Plant Dreaming…


Last year’s petunias…

I lie awake in the darkness of night and think how pretty a lavender petunia, ruffled and lacy, will look dangling over the side of a green pot.

A bit of lantana to bring in the butterflies, gold or yellow like last year. And maybe I’ll choose a new color for them to feast on.

A pot of lavender maybe? Though I have trouble keeping lavender alive in containers for some reason I haven’t figured out yet.

I think about honeysuckle, though I haven’t planted it in years. Still it lingers in my mind, the way it perfumed the air with its intoxicating scent.

I picture daisies. I must have daisies. I can almost see them upturned toward the sun, unfurling like an old map laid out on a table, the petals lined up for the sun to kiss.

I visualize myself at the nursery, my cart rolling along, a glorious carpet of color before me.

Though the temperature was in the low thirties last night I can already feel the excitement of choosing new blooms.

yellow daisy

Last years daisies…

Do you get this carried away?

I didn’t always. More so since I’ve been alone, when life became a happy continuum of blissful unhurried days.

It is almost a romance, this fever-pitched longing. It is a gift I put in a lidded box every fall and look forward to opening again all winter long.

And when I do open it in a few short weeks, it will be a delight for the senses as the confetti of color fills my nursery cart.

I will enjoy tucking the plants into their new home, much as you would tuck in a child at bedtime.

Then I can begin the daily tending of my garden. Hovering over each new plant to make sure it is settling in nicely on my patio.




  1. we’ve had so much cold, rain and snow that all that is on my mind is that I’ll have to mow some of the grass soon!! Yes! Some of it is going crazy after snow melt and daily rain but it’s winter temps out there / a few droopy daffodils and mostly mud….

  2. Plant dreams are the best. My nightstand holds lots of magazines that I leaf through before I go to sleep; I keep a notebook handy to write down ideas for new plants and other gardening needs as a picture or article captures my attention. We will be heading to the nursery this weekend to purchase several flats of flowers and a few shrubs. Growing season is already here in Florida and I am so happy to get out there and work in the dirt.

  3. I enjoyed this post so much. I know just the kind of happy anticipation you wrote about. My knees are so bad right now I was thinking I wouldn’t get to plant anything. It is so depressing. My flower beds are in the front yard, and really make our house look so much better when everything is blooming. I was saying to my husband how plain our house and yard was going to end up being this year with my knees like they are, and not being able to plant any flowers; then my husband said that he will add the fresh soil in the flower beds and even plant the zinnia seeds if I am unable to. I hope I will be able to toddle through the flower aisles and pick up some annuals, and will be able to plant a few, but the zinnias may be all that’s happening in the flower beds this year. If all of my pre-surgery medical tests turn out ok, I will be getting one total knee replacement in May. I’m hoping it will turn out well, and I can get back to doing my flowers before the summer is over.

  4. Oh how I love to read your writings. They bring such comfort to my heart. I do not have a green thumb but will give some plants a hobthis year and see where it leads me. I’m sure it won’t be a carpet of color at my house.

  5. I admire your green thumb,Brenda.
    Spring is a long time coming on New York State this year,there were snow showers yesterday and crazy winds today.
    I’m looking forward to your garden pictures.

  6. I’m relieved to know that I am not the only one who cannot keep lavender alive. I even get the Spanish lavender that is supposed to withstand our hot Texas weather, but it obviously cannot withstand me.

  7. I have those dreams, too! Today it is in the 50’s and raining but tonight back to 20….and tomorrow night 3 inches of snow. Noooooooo!!!!! Meanwhile, I can see my bulbs popping up in the garden and the daylilies coming back….and I think the trees are starting to get that haze they get right before they bud and then leaf out. Our weather is crazy this year, this is the latest winter I can remember!

      1. Here in Ga, it was 80 on Tuesday when we visited 6 Flags. Wednesday it was 68 and windy making it feel cooler. Tonight it’s going to be 35*….talk about crazy weather!!!

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