Birds Bathing & Book Reading

I noticed the cardinal couple, at separate times, out in the birdbath getting themselves all spiffed up this morning.

Cardinals Bathing:

In Birds Bathing & Book Reading, Mr. Cardinal is perched on the blue bird bath on the patio

In case you didn’t already know, it’s wise to put a rock in your birdbath that sits above the surface.

This gives them a safe place to perch if the water is deep toward the center of the basin.

Now the male cardinal has gotten into the birdbath and is splashing around.

The female cardinal came along and she splished and she splashed.

I’m taking photos through the panes of the French doors because if I go out there they’ll fly away fast.

A female cardinal taking a bath in my bird bath on the patio
The female cardinal in Birds Bathing & Book Reading staring at the French doors

She’s looking toward the French doors as if she’s thinking: Can’t a lady bathe in private around here?

What really entertains me, aside from the kitties, is sitting here in my chair gazing out the French doors watching the birds.

Between the birds and the kitties, I don’t actually need a TV for entertainment!

New Blog Header:

I created a new graphic for my blog header last week, which has the kitties featured in it. I wanted to show you a larger version of it.

The kitty graphics were as close as I could find to the cats’ actual coloring. I bought the various graphics on Etsy and then put them all together in Picmonkey.

I liked the cozy chair in one of my favorite colors, a house plant, books, and the kitties. Plus a cup of coffee thrown in for good measure. All things that I love and are emblematic of what is important to me.

Lunch With Kasi:

My youngest daughter came over and brought lunch on Friday. Kendra was busy closing on her house. She closed on the duplex already so she’s got her hands full now.

Kasi picked up our meal at Chicken Salad Chick. We like the scoops of chicken salad with potato soup.

Have you ever eaten there or do you have one in your town? This one’s only been here a few years.

What I’m Reading:

I finished reading “Bag Of Bones” by Stephen King. Then I read “Maid” by Stephanie Land, and gave it to Kasi to read.

We’re the big readers in the family. I don’t think Kendra could sit still long enough to read a book.

Then I began reading “The Dark Bones” by Loreth Ann White. Finished that one last night.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll read another Stephen King book next. Maybe “Insomnia” since it’s one of his books I’ve never read before. It has 912 pages, so it will keep me busy for a while.

The book Insomnia by Stephen King Birds Bathing & Book Reading

And I’ve also got a couple of the Book Of The Month Club books I haven’t read yet.

If you love books as much as I do, you might be interested in joining the Book Of The Month Club. Click here and I’ll get credit if you decide to join.

The Book Of The Month logo I created Birds Bathing & Book Reading

And of course, I added a few token photos of the kitties. Here they are playing with one of those swirly toys they both love so much.

Ivy and Gracie in my living room playing

What Ivy & Gracie Have Been Up To:

Ivy has decided that she wants to eat her meal of canned food, then race to the bedroom and eat Gracie’s meal.

Now I’m having to put Gracie’s meal right in front of my chair in the living room. This is how I make sure she actually gets to eat it before Ivy gobbles it up.

Gracie looking so sweet on the couch laying on a soft gold throw she likes

Gracie loves this gold throw. During the day I often see her sleeping on it.

Gracie is getting even more adventurous, checking out every nook and cranny of this apartment.

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  1. Catching up on all my blog reading today and the rock in the bird bath is the best tip I’ve come across. Love it!! Thanks!

  2. Funny, I had just commented on your previous post about your new blog header/logo. How clever you are to design your own the way you did!

    Never heard of the restaurant you mentioned.

    My Phil was a huge reader like me, and his favorite author was Stephen King. He read all of King’s books (up until he passed away in 2009). I never could get into his books; too scary for me. His non-fiction book, On Writing is one of the best writing books I’ve ever read.

    I have bookcases full of books here I haven’t even read yet (all books purchased at library book sales or used online), plus I go to the library all the time. I currently have 10 library books on my bedside table to read! I’m in the middle of reading “The Girl with the Louding Voice” and I highly recommend it. One of the best books I’ve read this year.

  3. Great photos of the cardinals! We’ve had a really bad bird disease here in the northeast this summer. We used to see cardinals all the time in our backyard, along with so many other species. But now, they are all gone, except the sparrows and the doves. It breaks my heart.
    It’s great that Gracie is feeling so comfortable in her new home!

  4. The cardinal photos are so cute, Brenda. I laughed out loud at the look on the lady’s face and your caption. I miss watching the birds in my yard as we have two cats that go outside now (my daughter’s) and the one is an avid hunter so we can’t feed the birds lest she catch and eat them. Boo! I’ve always loved watching them so much.

    I think the new blog header is perfect. Good job putting it together.

