This morning I awoke to thunder rumbling with rain as a musical accompaniment as though it was a planned orchestra. They do make the most beautiful music together.

A bit later I was outside with Charlie, checking my plants after it stopped raining. Suddenly a deluge of rain came down. Like the skies just opened up and poured it down on us.

Yet More Storms:

Within minutes the patio was standing in water. But we were inside and dried off and I was having breakfast.

I just checked the weather online and it is 100% chance of rain today. It’s so dark in here I need lamps on to see.

When I have my morning cereal I love to stare out at the patio. I ponder which chores might need to be done soon.

Like turning a container plant that needs more sun. Or snipping the basil to make it bushier.

The cosmos was budding and a flower was just about to open. And now it’s leaned over in the rain. The zinnias seem to hold up well rain or shine. I love the durability of zinnias.

Antique Mall Outing:

Yesterday I decided to drive the 4 miles to the antique mall. When I have a cart to push, I tend to walk better and straighter.

My physical therapist says I tend to sway my right foot out, so I’m practicing walking more intentionally. I have detailed exercises I do several times per day for my ankle, which is helping. She’s now working with my hands and neck.

Since today is not a day to take indoor photos, I’ll show you tomorrow what I picked up at the antique mall. There’s been a little change in the living/dining room area. Not anything drastic. Just changed up the sideboard.

Last night I started reading a book entitled Man Of The Year.

From Goodreads:

Dr. Robert Hart, Sag Harbor’s just-named Man of the Year, is the envy of his friends and neighbors. His medical practice is thriving. He has a beautiful old house and a beautiful new wife and a beautiful boat docked in the village marina. Even his wayward son, Jonah, is back on track, doing well at school, finally worthy of his father’s attentions.

So when Jonah’s troubled college roommate, Nick, needs a place to stay for the summer, Hart and his wife generously offer him their guest house. A win-win: Jonah will have someone to hang with, and his father can bask in the warm glow of his own generosity.

But when he begins to notice his new house guest getting a little too close to his wife, the good doctor’s veneer begins to crack. All the little lies Robert tells—harmless falsehoods meant to protect everything he holds dear—begin to mount.

Before long, he’s embroiled in a desperate downward spiral, destroying the lives that stand in his way. It’s only the women in his life—his devoted office manager, his friends, his wife—who can clearly see the truth.

Biting and timely, Man of the Year races along at an electric pace, with a wicked twist that you won’t see coming.


Thoughts About This Book:

I’ve read about half the book. I love to read books with an end I don’t see coming.

The doctor goes from slightly jealous to paranoid. He quickly slides into deception and what could lead him to malpractice.

I’m anxious to see how this one ends.

Netflix Shows:

I’ve been watching Netflix. I think I’m about to get through the first season of Ozark, which I absolutely love. Then Friday night I started watching Bloodline, and it’s a good one too.

I don’t know why I didn’t sign up for Netflix a long time ago. Much better than cable TV when I had it.

Have a great Sunday, wherever you are.

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  1. We had a terrible storm here last night. Lots of thunder/lightning/and torrential rain. We love Netflix and Hulu. So much better than cable! Love and hugs!

  2. The book you review in this post sounds like a page-turner. I have had to stop reading anything too exciting or suspenseful before I go to bed as I get so I can’t go to sleep!

    We’ve actually had three days in a row–yes, THREE–of warm sunshiney days. Alas, rain is forecast tomorrow again. I did get a few outdoor chores done over the course of the weekend, though. So tomorrow I’ll find some to do inside. It won’t be hard!

    I’m glad your foot is better and that the exercises are helping. The PT was a good idea sounds like.

    My weekend was a good one. Got to see my nephew and his family and spend some time with my sister and her husband. I hope your week starts out well. Take care.

  3. Brenda, you surely like the rain and thunder much more than I do! Makes me want to sleep the day away! I can’t wait to see what you got at our favorite antique mall. I haven’t been in so long. Maybe I will go in the morning. We love Netflix and I have Amazon Prime, as well. With Prime, I can also “borrow” books that I would never get to read if I had to buy them. I think it is $12.99 per month. Shoot me an email with your phone number, please. I’ve been down your way several times lately and thought about dropping in but I am not one to just “drop in”. LoL my email is [email protected]

    Grace & Peace,

  4. Good afternoon Brenda, Charlie and Ivy,

    We have had a beautiful weekend thankfully no rain. I do like “rain days” on the weekend becauseI use that as an excuse to relax, read and rest. I think it is a reminder from God that not every weekend has to be filled to the brim with work or fun or both.

    I love seeing the photos of your patio, it looks beautiful.

    Have a great day!

  5. I LOVED bloodline! Twists and turns all along the way! Wish there were more seasons! Have fun with Netflix. I love it.. and they now have alot of their own movies, which are usually really good. I haven’t watched Ozark.. will have to try it. Marilyn

  6. Your patio is so lush, I’m, envious. Bloodline is one of my favorites. Ozark was very nerve wracking and suspenseful but I loved the plot. Try Silent Witness and Line of Duty on Prime. Both are very good and have lots of episodes.

  7. Can’t wait to see what you found at the antique mall. I will be in suspense until tomorrow.

    When you bring a new item into your apartment, do you take away an item and store it to make room for the new acquisition? I have a closet filled with formerly loved decor items of all styles. I wish I knew the secret of sticking to one decorating style so I wouldn’t get off track when I shop for home accents. I absolutely love farmhouse but in the summer months, I am drawn to a cool coastal style. How do you manage sticking to one style, when there are so many pretty styles out there vying for attention?

  8. Brenda, It’s dark, gloomy, and drizzly here in WI, too, with a temp of 65 degrees. A good kind of day to stay inside, and read a good book. I have a few books I have not read yet, so guess I’ll choose one for today. Have a good Sunday. Hugs, Bonnie

  9. Oh Brenda,
    I live in Miami and we had downpours for over a week and a half. So much for sunny Miami! Thank goodness we saw the return of the sun these last four days.
    Can’t wait to see the pictures of your (Antique mall outing) stash.
    Bloodline is a great show too.
    Stay dry!

  10. Brenda,
    I love all your posts and am inspired by the beautiful garden you tend. I have recently discovered a British gardening show on Netflix called Big Dreams, Small Spaces. It features a very well respected host named Monty Don. He is clever, charming and honest about folks plans to develop a complicated garden in their own space constraints. If you haven’t seen it, try it. I think you’ll like it.
    Sherry B

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