Tending To What Needs Done

As I watered the patio plants this morning I heard the ducks flying overhead. I looked up to see them soaring high, flapping toward their destination.

Meanwhile since yesterday Charlie has been on the scent of something out there. He moves quickly across the patio, nose to the ground, seeking a critter that must have been out there.

A squirrel perhaps? But there are always squirrels out there and it doesn’t cause him to get this crazed. Maybe it’s another kind of critter.

As I water with my hose I have to watch the fuller plants for movement so I don’t wash him down too. I will see the leaves jerking and know he is under there somewhere.

White petunias

After I cleaned my apartment yesterday afternoon for the first time in two weeks, Charlie got a bath. So he doesn’t need another one.

I put on the goggles I bought before I dusted. Still my eyes itched afterward. They’re still itching today.

I’ve always had a problem with dust. Seems to run in the family, as my great-grandmother had the same problem.

Now I probably won’t clean again for another two weeks after I get my left eye surgery Wednesday morning.

I did other chores where I have to be near the floor. Once a month I put a baking sheet under the front of the washer to drain the water left inside.

You open up a little door and untwist the small rubber mechanism and let the water drain out. The leftover water in the machine comes out onto the baking sheet and I pour it into the nearby sink.

I keep my baking sheets and pots and pans in my dishwasher, since I never use it. It’s a good place for extra storage.

gold lantana

There’s quite a few plants outside that could use a bit of trimming and shaping, but I probably won’t get around to it. Just makes my eyes itchy to be out there.

I’m not the only one around here with allergies. Charlie coughs quite a bit and I give him generic children’s cough medicine, which calms it right down.

He seems to feel fine from what I can tell. No more blood on the floor. But I expect it back again most likely when he finishes this round of antibiotics.

That’s what has happened the last two rounds. He will finish this round next week.

The Daisy Children book

Last night I finished reading Karin Slaughter’s “Pieces Of Her,” then began reading “The Daisy Children.” This book is set in East Texas, where I moved here from. I recall all the little towns mentioned in the book.

Here is the Amazon summary:

Inspired by true events, in Sofia Grant’s powerfully moving new novel a young woman peels back the layers of her family’s history, discovering a tragedy in the past that explains so much of the present. This unforgettable story is one of hope, healing, and the discovery of truth.

Sometimes the untold stories of the past are the ones we need to hear…

When Katie Garrett gets the unexpected news that she’s received an inheritance from the grandmother she hardly knew, it couldn’t have come at a better time. She flees Boston—and her increasingly estranged husband—and travels to rural Texas.

There, she’s greeted by her distant cousin Scarlett. Friendly, flamboyant, eternally optimistic, Scarlett couldn’t be more different from sensible Katie.

And as they begin the task of sorting through their grandmother’s possessions, they discover letters and photographs that uncover the hidden truths about their shared history, and the long-forgotten tragedy of the New London school explosion of 1937 that binds them.


After I get the eye surgery and recovery out of the way, I’m probably going to have to see someone about my shoulder problem. I can’t sleep on my right side any longer due to the pain.

I’ve seen a chiropractor and had visits with the acupuncturist. The acupuncture helps, but just for a few days. Then the pain is back.

Of course typing is part of what aggravates it. I wear a brace on my right hand when I type, but still there’s the pain in the shoulder. It’s always something, isn’t it?

I can see that it might be a long day of getting up and down. Charlie wants out constantly to rove the patio and sniff, and I won’t let him be out there unless I’m there watching him.


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  1. That is exactly how my spine problems started after my fall on ice .I have had the steroid shots and they helped for awhile .For some that is all you need and the shots are practically painless compared to the pain .
    I had an MRI and mine showed disc problems touching nerves and bad spinal stenosis .That is the reason I am having the surgery soon.The pain has worsened .
    I feel your pain I took ibuprofen and it helps somewhat also do EMU creme that I rub on from Walmart and heating pad .
    I hope you can rest your shoulder that will help.
    Hugs to you ,just a note ,”STRESS MAKES IT WORSE ” !
    Take care .
    Glad lil Charlie is improving !
    Love your book reviews ,I want to get this one for sure !

  2. Charlie’s “hunting” is probably the highlight of the month for him! I can just see him skittering about, intent on finding whatever it is he’s after. I sure hope he is well with no more incidents of blood after he finishes the antibiotic this time. Seems like three courses should eliminate whatever infection he’s had. If it doesn’t I wonder if he needs a different antibiotic.

    I’m sorry about your shoulder being so painful. I had pain in my shoulder right after my twin grandsons were born. I was caring for them nearly every day and lifting them, sometimes both at the same time, aggravated it. I was given one shot of cortisone by the doctor and that cleared it right up. I had never had a problem with it before that and haven’t since. But it sounds like your shoulder pain has been more recurring. I remember it feeling pretty debilitating.

    Still hot and sunny here on Labor Day. I’m not laboring much even though there’s lots to do! I did get some hostas planted last night around my crabapple tree in front. They had been sitting in their pots since I’d bought them about a week ago. We had rain for a couple of days so pulling weeds is a joy! They come right up! Guess I should labor some at that today in the evening after the heat cools a bit.
    This whole week is supposed to be hot, hot, hot. Yuuck!

    Hope you’ve had a peaceful weekend and that your second eye surgery will be swift and easy. Take care, Brenda! Pats for Charlie.

  3. Brenda, is it your left shoulder? I have a lot of trouble with my left shoulder when I spend too much time typing on the computer or using my mouse in my right hand to play card games on the computer. The only thing that helps is staying off the computer and giving it a rest for a few days. I know that is difficult for you since you depend on your blog for income. Also it is important to have the right height for your keyboard to avoid this strain. I use a desk and a laptop so I know the keyboard is too high for me but I can’t do anything about that so I just have to give my shoulder a rest and stay off the computer for a while which is hard for me to do. The pain can be unbelievable, and it actually took me a while to find out that it was the fault of my time on the keyboard and mouse that was causing the pain. Maybe try refraining for a while and taking aleve for the pain and see if it resolves itself?

    1. It’s my right shoulder, down my arm into my hand and wrist. X-rays showed severe stenosis in my neck.

      1. I have stenosis in my neck also along with arthritis, bulging disc, degenerative disc. Therefore I keep neck pain all the time and headaches as well.

        What I really wanted to say is would you consider a steroid shot if the x-rays don’t show anything major wrong with you. I strained my rotator cuff many years ago and had just one shot and it did the trick. Haven’t had anymore problem with it and I’m quite a bit older than you. Just a thought!!

    2. My right shoulder has hurt me for years.I got a massage and asked her to work mainly on my shoulder.She did,she says often when women shoulder,s hurt it,s coming from under the breast area.She worked on that area also.Oh and carry the lightest purse you can get by with.A over the shoulder one is best,safer also.And Aleve as needed.good luck!

  4. I can just picture Charlie snooping around the patio and under the plants. How cute!
    Good luck with your eye surgery; I know you be glad when that is over and the second eye is healed; hang in there.
    You may already know this, but I was reading an article online about moss roses and learned they are related to purslane.
    Have a good day Brenda and Charlie!

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