I don’t know if I’m finished in the dining room in my apartment or not. Though I have one painting hung on the wall, I’m debating if that wall still needs something else.

There’s wall decor leaning against the wall just below behind the table that I have to get into a closet or somewhere.

I’ve lived here just over three weeks and I’m itching to get things in order.

Ivy obviously thinks she’s part of the decor and wouldn’t move.

Trader Joe’s Fresh Flowers:

I picked up some cut flowers from Trader Joe’s yesterday while I was picking up yogurt and fruit and a few other things.

They have such fantastic prices for cut flowers. I think these were around $5.

The painting on the wall is from Hobby Lobby. I thought it was soothing with the white and green colors.

The painting in my dining room

The Kitties Are Happy In Their New Home:

Do you think Ivy looks comfy enough here? She seems to have adjusted to this new place quite well.

Gracie loves to explore.

In the dining room in my apartment etc., Ivy looks comfy on my couch

On the other hand, Gracie isn’t the diva that Ivy is. Here she is underneath the dining table.

She tries to hide when I grab the camera. So it’s hard to get a clear and decent photo of her.

Gracie hiding under the table

Gracie just doesn’t like to have her picture taken. She’s still so timid.

But when it’s just me and her and Ivy here, she’s all over the place. Climbing, sniffing things and checking out the bigger space of the apartment.

Here’s the two of them in play combat eye to eye with their ears back.

Photo of Ivy and Gracie in mock combat on the floor

Gracie isn’t a little kitten anymore. She’s about 8 months old now.

She’s mama’s little cuddle-bug. She likes to lay on my chest or by my head when I’m in bed.

Ivy will now get in my lap and beg to be petted. On her own terms of course.

I’ve got their cat towers and scratching posts lined up in my bedroom in front of the patio doors.

I haven’t got anything done in there yet to show you. And the other bedroom is a real mess, as well as the closets.

The Heating Pad Suggestion:

Whoever said I might try to sleep on top of a heating blanket, I sincerely thank you! Sometimes it’s the only way I’m able to get much sleep because my hip is now about as painful as my ankle.

I’d never even owned a heating blanket before, but I sure ordered one quick to try this out.

In the dining room in my apartment etc., I have fresh flowers from Trader Joe's on my table.

Fresh Flowers:

Now I’ll have fresh flowers to enjoy this weekend. Not to mention all the ones now gracing the walls!

You need to buy yourself fresh flowers now and then just because.

Who needs to wait for someone else to buy them for you? I’d much rather buy my own.

I’ve got to go pick up a prescription for Prednisone that the doctor called in for pain. I want to get it before the weekend traffic begins.

When the nurse called this morning, she said: “He will only prescribe Prednisone until post-surgery.”

I said: “I didn’t know I was having surgery.”

So then she backtracked a bit.

He had told me on the phone we would try conservative measures first, so I guess she was just mistaken. I will discuss what measures to take Monday morning.

I imagine this drug is to help lower inflammation in order to decrease pain. Though I really hate to take it, I’m getting a little desperate the past few days.


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  1. It’s been three weeks? Wow, time is flying! You’ve gotten so much done, and it all has a lovely and serene vibe. Ivy and Gracie seem to have picked up on that vibe. I always buy myself flowers at Trader Joes – bought the exact ones you have on your table yesterday! Hope the doctor gives you some answers tomorrow to help ease your pain.

  2. I love that new painting you got for your dining room.

    We have a heated mattress pad and I couldn’t do without it. I heat up the bed an hour before I climb in by turning the pad on high, then I turn it off when I get into bed. It’s like slipping into a warm cloud on a cold winter’s night. So much easier to fall asleep.

    Surgery on your ankle? Guess you’ll be finding out more!

  3. You can also get a heating pad, and lay it across your legs, or anyplace you need it, while in your recliner. It really helps me

  4. I’m sorry to be a wet towel here but the lily variety of flower is highly toxic to cats. My Will ( William) chewed a lily leaf and needed emergency care. You cannot wait. Prompt attention is the life saver here. He was admitted to the hospital and needed round the clock IV fluid infusions to flush the toxins from his system, sequential lab draws to monitor organ status and other treatments. . He survived but I was told his outcome would not have been a positive one had there been a delay in treatment. ASPCA has a list of toxic plants and flowers which I was given. Shocked how many there are.

