A Friday Trip To The Garden Nursery

I made it to the garden nursery yesterday and bought a flat of Johnny Jump Ups as well as 6 little pots of Gerbera daisies.

That pixie face is so adorable I want to hug it.

I actually went there to get one of those poles you tie a tree to to help it grow straight. My Japanese Maple in the container was starting to lean a bit.

But then my eyes roved over the outdoors with all those rows of Johnny Jump Ups and pansies. And out the door I went.

Gerbera Daisies:

Then I saw yellow and red Gerbera daisies.

I stood there with my tree pole and Johnny Jumps flat in tow and vacillated about my usual color theme for flowers on the patio.

Yellow, gold and various shades of purple has been my mainstay for a few years.

Did I really want to change it? Because those colors make for a lovely patio garden theme.

First I put yellow daisies in my cart. But my eyes couldn’t stay away from the red ones. I couldn’t resist.

So in the cart they went. Three yellows and three red ones.

Might Hold Off On Planting:

Nothing has been planted yet. It was late in the day and started raining. Might rain off and on all weekend according to the forecast online.

So for now the flowers are in flats against the back wall of my apartment on a patio table.

I might hold off on planting the daisies for a week or so due to the average latest freeze in Oklahoma City being March 30. In Tulsa that date could edge on into the month of April.

House Finches:

Just a little while I ago I saw two house finches on my porch. I haven’t seen house finches in years.

One was a male I could see, with vivid reds blended into his feathers. And the other I suppose was his mate in more muted colors.

This bird is the size of a sparrow, Males have a brown cap and brown wings with a bright red breast, throat, forehead and eyebrows.

Females have a brown-streaked breast and throat with no facial markings.

I can see a squirrel running along the top of the fence. Curling and shaking its silly tail. Headed, I’m sure, to the patio to dig in my gardens.



  1. Up here in Canada we don’t put annuals out or plant our gardens till the third week in May. Our tulips and daffodils come up in April.

  2. When we lived in NC, I heard that the way the squirrels shake their tales is confusing to snakes so generally snakes stay away if you have a lot of squirrels in the yard. Being I hate snakes, I fed the squirrels. Happily so!! No idea if it works but only saw one snake in our yard in almost 10 years in that spot. Besides squirrels are cute aren’t they??

  3. Such sweet flowers. I bet they make you smile and anxious to plant them somewhere in your cute patio.

  4. I have those pansies in my yard every year and never knew their adorable name! I just thought they were called little pansies!! Haha!! Thanks for the education and the pretty view!

  5. You are so lucky that your garden centers are open with all the pretty spring flowers already. Johnny Jump Ups are one of my favorite flowers. I can’t wait until it’s time to buy them here. Can you believe we’re supposed to get 3-5″ of snow on Monday? Ugh.

    House finches are very common here in northern IL. They’ve been around at my feeders all winter. The males are so pretty with the red underneath their feathers.

  6. Whatever you do they will be lovely. Trader Joe’s ad these beautiful jasmine plants the other day. We brought one home and it is nestled on my sideboard with several other plants happy as a lark. We actually had snow and hail the other night! Along with a crazy lightening and thunder storm!

  7. Love the johnny jump ups, the trouble is the squirrels always dig them up!
    Its my own fault as I invite them into the garden every winter where I feed them
    Right now they seem more interested in making babies than eating.
    This year we will concentrate on buying flowers that benefit the birds and insects. I have already ordered a bee and bug house to hang on the fence.
    If it goes okay I will buy more.
    Looking forward to seeing your new decor.

  8. The red will be a nice addition to your usual palette… purple and red are great colors together. Do you by chance remember the “Red Hats” group? They were a bunch of ladies that met for lunch and wore hats. Their colors were red and purple.

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