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  1. Hello Brenda
    I have to agree with you on this purchase! A big price but worth it if it helps you! I know you suffer and have been needing relief. Praying it continues to help you friend.
    Loving your blog and enjoy catching up with daily. Excited for your future with changes coming! Can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures.
    Hugs, LaDonna

  2. Good for you! I have had bad feet , bunions, two knee replacements…I’m a hot mess. So good shoes are a Godsend…and worth every penny. You will be so happy. And personal service! Wow, the best!

  3. My mouth dropped open when I read how much two pairs of shoes and inserts cost! Good thing I don’t have feet or ankle problems because I could never afford to shell out that kind of money at once for shoes, lol. However, with your ankle problems, if these shoes and inserts give you comfort and allow you to be able to do things without pain, then they’re worth every penny.

    My husband has custom inserts made for his shoes from an orthopedist. Insurance covers most of it.

    I like Skechers shoes but I’ve found I can’t wear the ones that are super cushioney. They actually make my feet hurt. I have to have a firmer bottom.

  4. Thanks for sharing the information!! I am sorry they cost so much…but I have found whenever I find a pair of shoes that actually fits, I had best buy at least 2 pairs!!! And at the rate of the current runaway prices, if you can afford to stock up a bit, tis wise. You know, we at our ages are not concerned so much about style anyway…and if I like something, I will keep wearing it, regardless!! Ha, aren’t we the age to wear purple, red, yellow, whatever…together no less?

  5. As my dear Mother use to say, “Never buy cheap booze or cheap shoes”.

    1. My dad used to say always buy the best mattress and the best shoes you can afford because when you are not in one you’re in the other.

  6. There’s nothing like good old-fashioned personal service. It’s a rarity these days. Although you spent a lot on the shoes, they will probably last you a very long time. And, they will probably feel even more comfortable after you break them in.

  7. Hi Brenda,
    Although expensive, those shoes are well worth the investment in your health and to hopefully keep you pain free. That one on one service is the same service my Mom used to receive when I took her to the SAS shoe stores in San Diego County. They took the time to measure her feet and made sure she was properly fitted before she could make a purchase. Mom had thin, narrow, flat feet and bone spurs in each foot. Though expensive, those shoes made all the difference and were well worth the investment – and lasted a very long time in between purchases. After her first pair, she never wore anything else. Sounds like you’re going to have the same success. Margie

  8. Hooray for you, Brenda! So glad you found comfortable shoes although the cost was high. But if they make your feet happy and your life easier they are definitely worth every penny. Plus, such a nice and helpful salesperson.

    I need to get to the shoe store myself to get something similar to which you found. I’ve always loved shoes and usually had quite a few in different styles. But now that I have neuropathy in my feet and my balance isn’t as good as it used to be I can’t wear many of the styles I loved. A real bummer. I used to joke that all I wanted for my birthday was world peace and cute shoes! Oh, well, I still can walk, so I can’t complain!

  9. There is a New Balance factory about 30 miles North of where I live in Maine,they make some nice shoes. I hope they work out for you!

  10. Good for you! I am so glad you were able to find good shoes and so close to home. It’s so hard to find anything of quality these days and I am shocked there is a store that takes the time to measure your feet for a proper fit. Comfort for the feet is a must!

  11. My father always preached to us girls when we were growing up… “Always buy & wear GOOD shoes. The good Lord only gives you two feet, and good shoes will help you keep those 2 good feet.”
    We may not have had the latest fashions & trends, but we always had good shoes.
    So glad you found Flemings, Darrell, good shoes and shoes that will be good to you!

  12. Expensive but worth the price for relief from the pain and feeling that security when you are walking about. The shoes should last a long time. If the shoes start to feel wonky after awhile, it may be because the arch supports need to be replaced. Sounds like Daryl knew his stuff. I hope you will feel a great amount of relief from pain and be able to do more, but please be careful to not overdo.
    Speaking of masking up, I went to two different shops (local small businesses) this morning to pick up a few items and in both stores the clerks who checked me out were NOT masked. Both young people, not out of their early 20s I think. Scary – not for me, I’ve taken all necessary precautions including vaccinations and booster shot – I am scared for them.

  13. Another brand you might want to check out is Vionic. My podiatrist recommended them to me after having inflamed metatarsal nerves in my foot. They are very comfortable and very supportive. They are also pricey … but not quite as high as those that you purchased. They have styles other than just the tennis shoe look. Even slip ons which is nice.

  14. I’m glad you were able to buy shoes. The inserts probably make all the difference in the comfort! Down the line, when these shoes wear out, you could still use the inserts in another pair or buy just the inserts for another pair of shoes that aren’t so expensive! I’m like you, before I buy anything I do the research on that product. My family calls me the “Researcher” and whenever they want to buy something or are interested in finding out about a certain subject they ask me to research it!

  15. I agree. Shoes are important. When I had worn my shoes with the orthotics and went back to the orthopedic surgeon to have my feet checked after six months, my feet had relaxed to a half size larger. Of course, that meant I had to buy all new shoes. This’ll my hammertoes were gone and I avoided surgery.
    I hope you continue to enjoy your shoes and walking.

  16. I’m so glad you found a solution! And a fantastic shoe store and knowledgeable employee!

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