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  1. Glad u got Abi’s pills. So sorry about that. I don’t like to be out late or heavy traffic either. I was in some crowds at walmart and was exhausted by the time i got home this afternoon. PS Andrew looks adorable in his baseball uniform.

  2. I loved the photos of your grandson in hid uniform. They bring back memories of 35 years ago when my little ones played T ball, softball and baseball. The were all uncertain about the whole experience when they first began but each grew to love it and became real athletes and team players.

  3. The kinds of things you describe with the pills and getting lost on the way home are the things that really make me crazy! I don’t do well taking them in stride at all. I can really relate to you feeling cross-eyed when you got home!

    That little ball-player is so darn cute in his little uniform and “big” shoes! Just four years old is practically still a baby in my eyes. And the melt-downs are oh-so-familiar to me! We still have those with my twin grand boys at age seven. There is just so much pressure on little kids to perform these days. Some kids can handle the expectations, some can’t. I hope baseball turns out to be something fun for Andrew.

    Nice you could get the new camera and tablet. I need a new camera so badly. Since digital came in I really haven’t had a decent camera because they are so expensive. Maybe I’ll just splurge one of these days. Let’s see, what could I do without for about a year? I buy all my clothes which is very few at thrift stores, so that’s not it. I don’t drink or smoke so I can’t save money there! I do eat well and am not willing to change that. I guess I’ll have to find a job! I’m thinking lately about finding something I can do at home. I used to do garment alterations from home. Not doing that, again! People who don’t sew come and want you to perform miracles and don’t understand why it’s not possible to make this bigger while making something else smaller!

    Give those pups a smooch. I am missing my Tavi dog so much.

  4. Brenda, that little Andrew is a doll. I remember when my boys played their first games! I was so proud! Girl, it is not safe to travel around this town. You are bound to get blindsided by road construction! I got into a similar situation, the other day, in the same part of town! Literally, everywhere I go, there is road construction. Do you think we will ever see a day when it is all completed? LoL yeah…wishful thinking!

    Grace & Peace,

  5. What a day you had – Oh my goodness! I am surprised someone looked in the trash enough to find the pills. You got lucky there but then what a traffic mess you had and with Abi with you too! I get lost so easily if I drive in an unfamiliar area. I can imagine the relief you felt when you got home. Andrew looks so cute in his uniform. I really do think he looks like you! Congratulations on the new camera and tablet. I have an older Canon digital camera and still love it. They are very good cameras. You will love having a tablet. I keep a desktop and a tablet. I like the tablet for just reading, email and such because it is easy to take anywhere in the house and get comfortable with it. I use my desktop for editing photos and things like that although you can do that on tablets too. I love your mourning dove pictures. They are my favorite birds. Enjoy your lunch with your daughter. You are so lucky you two can get together like that.

  6. Your grandson is so cute. I have mixed emotions about kids that young playing team sports. My boys both started soccer when they were 5 and I think on one hand they were too young and truly didn’t understand what was going on. On the other hand, maybe cooperation and following instructions was more the point.

    I don’t have a tablet and don’t want or need one. Between my laptop (mine last about 5 years) and my phone, I’m all good. I don’t read digital books either.

    The mourning doves are back here, too. I have Mr and Mrs Mourning Dove visit my fence and bird feeder every day. They are fascinating to me, as they sit on the fence posts, not moving, for over 1/2 hour.

    I’m all good with venturing out at night and driving highways. Maybe it’s from living in the Chicago area most of my life. I live in the far suburbs now – it’s still pretty rural out here – but a lot of my friends and family live closer to the city, so I do a lot of driving and visiting. Have a great weekend, Brenda!

  7. Andrew looks very cute in his uniform but an evening ball game for four year olds does seem too late. You will love your iPad! I have rarely used my computer since I’ve had mine. Sorry about your driving experience yesterday. I live about 25 miles from Atlanta and the side roads are about as busy as the highways. In fact there was so much traffic near me that they built a bridge 11 lanes wide.

  8. I agree with you Brenda about highway driving. I’d rather take a side road too, with less or no traffic. You must have been exhausted by the time you got back home. Just happy that you made it ok…thank goodness you were not in a snow storm..( I never go out and drive when it’s snowing and blowing) Have a wonderful weekend..Hugs to you from white snowy WI

  9. Wow… What an adventure !!! And … love the pics of your grandson…. Little League baseball is one of the many reasons that I love this time of year … both of my (now grown) kiddos.. and 3 of my 4 grandchildren play ( or have played !!) Andrew looks so sweet in that uniform !! Thank you for sharing!!

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