In this Wednesday kitten update, I’m happy to say that things are going more smoothly every day.

Ivy likes to watch her do her thing. You know how kittens are. They jump, they tumble, they roll and they do everything their little bodies can manage to do. Ivy seems to find this all very fascinating.

I have taken my first photos of Gracie to show you.

Wednesday, September 29 2021 update of kitten Gracie in my first photos of her.

Yesterday Gracie stayed back in the bedroom much of the day. She’s familiarized herself with the bedroom and will venture out to other rooms now and then.

I feed them both mid-afternoon (second feeding of the day) and Gracie does what all kittens do. She drinks, eats, plays, pees, and poops.

Gracie seems to want to play by herself and chase her tail. It’s so funny to watch kittens. It’s like pet TV for Ivy and me

Wednesday, September 29 2021 update of kitten Gracie.

She’s at her most active early in the morning till she wears herself out.

Then she settles in for hours of sleep, which I imagine a kitten really needs in anticipation of swift growth.

I pay a lot of attention to Ivy, as I always have. Ivy is very loved and she knows this. I attend to her every need. Just as I will for Gracie.

Wednesday, September 29 2021 update of kitten Gracie as she drinks water from her bowl.

Fall Is Almost Here:

We’re nearing the end of September, so fall is just over the horizon. It’s still pretty hot here in Oklahoma.

We’re not quite to the changing colors of the leaves, as far as I can tell from here. I rarely go out, so I may be wrong about what it’s like in other areas.

Certainly not to the point of leaves drifting down. Or the wind shuffling them along, which to me sounds like paper being scattered about.

I love the many colors nature paints of the fall season. Golds and oranges and reds mixing as they fall to the ground. Pushed along as the wind jostles them from place to place.

Mourning Doves On The Patio:

Yesterday doves gathered on my patio. I took photos of them as they jostled for a place at the bird bath.

I’ve always liked mourning doves. Their elegance, their way of walking (or bobbing, as I like to call it) as though the steady beat of music in their heads is leading them along.

The mourning dove is named for its haunting and sad cooing sound. Its call is sometimes mistaken for the call of an owl.

When the mourning doves flies, its wings make a whistling sound.

A gathering of mourning doves around my patio bird bath

I watched them bathe and walk around the patio pecking at the concrete.

Due to my proximity to restaurants in the outlet mall across the alley, I don’t keep bird seed around. If I did I’d probably have rats galore.

Instead, I sometimes get possums that walk across my fence. But I don’t mind possums. They eat critters I don’t want around.

The dogs always managed to corner one in the middle of the night and I would have to get between them or no telling what would have happened.

I miss Abi and Charlie so very much. But they live in my heart, right there where it steadily beats.

I have their ashes in the pretty boxes they give you, the many photos I took of them, and my memories.

Mourning doves drinking from the bird bath and bathing in the water.

Even in the middle of the city, creatures abound.

Sometimes as I’m driving out the gate out front I’ll see little bunnies hopping around. And of course those pesky, silly squirrels are always present.

For now I’m going to continue to enjoy my two girls, Ivy and Gracie. And look forward to cooler weather as we all wait for it here in our little nest.


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  1. Those beautiful blue eyes!! She’s a beauty and of course I love her name as my little dog’s name is Gracie. I’m glad you have your two fur babies to love and that love you back. I’ m like you pertaining to my deceased dogs. They live with within my heart and I talk about them often. Now its usually references to silly things they would do. Gracie has not replaced them she merely expanded my heart,

  2. Happy to see your first pictures of Gracie! She’s a pretty kitty! She’s really starting to find her place in your home. We always have a lot of doves in my backyard. To me, their wings sound “squeeky.”

  3. Gracie is so cute! She reminds me so much of the first cat we had as newlyweds. I got her from a shelter in Chicago. I named her Sasha. She was white with blue eyes, just like Gracie.

    I love mourning doves. I hear them cooing here often and we have a pair that visit our yard and the bird bath every day.

  4. What a pretty kitty! I don’t think it will be long before the two of them are snuggling up together. It happened with my two after a bit. Of course, my older girl always ruled the roost!

  5. Ohhh ❤ my gosh, Gracie is just gorgeous Brenda!!! Lots of fun and good times coming with these 2!!! I love your photos of the Doves 🕊 We used to have them in our neighborhood. I’ve not seen them around for 5+ years.

  6. Gracie is just darling and I am happy to hear she is settling in so well. Great pictures of the doves. We have a pair that come every day to the back yard.

  7. Happy to read that Gracie is settling in well and Ivy seems to be accepting her new “sister”. They are two beautiful girls.

  8. Such good news about GM. I’m surprised she is coming out so soon but very happy for you. I wonder how long it will take Ivy to start playing w GM? They make a beautiful pair.

  9. Gracie is so darn cute, those beautiful blue eyes!

    My mom loved to see the mourning doves in her back yard. I remember their cooing sound.

  10. what a beauty Gracie is, I am so pleased to hear that she is feeling more comfortable with her surrounding’s and that Ivy appears to be a little more accepting of her.

  11. The first thing I did when I got up this morning, was race to my laptop to check out how Ivy and Gracie Mae are doing. It tickles me to be no end. I can’t wait until tomorrow to know more.

  12. It’s so funny that Ivy seems to be hypnotized by Gracie Mae’s antics, LOL! Ivy does the same kind of playing, although now that she is all grown up she tosses her toys around and plays fetch with you rather than chasing her tail around. Perhaps Ivy is realizing that Gracie Mae is one of her “tribe” and just like her, just much younger and smaller. What gorgeous blue eyes GM has, wow. And what looks like a white coat except for the pale beige coloration in her tail – so beautiful, and color-coordinated with Ivy – very chic those two kitties, white, black and a hint of pale beige.

  13. Gracie is such a beautiful cat. Do you know what kind of a cat she is? Glad she is settling in.
    My daughter had to get between our dog and an opossum one night also! A scary situation!

  14. Cats are very intuitive. Gracie Mae has quickly acknowledged the love and security she has with you and Ivy. Her walks across your body in the night indicate she’s claimed you for herself!
    With my six cats, I observed the females being less welcoming to newcomers than the males. However, after awhile, they lost interest in being “hissy” and accepted them. We’re all a happy family here, and your two little ladies will enjoy that same status soon! I LOVE your posts!
    Also, cats are most active at dawn and dusk…that’s what vets say. Mine sleep all day, too, after a burst of morning energy. Then they come alive again in late afternoon!

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