    Gracie, I think, knows how beautiful she looks lying on that gold throw. She has the pose of a girl who’s aware of her own beauty!

    Glad you were able to get together with your daughter. My two daughters are quite different personalities as it sounds like yours are. But both dearly loved and with their own special strengths and qualities. I was so happy to have daughters when they were born. I think it’s harder for mothers to have close relationships with sons. Of course, I know there are many exceptions to that statement. Daughters are sure special, though, for many of us.

    1. Definitely an exception to the sons statement. I have two sons. My oldest passed away in 2009 at the age of 21. We were very close. My youngest son is 30 and we have an amazing mother-son relationship. We text each other almost every day (he now lives 2200 miles away) and talk several times a week. We talk about everything and anything. He’s a hugger and tells me he loves me all the time. I couldn’t ask for a better mother-child relationship.

      Conversely, I know of some horrible mother-daughter relationships, including my own sister and mother. So I really don’t think it has anything to do with having a daughter vs a son. It’s simply the relationship between the mother and child, regardless of the gender.

  5. I had to look up Chicken Salad Chicks. It looks like there is one in Fayetteville so I need to try it. I love chicken salad.

  6. I love the new blog header. I noticed it right away the other day. It suits you perfectly. The coveted swirly toy looks like a mini slinky. Your cats are just too adorable! I’m glad they are getting comfortable together and enjoying each other’s company. I think these bird pictures are some of the best you’ve ever taken! I mean, the one is looking straight at you! It’s amazing! ALL your bird pictures are amazing! It’s as if they are just striking a pose for you. All I have is my phone camera to take pictures, and they never turn out anywhere near as good as yours always do. I’m sho glad you share your photos. Thank you!

  7. I love these stunning cardinal pictures! The kitties are sweet and funny as ever. Love your new graphic too. Thanks Brenda. I look forward to your posts every day.

  8. Always enjoy hearing about your lunch times with your girls even though Kendra was busy this week. She’s a go getter as is Kasi so it is a treat I am sure when they make time to sit down and catch up with mom. Life moves so fast for young families these days with all the things we never had to do back when I was a young mother. I so love my reading time.
    We have a public library very close to us as well as a National book store chain that I can be at in 15 minutes so I am surrounded by books to keep me going for many years. Gosh potato soup sounds yummy!! Love the pictures you show of your sweet kitties.

  9. Gracie looks so gorgeous on the gold throw! Love your new graphic too. It shows what’s most important to you but we all know there’s so much more to you than that. Thanks for taking your time to share with us every day. I always look forward to coming in from feeding my horses and then checking out your blog.

  10. Brenda
    I was wondering if the books you receive from the Book of the Month Club are normal size or smaller than what you get in the stores? Years ago when I joined the books were smaller in size. Thanks. Enjoy all the fun posts. The cats are a delight!

  11. I love the new graphic you created of Ivy and Gracie. I did notice it the other day. I am just getting into trying my hand at graphics, still learning.
    I am so glad the two are becoming friends. Gracie seems to be settling in nicely.

  12. Your new blog pic is perfect … I love it!! I also love your kitties. We have to separate our two cats when they eat their canned food … one is a slow eater and the other just vacuums it right up … and is ready to move on to the next bowl!

  13. I just love the header you created as it does show what Cozy Little House is all about. The photos of the cardinals are gorgeous for being taken through a window. That gold throw that Gracies likes looks so cushy and soft I wouldn’t mind curling up there for a nap!
    As far as books go, they are the only things that keep me halfway sane these days. I love to escape this world in a book for a few hours to rejuvenate. I get a lot of my books secondhand either from amazon or a thrift shop, since prices are so high and don’t fit with my budget. This winter I imposed a rule that for every book I purchase, I have to reread one I already have before I can read the new one. Some are many years old and I am finding I don’t really remember the details of the book and enjoy the story again. I am slowly turning my sunroom into my little sanctuary. Part office with a desk and book shelves above the windows and a tall wall bookshelf. It is also my ‘green room’ where I have the majority of my houseplants so they can get sunlight. (I also desperately need to see something green and growing year round!) I have cushioned wicker furniture to sit and read. This room is where the cats like to hang out on their tall cat tower and also go out the door to the screened porch. So, it is an office/ library/ garden room/
    Catio of sorts. I have a little electric fireplace for supplemental heat in winter as it gets chilly with all the windows and keep throws a pillows around for comfort. Like you have done with your header, I have blended
    all the things that I enjoy and are comforting into my cozy little room!
    And of course, my inspiration has come from you and your blog. Thank you Brenda!

  14. Gracie is growing! I can see it in her pictures. Sounds like they have adjusted quite nicely. I’m so glad you got her.

    I thoroughly enjoy your cardinal pics as we don’t have them here in So Cal.

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