1. your patio is lovely Sources for your green cushion, table and red outdoor rug?

  2. Brenda, I love all of your beautiful plants. It looks as though everything is flourishing beautifully. I’m so far behind on getting things planted outside…the front of our home looks so bare…LOL Love and hugs!

  3. Your patio is beautiful. It seems like a sanctuary from the harsher side of life. ♥

  4. Brenda,
    It brightens my day to see pictures of your beautiful plants. Could you tell us more about lemon balm? I bought my first plant today and some instructions say it requires full sun and others say it loves shade. Since I plan to plant mine in a container, could you clarify the growing requirements? Thanks!

  5. Since some of your trees had to be cut down I am so happy you do have that one tree that hangs over your fence to give you and some of your plants some shade.

  6. Brenda your patio garden is so beautiful and looks so relaxing. Love the Japanese Maple. I planted one about 18 years ago and love to watch it in the spring when it starts to bud out.
    Love the pictures of Charlie and Ivy, they are so cute.
    Have a wonderful day relaxing in you beautiful patio.

  7. Your “Secret Garden” is great. Love all the colors, and your pretty furniture and decor. Thanks for sharing and hope you have many happy hours out there viewing and reading. :0)

  8. Good evening Brenda! I cannot believe how fast your garden is growing! It is fabulous! I hope hat it stays cool for a little while so that you can enjoy it for awhile.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet fur kids.

  9. Brenda,
    I just discovered your site and am enjoying your photos and musings. Your patio’s colors and atmosphere look very peaceful. Our gardens in the Midwest are far behind you at this time. We’re expecting snow tomorrow. I’m recommending your site to my friends.

  10. I have Garden Patio envy! I absolutely love your sanctuary of flowers and plants and trees. I look forward to seeing your pictures. Living vicariously…. :0))

  11. Your patio looks so inviting and pretty. I am so envious that you can have flowers already.
    Glad you will start PT for your ankle. That should really help.
    Happy Friday.

  12. Love your blog but this is my first time commenting. I live in Miami, FL so my garden time is quite different. Flowers bloom from November to May and then it just gets too hot and it’s mostly palms and bromeliads for the rest of the year.
    I have a silly-for-some, but very serious for me question: I love gardening but am terrified of frogs! Have you found any in your lovely patio? How do you deal with them? Do any of your readers have any ideas for me? Thanks!

    1. Never had a frog on my patio that I’ve seen. Wouldn’t mind having a few to eat bugs though.

  13. Your patio is so pretty and I love all the petunias and so glad you have some purple in your garden. Charlie looked like he was ready to settle down for a nap. Ivy as busy as always. Enjoy your lunch and your weekend.

    Carol and Molly

  14. All looks and sounds lovely, Brenda! Love that Veronica…what a gorgeous color…never heard of that plant!! Hope your lunch date goes well too!!

  15. Love to see pics of your garden but just wondering what happened to Frugal Fridays? I picked up a lot of good ideas

    1. Topics were running out of steam and not many people were responding the last few times.

  16. Most hostas prefer some shade. And, clematis likes a lot of sun, but cool roots.

  17. I cannot believe how far ahead your garden is than mine, Brenda!! Wow, it’s like full on summer in your little patio garden! Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I love the way the Japanese Maple has changed the feel of your garden also…it feels more like an enclosed garden rather than a patio!

  18. I always love to see your patio when warmer weather arrives.
    I have a beautiful succulent that is blooming! So excited!

  19. Yes, cedar waxwing
    Your patio is a sanctuary. Thx for sharing

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