My Neighbor Ron & His Ships

The other day I took my camera over to Ron and Pat’s apartment to take photos of Ron’s ships.

They are my neighbors where I now live. They’ve been very friendly and made me feel quite welcome here.

What Does The Sea Symbolize In Art?

The ocean is the beginning of life on Earth and symbolizes formlessness, the unfathomable, and chaos.

The ocean can also be seen as a symbol of stability, as it can exist largely unchanged for centuries.

It has been long regarded that ship models exist as a craftsman’s art. Ship models or model ships are scale models of ships.

Ship modeling is a craft as old as shipbuilding itself. It stretches back to ancient times when water transport was first developed.

In this post, My Neighbor Ron & His Ships, I took many photos of the ships he has built and that are all over his apartment.

Ron refers to the extra bedroom where he builds his ships as “the shipyard.”

Ron’s Shipyard:

There are ships of all sizes in his shipyard. Amazingly enough, he doesn’t use instructions or manuals to build his ships.

He builds them by looking at a photo. A true craftsman.

This is the room Ron calls "the shipyard." There are shelves on the wall showcasing some of his work.

This extra bedroom is filled with all the tools he needs to build ships. Everything in the room relates to ships and the sea.

He has a stunning diorama that I will one day photograph and show you.

Here is another of Ron's ships he has built. He works in a second bedroom he refers to as the shipyard.

Much of the decor in their apartment is related to coastal artforms and nautical design.

Everywhere you look you see ships, paintings, and lighthouses along with miniature sea captains.

In My Neighbor Ron & His Ships, this is one of the bookcases in the room where he builds his detailed ships. There are all kinds of items he uses to create his artistry.

When I visit with them on their patio, Ron will often get up from his rocker and say that he has to get back to the shipyard.

As though it is imperative that he clock in now and then.

On a wall in an extra room, there are shelves with some of the many ships he has built over the years.

The Ability To Work With Small Pieces:

I don’t know how he takes those tiny pieces and constructs such detailed ships. You’d certainly have to have a very steady hand and manual dexterity.

Ron has been interviewed by the Tulsa newspaper regarding his shipbuilding. And people from all over the world have ordered ships from him.

In Ron and Pat's kitchen you see this beautiful stained glass that fits in the window.

Photos Of Their Apartment:

I took a few other photos of their home. This beautiful stained glass fits right in their window.

It’s also a work of art, and the sun glowing through it makes it even more striking.

In My Neighbor Ron & His Ships, his wife Pat is also a painter and this is one of her paintings hanging on their wall.

While I was there I also learned that his wife Pat is an artist. She painted the artwork that hang on the walls of their apartment. Above is just one of her many paintings.

Both of them are artists who specialize in different forms of visual art.

This is a large bird sculpture I saw in Ron and Pat's apartment. It is part of their decor.

Below is a sketch Pat drew of her husband while he was at work building one of his ships.

In My Neighbor Ron & His Ships, this is a sketch his wife Pat drew of him as he was working on one of his ships.

The two of them have been married for many years. And during those years they have perfected their own art forms right alongside one another.


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  1. Thank your lovely neighbors for letting us have a tour of their artwork! Thank you Brenda for sharing it. I am in awe and so appreciative to you all.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Just amazing. They use their hands for art like you use your mind for writing. You are truly talented people. And how wonderful you are neighbors.

  3. WOW! Those are amazing! I was so looking forward to seeing these. I’m so glad he let you take photos to share with us. And his wife is equally talented. How lucky they have each other to share common interests. That’s important for any relationship. I wish I had that kind of talent. Please tell them thank you for letting you share their wonderful talents with us! And please let us know how your daughter is doing.

  4. Amazing talents, and quite something in this competitive day that they have supported each other’s talents all these years!!!

  5. Such works of art, and such gifts they have to be able to create those wonderful art pieces for others to enjoy.

  6. Wow, I’m in awe! Such talented neighbors u have including u too Brenda! All this talent in one small community! I wonder what other talent your neighbors have? Like singing or cooking or baking their timeless recipes!

