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  1. Your Andrew is a real cutie-pie! He's growing so fast, too, and the quote about loving them some more before they're not little anymore is so fitting.

  2. He looks so happy and full of fun. My Andrew is 19 so this brings back some wonderful memories for me. I'm sure you are loving every minute you spend with him.

  3. So very precious. Cherish every moment you have with him, they grow up so fast. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  4. Your little Andrew is adorable I'm wondering how old he is as my soon to be 4 year old grandson is also at that why stage. I find it so fascinating to watch their young minds work and love to answer each and every question he has.
    "Let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore". Sniff sniff… boy can I relate to that.

  5. He's grown so! Goodness!
    The resemblance is so strong he could be your child.

  6. A simple outing to the park can be such a special time. Your daughter looks like a very devoted mom, playing on the contraption with Andrew and sharing in the laughter with him. It's so great that she includes you in these outings so that you can be there to see him grow up right before your eyes!

  7. What a handsome little man.
    Each minute is precious with them!
    My Connor just turned 5 last week and the years have just flown by!

  8. That phrase "love them while they're little" is so so true. They grow up way too fast and the precious toddler days are gone. I'm so glad you get to spend time with him now. From now until about age 12 or so they are "all yours"!!! after that, they move on with life and don't have as much time for grandma and mom. He sure is a doll!

  9. I loved the quotes!! What a cute little boy and at such a cute age. (and, as Grandmas, we get to send them home with Mom when we are tired!)

  10. I love the why stage…I got a lot of those questions when I taught kindergarten and preschool. It's the sign of a smart kid, that's for sure! He's adorable.

  11. The first thing I noticed about your grandson was how much he resembles you, especially through the eyes! Glad you got to spend some precious time with him, nothing is better!

  12. What a doll! It's amazing how fast little ones grow – I can see the changes in him every time you post pictures. And like I said last time, he looks a lot like you!

  13. How precious he is, and how big he's grown! That why stage can be frustrating but what an opportunity!

  14. oh lordy. what a cutie!
    you can actually see what he's going to look like when he's older. and the girls are lining up even now. he's a little heart breaker for sure!
    these are such wonderful pictures. how we all treasure this sweet age. it's over way too soon. xo♥

  15. What a handsome little man Brenda. Glad you had some fun with him. I agree with Patricia above he does have a lot of you in his looks. What a cutie. Happy New Week.

  16. He is a darling little boy. And I agree he does look a lot like you, especially when you look at him and then at your blog photo, the resemblance is striking. He even has the same cute little hairdo! I am happy for you that you are able to be a part of his life.

  17. What a cutie! Each stage is wonderful in its own way (well, almost each stage ;). Happy you were able to enjoy the day together! ~julie

  18. He is sooooo cute! I am glad that you get to spend time with your daughter & him. Have a terrific Tuesday..

  19. He is so adorable. So glad you get to spend time with him and with your daughter.

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