Ivy are a constant form of entertainment. Not to mention the wonderful company and comfort they give me.

These two silly creatures that I so dearly love.



  1. I understand how much your fur babies mean to you! I don’t even want to imagine life without my sweet dog, Cooper. He’s my constant companion and loves me unconditionally.

  2. Fur Babies are the best…. the unconditional and capacity to love is never ending. I guess they’re like people…. they have their own personalities. I’m glad you have your 2 silly babies.

  3. My cat is also quite large – 20 pounds last time that we weighed her. She is a huge baby. If we do not pay attention to her when she demands it she will stamp her front feet and give us a very annoyed meow. Sometimes she will sit contentedly on our laps and other times she isn’t in the mood. I am her favorite person because I spoil her, but she also loves my husband and my son.

  4. Couldn’t agree more, Brenda, Bella and Buddy make life worth living here.
    This morning, we had zombies, there’s not much breakable in here for that very reason.
    Bella is my tux, she’s particular about how much affection should be allowed, she’ll come and share the bed with me if she wants to be petted or she needs treats(I should stock in that company) but let a friend come in and she’s all over them, go figure?
    Buddy turned 4 in September and he’s a little love bug, never got very big but he loves to be petted, kissed, his motor starts easily but holy cow is he a mischief maker, whatever he sets his eye on becomes a toy! He had moved in about a month and I walked into the bathroom and it looked like a blizzard happened, shredded tissue and paper towels everywhere and there he sat in the tub looking very pleased with himself, Bella never did this so it was quite a surprise!
    They light up my life for sure,like you, the kids are grown and out of the house.

  5. You captured some fun moments with both of them. Cats and dogs give us such pleasure and they all have their own unique personalities. They are both cuties and I am glad you have them in your life. Our pets really enrich our lives. Happy Thanksgiving.

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