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  1. Those pots and pans are gorgeous, Brenda! I’d sure have fun playing with those! Nice to hear you sound so contented…that’s everything in life, isn’t it?

  2. Hi Brenda! I was thinking about you and had to look up your blog. You’ve moved! I’m glad to hear you’re happy and starting a new chapter in your life. I quit blogging a while back but missed it so much I started up again. My old blog was all mess up as all of my pictures had disappeared so I started a new one. Hope you’ll pop in sometime.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. Brenda, I’ve read through all of your recent posts but waited until this last one to post a comment. I am SO happy for you! It’s been such a long and sometimes arduous journey for you to get to your new place but it seems like it’s all falling into place for you. I’m so excited to see this new place become yours. Congratulations! And what impeccable timing to get all moved in right before our Snowmageddon!

    Enjoy the peace. You deserve it!

  4. I can’t wait to see your decorated new place! In my mind I can just see how contented you are & your big smile. Happy for you!

  5. Beautiful cookware Brenda! You can never have too much red in your cheerful kitchen! I echo others who recommend hand washing only. Washing in the dishwasher can dull the pretty enamel finish over time. Looking forward to seeing more of the layout of your cozy sweet home!

  6. I love your red pots and pans and your pretty red, white, and black kitchen. So happy for you to have a nice new place!

  7. I am so happy for you Brenda that you have found your happy place, with all that went on (or not) at your other apartment I am so glad to see you are out of there.
    It sounds as if Ivy and Gracie are loving their new home too.

  8. No such thing as too much red! It’s a cheerful and happy color, and it definitely seems reflect how you’re feeling since moving!

  9. Never too much red! The set looks really attractive. Nice neighbours make all the difference. It does my heart good when you feel safer and more at peace.
    It is a wonder what the kids are up to. Or sometimes it’s best not to know 😉

  10. Brenda, Your happy outlook on life is catching. I see it even in the comments here. I love the red pots and pans. I hate cooking, that would make it easier. 🙂 Oh what fun “helping” you settle in just by being here. LOL Sandy

  11. I am so glad that you have found Peace and Happiness in your new home, Brenda, and that you feel safe! The extra space in this new Apartment for the kitties to roam and play has helped them settle in quickly! I hope the older Lady that you helped in the old Apartment has also found a safer, nice place to live also… Do you keep in touch with her? Love the red Pots and Pans! I too have red pans and a lot of red in my kitchen, and I too believe you can never have to much! I am very Happy for you and the kitties and so looking to watching how you decorate and transform your new home!

  12. Brenda, I hate to research anything! So I am one person who really appreciates your tendency to do it to the hilt! Your new cookware looks lovely in your new kitchen. What fun to organize and display in your new space. I’m so happy for you to be in your new space and that it feels so good to you.

  13. You sound so happy in your new place.

    Enjoy using your new cookware. Just be careful with non-stick pans as the coating can be toxic: don’t use high heat or use any utensils that would cause the coating to flake off. I use only cast iron pans if I want to cook something that may stick. Otherwise, I have a set of Cuisinart stainless steel cookware that I’ve had for at least 20 years and still looks new. And I cook all the time!

  14. Hi Brenda
    Loving the red. I have red cookware too! So happy for you. You do seem so relaxed and at peace. That is priceless. Have a great weekend.

  15. Oh yes love the cookware and yes on the red I looked at the site seems the red are on sale maybe a Valentines deal just know it’s nice I love all your doing with the place also am a cat fancier have one inside but there are several outside seems someone has gotten them and I don’t think they feed them well in fact I know they don’t so I started with one just to help sustain it now there are 7 I don’t have the heart to not put something out there in fact have built a small house outside no uses it 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I try thanks for the review on the set I really love the weight of all hands don’t do like they use too excited to see the rest gloria

  16. So glad you like and feel safe in your new place . I’m loving all the photos your sharing . Your new cookware is beautiful! You can never have to much red ! Lol ! My kitchen also has red accents . If I need something for my kitchen and I can get it in red , that’s what I pick . Even my toaster is red !

  17. Beautiful cookware. Your kitchen is looking so warm and inviting, and no, you’re not over doing it with the red. You’re going to enjoy cooking for yourself in such pretty surroundings with pretty cookware.

    1. CD’s old school?? Lolol. Most of my favorites are still in cassette dorm. I have many CD’S…but prefer those old cassettes!
      Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  18. Nice cookware Brenda! I did have red cookware for many yrs and just gave them to my daughter bc she liked them and bought some new pans for myself. One thing I will never let go though is my red Staub Dutch oven! Lol. I make all my stews and chunky soups in it. It does have substantial weight to it, but I still love it!
    So glad that your happier now!