  7. Ron’s ships are really very intricate! He has an amazing talent! And his wife Pat’s paintings look fabulous. Such a talented duo! Someone mentioned miniature dollhouses. I bought a very basic one years ago, painted it, got the roof shingled and put the electricity in. And then for some reason, that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I was busy doing art shows for years and then we moved had life took over.

  8. Their work is amazing! The ships, the painting, and the sculpture of the birds! Thank you for sharing this, Brenda.

  9. Wow!! Ron’s ships are absolutely amazing. And his wife’s painting is truly beautiful. What a talented couple. Thank you for sharing their art with us.

  10. Wow! That’s the first word that comes to mind. Just like the people on Antique Roadshow when their item is assessed at some great price. Wow! What a talented couple they are – it’s wonderful that they shared. Thank you, Brenda for showing this beautiful art and craftsmanship.
    And thanks for responding re Kendra’s scheduled outpatient appointment – will be thinking of her.

  11. Ron’s ships are beautiful! How kind of him to allow you to show his work. My brother a former Navy man, has a half dozen or so, that he crafted years ago. Just like Ron’s work, I was in awe of all the rigging on the ships, and the detail work involved. My brother also has collections, like Ron’s, of light houses. I believe if they knew each other, they would be good friends. Alto, my brother is 89, and not into ship building any longer. Oh, and that stained glass window…To die For!!!!!

  12. I am stunned and amazed by Ron’s art!! Please tell him “Thank You!” for sharing ~

  13. What an outstanding and impressive couple. How blessed you are to have them as neighbors and can receive their kindness and friendship. As they are blessed to receive your wonderful presence in their life! The ship making makes me think of creating doll houses that women enjoy, especially if they create the furnishings. Even though there really isn’t any comparison to your neighbors talent as a ship maker. Thanks for sharing and I am so happy for you that you are enjoying where you are living.

    1. I’ve always thought it would be fun to have one of those vintage dollhouses to redo. But I have so much arthritis in my hands I couldn’t work with those little pieces.

  14. Ron and Pat are exceptionally talented people! I admire their talent! My father built an old ship in his younger days and he gave it to me! It had the cloth sails which of course disintegrated over time! My son, who works at a mariner got me some cloth and I had someone make me new sails! I have the ship on the mantle and I will always cherish it!

  15. Thank Pat and Ron for sharing such beautiful art with us. I wonder what sparked Ron to start making such detailed ships and with no blueprints or directions. Amazing!

    1. As a young boy, I built airplanes. I always thought I would like to build ship models, but I didn’t for many years. In 1988 I discovered a modeling club in Tulsa, and I started going to their meetings. They were building model ships, strictly wood, no plastic. That’s when I started building wooden models. I have built over 50 models, and it is a labor of love. I have also restored some models. My wife loves my ships so that makes it even better. I love her paintings too, and they are mostly nautical. She is also my sail maker. We have been married 69 years. Life is good!!!

  16. WOW! The ships are beyond amazing! True works of art from an exceptionally skilled craftsman! Pat’s paintings and drawings are beautiful, too. I think it’s extra nice that the couple share creativity. That makes it less likely they’d complain about “messes” left behind by the other! I say this because my husband would sometimes make comments about quilting scraps all over the dining room table when I went on a sewing binge! Another artist would understand the way time (and tidiness) flies when the crafty bug bites!

  17. Brenda, thank you for sharing this wonderful life of your new neighbors—-and I’m loving all that you’re doing in your new space—-hope you’re feeling much better—haydee

    1. I’m in and out of the boot. Neighbor John helped me repot my Japanese Maple tree into a bigger container yesterday evening.

  18. Stunning. How absolutely wonderful to have the artistic abilities these two have.

  19. Incredible talent – wow!!! I am in awe of them! Those ships and paintings made by true artisans.
    I wonder how much time they each spend on their ‘work’. I am speechless and searching for the right words.

    Thank you for sharing, Brenda.

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