Book Summary:

Marin has the perfect life. A thriving business. A handsome husband, Derek. And a little boy named Sebastian.

Then one day close to Christmas they’re in a crowded place. She was distracted for just a moment. And that’s all the time it took to lose sight of her precious little boy. Sebastian was kidnapped by someone dressed in a Santa Claus suit.

Months go by. Marin hires a private investigator when they can see that the FBI has pretty much moved on to other cases. She cannot bear the thought that someone isn’t actively looking for her son.

Derek is busy with his business. And then a young girlfriend Marin finds out about. She is seething with fury. Her private investigator is aware of this development and Marin finds the young girl on social media.

With her world falling apart, and one suicide attempt already behind her, Marin finds the will to go on. Deal with her successful hair salons. Tend to business.

And watch her marriage fall apart while her husband distracts himself from their loss with an affair.

All the while wondering if their only child is dead.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading this book. As I love to read thrillers, puzzles to try and piece together, this book fit the bill nicely.

The main character vacillated between fear of what might have happened to her boy. And hate for the fact that her husband found a different way to cope. By having an affair with a girl half his age.

This one kept me guessing till the very end. An enjoyable read.

About The Author:

Jennifer Hillier imagines the worst about people, and then writes about it.

She was in born in Toronto, but spent eight years in the Seattle area, which is where all her novels are set.

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First Paragraph:

Pike Place Market is a tourist trap on a regular day. Combine it with last-minute holiday shopping and an extremely mild, sunny weekend (almost unheard of in December) and you are in the busiest nine acres on a Saturday afternoon in Seattle.


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