1. Enjoy reading about your new life at your new home. Sounds like a very positive move. It is sad your former elderly neighbor is still enduring the sad situation of repairs, etc. you left behind.
    Ivy is a pretty kitty and seems calm when sleeping. Pets are a great blessing. Their antics make us laugh. Their warm hugs when we are sad or lonely bring comfort. Their forgiveness when we aren’t paying them attention always brings warmth to my heart.
    Your yard is taking shape. It looks so much more inviting where you live now than your former abode.

  2. I believe that the other two birds are female finches. You are truly surrounded by beauty in your new home – flowers, birds, people, and pets! What a blessing this move turned out to be!

  3. Back in the 80s, I had such a girlie crush on Keifer. I must have watched his movie Lost Boys a dozen times.

  4. The birds are house finches. The one with the red is the male and the other two are the females. We have them in abundance here in IL.

    Everything here has exploded into bloom finally and like you mentioned, there is so much green! I am photographing everything outside lately, too. There is so much beauty everywhere I look.

  5. Brenda, your bird and garden photos are a feast for the eyes. How lucky that you were to be there at the right time to catch them.
    As for the neighbors, I will repeat my comment from a few days back. I am so happy that you are surrounded by kind, generous people who loved animals and gardening!

  6. Keifer Douglas’ mother is Shirley Douglas, who was married to Donald Sutherland. Both were and are Canadians and actors in their own rights. Shirley’s father was Tommy Douglas, who was a Scottish-born Canadian politician and former Premier of Saskatchewan (a Province in Canada). Tommy Douglas, is widely credited for bringing universal free health care to Canada, which we still have to this day and are so thankful and proud of it. Donald Sutherland is still acting in major motion pictures in Hollywood.

  7. Wow! You honestly get the most amazing birds pictures! Your neighbors rose bush is beautiful! Does it smell pretty? I have a rose bush outside that smells wonderful, but it seems when you get them from a store, they don’t smell good. Ivy looks all soft and fluffy. She reminds me of a neck pillow when she’s all stretched out like that, lol. I just want to go snuggle and rest my head on her. Haha. She probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I would. Happy Sunday everyone!

    1. I got lucky when that bird started to fly. I was trying to take a still photo and then it started taking off.

  8. It is so hard to tell if the birds are house finches or purple finches! I love the picture of John’s roses! I am so glad that all your close neighbors enjoy gardening as much as you do!

    1. In the old apartments, no one seemed to garden. Not that I knew more than a few people. But you could see through the wood fence slats and the patios were just mostly bare with weeds growing tall through the cement cracks. My elderly neighbor had no interest in gardening either, the one I still keep in contact with.

  9. It’s been in the 90’s here for 2 days, then it’s going to be back in the 70’s til next wk. Crazy weather for sure!

    I love that pic where the female finch is taking flight! It looks like she’s going to knock off the male finch right off that twig! Lol

  10. The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connally, and of course his Bosch books, are worth checking out. I love all your plants and lovely surrounding gardens. Do the other apartments have outdoor patios and gardens like y’all do? Netflix has an original series called The Lincoln Lawyer (based on the book)…I liked it a lot.

    1. I’m planning to watch The Lincoln Lawyer after Designated Survivor. I don’t know if everyone has a decorated patio/yard space. I think many of the one bedroom apartments only have a patio and no yard.

  11. We are having crazy weather here on the East coast. I still have winter throws on the sofa, it’s been so chilly here. The last few days have been hot. Ivy has the right idea, a nap on a chilly Sunday afternoon!

    1. She is napping right now in that very same spot on the couch she’s been sleeping in lately. She has various napping places.

  12. The bird with the red is a male house finch the others our female house finches.
    Your new apartment area is lovely.

    1. I wondered. I couldn’t find anything on purple finches, as in the other comment. Thanks for telling me!

      1. Brenda, there are both kinds – if I knew how to attach a link here, I would. Not too good at those things. But just google “house finch or purple finch?” and you will see several articles. I’m thinking yours is a house finch from what I read. I have them too and they often live right in our surroundings.

  13. Your finches photos are amazing! Just beautiful. And the fresh green of the plants. And Ivy! That sweet belly. She is so relaxed.
    Best wishes for a productive and enlightening consult with the new doctor – we all want the best for you, Brenda!

    1. That photo of the finch taking off just happened when I was trying to take a still photo. But it still came out okay, I thought.

      1. Yes ,,,, ❤️ so beautiful.
        Love it.
        Can’t stop looking at those gorgeous birds & your pictures Brenda!!

  14. Hi Brenda, I enjoyed “meeting” your neighbors. They all sound like wonderful people & I loved the pic of Boomer preparing for bedtime. My Lacy has to have a nap everyday at 1:00, it’s as if she can tell time. I went to a library book sale yesterday & there were lots of John Grisham books, most of which I already read. An elderly man there recommended the author C.J. Box, which I have never read but there were lots of his books & I picked up a couple to check out. I’m going back on the last day to try to get a bagful for $1 ! Enjoy your day & lovely surroundings.

    1. I’m reading my way through the Grisham books. Thinking about going back and reading that first one that put him on the charts: The Firm.

  15. As I was reading your post my immediate thought “it’s wonderful that she’s enjoying new friends with similar interests”. Your life is certainly blossoming, Brenda. And you sound very happy and content.
    I love the picture of the bird taking flight – incredible shot of a beautiful bird.
    Have a delightful day!

    1. That one of the bird taking flight was kind of an accident, but I loved how it came out.

  16. On Wednesday it was 80 here (Mountain West), Friday morning we woke up to 3 inches of snow, and it continued to snow all morning. Both Saturday and today we had overnight lows in the low 20s. I’ll put my veggie plants out to get some sun, once the temperature gets to 40. Hoping I can plant Memorial Day weekend!

    So glad you are being referred to other doctors. I’m hoping a physical issue, which can be repaired, is the culprit for so much of your pain. My husband broke his ankle in April 2021, and it has been a tough go for both of us. He has many other health issues besides.

    Peter Kater’s an excellent choice! I may have suggested him to you. I also love the collaborations he’s done with Carlos Nakai, a Native American flute player.

      1. Here also in Illinois.
        One day we run ac.
        Next few days heat is necessary. If not, we will freeze!
        Like today. Very chilly.

    1. I’ve never heard of purple finches! Thanks for identifying them for me. I’m going to look them up.

  17. The photos of the plants and trees, birds and flowers are beautiful. I love your Japanese maple, it is so beautiful. They look so delicate but they are hardy enough to hold up to frigid and snowy winters. Nature never ceases to amaze me. Our weather in SE Wisconsin has been bonkers. We had several days of high heat and humidity less than 2 weeks ago and it seems like it was a lifetime ago. Now we are down into the 50s again until this coming Friday, although it is sunny today. Winds coming off Lake Michigan are strong enough to make it feel “cold” even where I live at least 7 miles away from the shoreline. More rain is on the way too, for 2 whole days. The flowers, trees and grass don’t care – they’re growing like crazy while I’m dressed practically in winter clothes to cut the grass!

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