    1. Staub and Le Creuset are the best. I have a few pieces of Le Creuset. I’ve had my eye on a big Staub skillet with a lid. 😉

  19. Your new cookware is so pretty and such good quality. You can never have too much red! Red is a happy color. Your kitchen is looking great and it is fun to see you decorate it. The kitties seem happy, too. They have adjusted well. Your neighbors are nice—that’s a real plus.
    I am so happy for you.

  20. Isn’t it wonderful to have thoughtful and nice friendly neighbors around you!
    I hope Mrs. Neighbor Steve gets well quickly and is back home soon. Farberware is an excellent brand, it’s been around a long time, and the red set is gorgeous. I don’t think it’s too much red in your kitchen. Great that the set also came with its own non-scratch utensil set. Good cookware can last a lifetime with proper care. I bought a set of West Bend “Waterless” Stainless Steel Cookware in 1968, when I was a junior in high school, from a door to door salesman. I’m still using that same set in 2022.

  21. Love seeing your cookware. And who does not love red!!!!
    You sound so much happier and content. It is nice to have new focus and new creativity, too.
    Looking forward to see how you use those beautiful, colorful quilts. They always cheered me up just to see photos of them.
    Bless you, Brenda.

  22. I have always believed in “the spirit of place.” A pleasant setting is more important to some than others, and I get very unhappy if I don’t like a hotel room, an office, or my home. Famous Interior Designers like Bunny Williams and Martha Stewart get it. So did the 19th century architect and designer William Morris who said “Have nothing in your house that is not beautiful or useful.” You have created many beautiful homes in your lifetime and that is an important accomplishment.

  23. Your new set of red pots and pans is just perfect and goes so well with your kitchen decor. Your are feeling better and happier because your have gotten such a heavy burden off your shoulders since leaving the other apartment. So glad things are going well and your future looks brighter. Enjoy every minute. The Oprah Winfrey quote is a wise one. Jotted it down to remind me!

  24. I’m so glad that you & the kitties are enjoying your new home!

  25. I’m so glad to hear that you are at peace! You certainly deserve it! It seems that you have great neighbors! This is the best move you could have made! I love your new cookware. I’m like you, I research everything before I buy it and always check the reviews! My family calls me the Researcher!

  26. It is obvious that you have a happier home now. Your neighbors are also happier. 🎹

  27. Blessed to have a nice home with nice neighbors. Your happiness and peacefulness comes through in your blog comments! Have a great weekend.

    1. Cindy, I agree with you 100%. You definitely can feel her happiness in her written words.

  28. So much fun to receive something new like your cookware, isn’t it? I’ve heard of that brand before and think I might have had some too. But I’m due for some new ones soon and will check them out. Already saw where they have a champagne color which would suit me fine. Your neighbor certainly sounds like a nice man. So comforting to be in a safe place with such pretty surroundings. Enjoy!

  29. Love the red cookware! I’m all over red – it’s definitely my favorite color.
    Very thoughtful neighbor, indeed. Nice to have someone look out for you.
    I’d love to see a picture of how your front door is positioned. Just curious.

    The Oprah Winfrey quote is spot on – thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  30. I love seeing cookware. Especially your red set. I am one who loves home goods. Think of how you can experiment and have fun making your own food to enjoy and freeze if need be. I also wash my pots and pans rather than use the dishwasher. I make my own soups and freeze some, give some to my daughter and just plain like as I get older, eating my own foods o I know what is in them. You are at a good place now so take in every moment of this new journey.

    1. A kitchen can never have to much red😊 especially these apartment kitchens that tend to be bland!
      You sound just like me when I came here in 2020,I too had lived in a really rundown place where the owner never fixed anything and I was just ecstatic to have this freshly painted,newly carpeted new home for my kitties and I!
      Enjoy yourself, don’t work to hard and pet your fur kids for me.😻

  31. So happy to hear that you are enjoying your new home! I look forward to see how you make it yours. Peace!

  32. How nice to have such a thoughtful neighbor! In some areas your box would have disappeared before you even knew it was there! POOF! GONE!

  33. So wonderful you are feeling good at your new “home”. I love your new cookware. Just a note, I learned the hard way, even tho it says dishwasher safe, it is hard on the coating in the long run.
    Love your furry friends antics.

  34. Was just going through Facebook this morning and an ad came up for Koehler additional seat for a toilet. Have you seen it?

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