    1. Kari,
      I was going to say the same thing. I wasn’t even 100%sure that my cat had chewed the end of a leaf but she ended up in cat hospital for 2 days for IV hydration to the tune of 1100.00
      Be careful Brenda,

  5. Your dining decor is pretty..love florals…always. That Kitty Kat centerplace display is nice, too!!! lol Love your new apartment. Maybe the apartment complex should allow you to be the display unit for their website..would make an impressive statement for those considering..that is when you are all together. But we know that decorating is a continuing process for those who love it..Thanks for the nice inspiration and I hope you get pain relief very soon. Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Your new home looks bright and cheerful already! You really have a touch for home decor. FYI your lovely flowers look like a type of lily. Lilies are highly poisonous to cats.
    Also, after reading how Prednisone helps your reader’s daughter with RA, I called my mom’s primary doctor and her medication management team. They all said she must not take it due to recently being put on blood thinner. Apparently this combination can cause a bleed.

  7. Always have read every post you have written from the time you began and you are a treasured blog friend Brenda. Amazing to find today the 5400 South Apartments is on FB – and what did I see – a thank you from you to Michael for help picking out your blinds and a thank you from your new complex to you. You are a dear long time friend and I am passing along the mattress heating pad to another friend with a lot of back pain.

  8. You probably have what’s called an over compensating injury.You’re favoring the one side because of pain on the other.When I injured my left knee in June 2 of my doctors noticed my left one was very swollen which I couldn’t figure out either and that’s what they said was going on.
    In fact when I went for my MRI the tech asked several times which knee it was,they were both that swollen!
    The house looks wonderful and so thankful its bringing you the happiness you deserve.
    My house panther,Buddy,is the same around a camera,I have many blurry pictures of him for that very reason.His sister,Bella boo is the opposite… A ham😼
    Get some rest!

  9. Everything is coming together beautifully, Brenda. The kitties appear to have settled in and enjoying their new home.
    It’s definitely “Home Sweet Home”.

  10. Each day your home is looking prettier. Prednisone makes me hyper. I want to clean everything nonstop. My doctor gives me one a day. It does work. I have allergies so I have to be careful with medication.
    Keep warm and happy.

  11. We have a heated mattress pad and it is wonderful on cold nights or if we have any aches or pains. I don’t think I could sleep well without it now. Love seeing your kitties and their antics. Ivy sure loves to be photographed!

    1. We’ve had a heated mattress pad for several years, and I LOVE it for not only cozy warmth, but aches and pains. I use it all year long. My Husband almost never uses his side–Ha!

  12. Hi Brenda! Your apartment is looking very nice! It’s so cute to see your little cats and I’m glad they are adjusting. I know you must miss your little dogs. I know I miss my Chloe Dawn even though I have had my Willow for four years. They do become your children. Hope you get some relief for your ankle and your back. I’ve got an arthritic knee and am getting steroid shots every three months but my doctor has said I need a knee replacement. I’m just not mentally ready. Take care and be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  13. Hello Brenda! The apartment is looking so lovely and we can all see how much peace you have now. I am so happy for you!

    I was the one who suggested the heating blanket. I am so glad that it helps you rest better. I know it does wonders for my chronic pain. The best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  14. So glad u and the kids are so happy. Can’t wait for your blog every day. I imagine as u unpack u will find more things to hang on walls or display. I think it would b cozy to put candles of different heights in your fireplace. Get the ones that have a timer so they will automatically come on early in the morning when u drink ur coffee or at dusk so u can enjoy them when ur relaxing. Just stock up on batteries!! It’s the weekend and I know you’re going to b busy. Can’t wait for Monday! Take care of yourself😍

  15. Everything looks lovely Brenda. Please don’t overdue it, take your time and enjoy. I’m glad your babies are happy their new home.

  16. Gracie is just like her cousin Molly. Molly doesn’t like to have her picture taken either. Molly isn’t timid; she’s just stubborn! When we are out visiting hospitals, I take maybe 20-30 pics to get one of her looking at the camera, much less smiling! If I have treats out, she will definitely look at the camera, but she won’t smile. I’ve even tried to train her to the command, “smile!” which usually only works if she knows I have a treat and I make her jump up on her futon couch/bed!

    Oh, and I love the pics of the kitties today, especially the one of Ivy on the kitchen table! Adorable!

  17. I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks!!!! Your kitties look for peaceful, happy, settled. I think the other place was a strain the kitties as well. If you’re settled, they’re settled. Your apartment is really coming along. I actually like the brown recliner in there. It gives a bit of warmth and eclectic to the room! I just really like it!

  18. I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already, Brenda – time sure does fly by when you get older, doesn’t it? Everything is looking good and the kitties look so happy. Sorry you’re having all sorts of aches and pains….no doubt being so busy with the move isn’t helping. Have a peaceful weekend!

