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  1. Oh, aren't they lovely. The colours! I have yet to see them at my feeders. I see mostly, chickadees, blue-jays, cardinal, mourning dove, juncos, sparrows and downy woodpeckers. Deb

  2. Ah yes, cedar waxwings! They come to our neighborhood every year in droves as they migrate through. Neighbors across the street have a huge holly bush the waxwings love. They fly from nearby trees to the holly, then back to the trees. Unfortunately they roosted in a tree beside our house and their dark blue droppings were all over our porch steps and sidewalk. My husband and his mom were even hit as they walked to the car! But, as you mentioned, they don't stick around for long. Your photos of them are wonderful. Happy New Year!

  3. I enjoy watching the birds. We are seeing, cedar waxwings, bluejays, cardinals, a whole family of woodpeckers, and various other birds. This time of year, I often see, chickadees, tufted titmouse, but the other day while it was still snowing, I saw a little bluebird. I'm sure there is some superstition about seeing a bluebird in the dead of winter but I don't believe in superstitions so I just felt blessed to see the beautiful little speck of blue on the white snow!

  4. I haven't been outside since all the snow so not sure what birds are around.
    Those are some great photos and that wing span is awesome…

  5. A lot of robins have been around here for a few days. Usually we have a flock of robins come through here, stay for one day and are gone by the next. This year they are staying here longer than normal. The other day I had robins wading in puddles on one side of the yard and snowbirds in the spruce tree on the other side of the yard, and a mischievous mockingbird in the middle of the yard.

    I think that the robins are staying here because their normal wintering areas may be flooded and under water. I am in Missouri, near St. Louis.

  6. They are Waxwings. They come to my yard every year and devour the holly berries on a tree and then they are gone as quickly as they come. Always one hits my large glass window. Sometimes just stunned, other times…It is a sight to behold a HUGE tree covered with hundreds.

  7. I live in Wyoming . They show up every year in June, have a family, and are gone by the end of July.

  8. In the decade that we lived at the "farm," I only saw a few songbirds–too many predators, I guess. But the ranchburger seems to be a habitat for all kinds of wildlife. I set up 3 feeders, and so far I've seen Titmice, robins, cardinals, black-capped chicadees, mourning doves, a bluejay, mockingbird, and a woodpecker. The squirrels have taken over the feeders in the last week, though. They are cute but voracious. 🙂

  9. Beautiful! When I was growing up, my mother had two pictures of cedar eaxwings on the dining room wall. I've never seen one in real life but I always supposed that was because they didn't live in southern Manitoba where I grew up.

    A question for you- What type of tree are the birds landing on? I don't recognize the leaves on it. (Hmm, probably because they're probably trees that don't grow this far north.)

    I've always been fascinated by the different types of vegetation I've seen when travelling across Canada and through parts if the USA. You have NO idea how excited I became when I saw my first palm tree growing outside 'in the ground', not in a pot found in someone's home!! Nature astounds me.

  10. I don't believe I have ever seen a Cedar Waxwing in my yard Brenda…what beautiful birds they are…I am seeing mostly the birds that stay all Winter…Cardinals..Black-Capped Chickadees..Nuthatch..Blue Jays…Tufted Titmouse..Sparrow..and who ever else would like to show up for a visit and a meal…We also have some Red Tailed Hawks that come for a visit at times..

  11. Lovely pictures, thanks! We have little woodpeckers, cardinals, house finches, titmouse, bluejays, doves, and juncos. Mostly we have seed eaters. I feed the blue jays peanuts. They can put three unshelled nuts in their beaks to carry away. Also, we have robins eating Hawthorne fruit.

  12. Beautiful pictures. I love mourning doves. About week ago we had swarms of bird. They would fill the sky. I am still not sure what they were. They had some kind of marking I hadn't seen. They have to so mixed up because of the weather. My spring flowers are coming up. No snow here yet. Wonder if those flowers will get ruined in the winter.
    We have had ducks swimming on the pond and a visit from a crane.
    Happy New Year.

  13. We had a flock of waxwings arrive just like that years ago. They landed on an old cedar tree (long gone now), ate their fill, and then were gone. They were so pretty!

  14. Beautiful Cedar Waxwings, Brenda! We get them once a year in our cedar trees. There are so many in the the tree and they envelop the branches and consume all of the tiny bluish berries. I love their annual visit.

  15. What beautiful pictures you took of those birds! Cold weather must be coming. Several years in October while driving from Dallas to Oklahoma I saw birds flying south for miles and and miles. Enjoy your visitors.

  16. Beautiful! Cedar waxwings are nomadic in the wintertime and travel in large flocks. I grew up in Hampton, VA and remember when they ate fermented pyracantha berries from our bush; there were drunk birds in the yard all afternoon! I hope 'your' birds are better behaved!

  17. Those are beautiful birds! We have mostly cardinals, and woodpeckers now. We put out black-oiled sunflower seed, safflower seed and suet in feeders. It's rewarding to help Mother Nature…and fun to watch! 😉

  18. Brenda, those birds are just gorgeous! I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of having them in my yard – I think my homes have all been too wooded – I don't even get the same varieties of birds as my sweetie or my parents as their houses are in open areas. Your photos are incredible! I bet there were in the midst of migration and taking a rest. Do you feed the birds?

  19. Several years ago a large flock of Cedar Waxwings landed in our neighbors cherry tree. The ate most of cherries before moving on. They are beautiful birds.

  20. Several years ago a large flock of Cedar Waxwings landed in our neighbors cherry tree. The ate most of cherries before moving on. They are beautiful birds.

  21. OHGOSH! Cedar Waxwings! I used to see them a lot as a kid. Now days I only see them once a year if I'm lucky. I must live in their migration path. They were in my backyard this year and it felt magical. I'd never had them in my own yard before.

  22. Absolutely beautiful pictures. I opened my front door this morning at 7:30 and I couldn't believe the birds singing. It sounded like springtime.I've never seen this particular bird before.

  23. Those are beautiful cedar waxwings, Brenda. They're gorgeous birds, so you capturing them must have felt like a treat, I'm sure. Birds flock together for many reasons. Most of the time the weather causes birds to flock like that. Oftentimes, the birds are foraging, but some birds form mating flocks, mostly game birds, though. I love birds, and my favorite is the raven.


  24. I saw a bunch of those birds at work yesterday and could not figure out what breed they were. They are eating all the berries left on our trees. I see a lot of goldfinches. I love the little black hat Juncos. And a few Red Tail Hawks.

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