Book Summary:

Jessie Stone is caring for her mother who is dying of cancer. Her mother begs her to move forward with her life once she is gone.

Jessie begins to rebuild her life after her mother dies, but is shocked when she learns that her social security number raises red flags. This stymies her at every turn because she needs it to get an apartment, enroll in college, etc.

This leads her to discover a shocking fact about her life that her mother kept from her.

Jessie cannot sleep. At first she’s not too worried, but then the insomnia continues and she begins to feel and act erratic. Her judgment is affected and finally she can’t tell what’s real and what she imagined.

My Review:

I enjoyed reading this book. But I was kind of disappointed with the way it ended.

About The Author:

mary kubica

Mary Kubica is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of four novels, including THE GOOD GIRL, PRETTY BABY, DON’T YOU CRY and EVERY LAST LIE. A former high school history teacher, Mary holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in History and American Literature.

She lives outside of Chicago with her husband and two children, where she enjoys photography, gardening and caring for the animals at a local shelter.

Mary’s novels have been translated into over twenty languages and have sold over a million copies worldwide.

She is currently working on her next novel.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a good read even though the ending was disappointing. I will place this on my To Read list at the library.

  2. Sorry to hear that the ending wasn’t the best. I’ve yet to read any of her books but I mean to soon. I’ve had a couple sitting on the shelves for too long now.

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