  19. I went back to your Nov. 16 post to look at the floor plan of your apt. so I could get the perspective of where everything is placed.
    It really helped! Especially with the sofa and the dining room space -I just couldn’t envision it. Viola!
    I can’t really speak to Prednisone except to say my 33 y/o granddaughter who was recently diagnosed with R A says it’s a lifesaver for her as far as pain goes. As with you,
    it’s prescribed until she can see a specialist in March. Just be careful if it helps you feel so much better that you don’t get too feisty.
    I love it that the beautiful kitties are happy too, and have their own bathroom as my Misty does. It’s wonderful you have space to sssppprrreeeaaad out now. My apt. Is about the same size as yours and I love having it. A one BR would do, but it’s a blessing to have more.
    I can imagine how your thoughts are swirling, not only about your apt. decorating, but the outside spaces as well. Shade gardening is a happy challenge to have since a lot of it is color, texture, and shapes that blend well together. I can hardly wait to see what you do with it.
    Have a good weekend😊

    1. Jan, thanks for the suggestion to go back to November and view the floor plan! I was a bit disoriented placing the living room and patio door etc. until I refreshed my memory. Now it makes sense and it’s beautiful and practical!

  20. I’ve been following you for a long time and rarely comment, but I wanted to let you know that I’m so happy for you and proud of you. Moving is so hard and change is even harder but you have shown how it can be for the best. Your new home is beautiful and allowing you to relax with your kitties in a peaceful environment. It is exactly where you deserve to be. I believe your body will start healing with all your past stress behind you and with your new life ahead of you. New decorating and gardening adventures are waiting for you!
    I so look forward to your daily posts. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I feel like we are friends from afar.
    Have a great weekend.

  21. Looks fabulous! You have accomplished so much in the short time you’ve been there.
    Wondering if a lot of the pain is due to your ankle causing you to over compensate with your hip and other body parts. Will your doctor work with your chiropractor? Alignment is critical to minimizing pain and injury, and capitalizing on performance. Have a restful and peaceful weekend. You have inspired me to switch out my decor and pictures.

  22. So enjoy seeing pictures of the kitties and hearing how they are doing. Love your flowers you bought. I have bought that kind before and they usually last a long time. My grocery store usually sells flowers at a reasonable rate, but because of the Valentine’s day, they are all expensive right now. Anyway, your flowers are pretty as is the painting on the wall. Looks good. I imagine you are keeping in touch with Terri to check on how she’s doing. Let her know we are wishing her well. And sure hope your doctor can help you. Want to see you up and about enjoying your apartment and walking around the grounds of your new apartment complex!!

  23. Brenda, everything is coming together so nicely. I can’t believe how fast 3 weeks have gone by. It didn’t seem to go that fast prior to your move, lol. Everything you’ve done so far looks great! That close up picture of Ivy looks beautiful. She’s such a pretty cat. Hopefully you can catch Gracie in a good mood, and she’ll humor you and let you get a good picture of her. Maybe, lol.

  24. Prednisone always does wonders for me. It tones down the pain around day 3, and I just feel good while on it. I hope it makes a big difference for you too.
    Your new paintings are gorgeous and I especially love the one in the dining
    room. And you were worried how the fur babies would adjust to the move!
    They look quite happy to me. Gracie & Ivy have it made. They have a great mom and a lovely home. Have a great weekend.

  25. Wow it seems like you just moved in there. How great you are getting things set up and Ivy and Gracie are adjusting well. I bet you are so happy to be out of the other place now that you can relax a little more after the move.

  26. Can’t believe it’s been three weeks already! Look at the progress you have made. And it sounds as though the kitties are so happy in their new home. I’m sure you are enjoying having that extra bedroom.

  27. Your apartment is coming alone nicely.

    My sister is one of those Covid long-haulers. She is in constant pain and discomfort from inflammation. She tried to bear it as long as she could because she hates taking drugs. She finally gave in and got a prescription for a painkiller. Sometimes you just have to.

  28. I love the new paintings especially the floral over the table. Your new carpet looks easy on the feet and plush. Everything looks so cozy, kitties look comfy too! Take care, feel better and have a good weekend!

  29. Those fresh flowers are beautiful! Gracie is a (very cute) stinker for hiding from the camera. You have made a lot of progress! Have a great weekend.

    1. I have always called those beautiful flowers alstroemerias. I see others have identified them as freesias. Just looked both up. They don’t seem to be the same and I’m pretty sure yours are alstroemerias.

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