It has been raining all night. Outdoors it looks more like dusk than morning.

In a bit I have to take Charlie to acupuncture and then drive him to the groomer. He needs a haircut.

Spring is slowly coming to Oklahoma. Plants are waking up a little more every day. Mother Nature is consistent and has the plants on a tight schedule.

I’m still holding off on planting the daisies. They aren’t as hardy as the pansies and Johnny Jump Ups. So I often bring them in at night.

But last night I left them out. I hope the hard rain didn’t damage them, though I had them on a table under the eaves. I need to get out there and look before I take Charlie to his appointments.

I’m starting to get more excited about spring planting now that I have most of the patio cleaned up. I still have all those leaves to scoop up and bag. And there will be quite a few bags too.

That will be a real chore.

What I’m Reading:

I’m nearly finished reading Lisa Unger’s “The Stranger Inside.” She’s a very talented author and I love her books.

Book Summary:

When former journalist Rain Winter was twelve years old, she narrowly escaped an abduction while walking to a friend’s house.

The abductor was eventually found and sent to prison, but years later was released. Then someone delivered real justice–and killed him in cold blood.

Now Rain is living the perfect suburban life, spending her days as a stay-at-home mom.

But when another criminal who escaped justice is found dead, Rain is unexpectedly drawn into the case. And forced to revisit memories she’s worked hard to leave behind.

Is there a vigilante at work? Who is the next target? Why can’t Rain just let it go?

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  1. I went outside today and poked around here in S.C. looking to see if my hosta was appearing and sure enough little sprouts of leaves were sticking up in their pots through the dead leaves. What a promise of spring to see them. My blue black salvia and a red plant of salvia a friend gave me are sprouting too. I want to buy plants but it’s really too soon here. I’m just anxious for the colors of flowers and to be done with this past winter. We’ve had to take our bird feeders down due to the spreading of salmonella in the bird population. I miss seeing them. I tossed out some peanuts in the shell for my squirrels but first to see them was a beautiful Blue Jay. I know they can be bullies but I have so missed the birds that to see this colorful beauty made me smile. But wait the squirrels have found them… three minutes later ! Stay well and be careful.

  2. Can’t wait to see your patio all in bloom. I just discovered this lady named Linda Vader on You Tube. She lives in Oklahoma City I think. She does garden videos and is big on thrifting from thrift stores to using things in her garden. Her garden/backyard is beautiful. I think you would enjoy her.

  3. Right under your beautiful Gerbera picture: I think you meant to write hardy instead of hearty. I am so happy Spring planting time is almost here. I love reading about your garden and watching it grow.

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