1. Good morning Brenda, Charlie and Ivy.
    I’ve not had a problem with the blog loading slow or the font. But I agree with you the crazy emails I’ve been getting are a lot of work!

    I hope the new supplement works for you!
    Have a great day!

  2. Your blog is working fine for me… no issues on my end. I do the same as Jan says above… I mark unwanted emails as Spam and that’s that. It’s easier for me than doing the unsubscribe part.

  3. Your Blog has always loaded just fine for me and the font is fine also. I enjoy reading your post everyday enough that it wouldn’t bother me if it were slow bet all is good from here.

    1. I switched it back to the old theme and worked on minimizing images. So good. I’m glad it’s faster.

  4. I do not have any trouble with your blog. I can sympathize concerning too many e-mails. in some instances, there is no way to unsubscribe.

  5. I had problems a few days ago with your blog not loading and could barely see the print, but it’s much better now. Thanks for whatever you did to fix it!

    I hope that supplement helps you. I take magnesium 2-3x/day to help with my sleep and also take GABA right before bed, too.

  6. For several days, your blog loaded so slowly for me that I would just give up on it. Today, it is back to what had been normal. Thank you for whatever changes you made to make that happen. (I know I just don’t have the patience to sit and wait.) Also, the darkness of the font is wonderful for me. My approach to keeping my e-mail to only what I want to read is to unsubscribe every time I get an e-mail that would just be deleted. It’s wonderful to mainly receive e-mails that I want to read.

      1. Thank you for doing that; I was having trouble reading the new cursive font, too.

  7. I’ve been covered up in spam emails lately, along with the political calls, the car warranty and “freezing my SS#” calls! Ugh! I will be interested in what you decide to do for Christmas decor if not the tree. I have pretty much the same living arrangements, so I could use some fresh ideas. Have a great weekend.

  8. Oops I think my comment got away before I sent it.
    I have been unsubscribing too spam, too. I did not know to do that from the junk part.
    Is the difference in the speed because some of us do not get the blog automatically and have to use our browsers.

    1. I don’t know. But I switched it back to the theme I had before so hopefully others wouldn’t have problems with it. It goes really fast for me.

  9. Your blog is fine. I wonder if the difference we notice is because it comes automatically to some and others have to use their browsers.

  10. When you need to enter your email in an unsubscribe box, DON’T DO IT!
    Your email will be either sold or picked up by another company or spammer. Just put all unwanted emails in your JUNK box. Then they are “usually” automatically put in the junk box and you never see them.

    1. wow.. Yall…I also have been getting window emails and all kinds of weird stuff just recently…and thanks for the tip about provision of email..as they are asking after we hit the unsubscribe..Owning a computer is so intrusive into our lives it seems..scary. Sometimes I will get adds or stuff on FB..and it is something I have not googled but maybe have spoken to a friend about..I think our phones are listening and these computers, too. Love your cactus..it is great, Brenda. Everyone have a blessed weekend….

  11. I read your blog in Bloglovin & don’t have any problems!
    When I want to comment, I click see original blog page, when I did it just now to make this comment, it loaded quickly, I find it easy to read here as on Bloglovin!
    I use iPad only…not sure that makes any difference 🤗

  12. Your blog is slower to load then it used to but it doesn’t bother me! The font is fine! I too have a great deal of unwanted emails and it is hard to unsubscribe from some! You wonder how they get your email address in the first place!

  13. Love reading your Blog!
    Look forward to it every morning.
    I also have a problem with it taking to long to load, but I keep trying!

  14. Blog is loading like slow dial up for me. It just started doing this with the last change. Font is fine.

  15. Your blog does take longer to load than others. The font is ok but could be better for reading.

  16. I see no difference in your blog loading time. The font is fine for me but I can understand it might be a bit difficult for others. Hope the Formula 303 helps you.

  17. It has sped up a little today. But has been slow to load.
    Love your blog and the font is fine, at least for these eyes. After all 60 is the new 40.

  18. Yes, it seems it takes longer to load, but I do other online tasks until it’s appeared. The font is fine.

  19. I haven’t noticed your blog loading slower than anything else. Sometimes I get a lag during the day because so many people are online now – all the kids with e-learning from home, but the lag is in general.

    Lots of people outside the US are putting up Christmas decorations now, or at least according to my tweeter feed (which is cat accounts mostly). I just can’t make myself put anything up before Thanksgiving. Thanks to the pandemic, I get FaceTime calls and I want to make sure decorations are out for whatever holiday we have so family doesn’t worry since we don’t see each other in person. That works in my family for now!

    I’ve been working to streamline emails as well. As my junk folder fills up, I go thru and unsubscribe. I sure get a lot from companies I never use. It can make me laugh sometimes as I wonder how I in the world I get email for something not associated with any I do or have ever done/purchased!

  20. I have no trouble loading your blog and I have no problems reading the font. It is just the right size for me. But if it makes it easier for others I don’t mind a larger font. Whatever you decide is fine with me. I enjoy reading every one. It makes me feel like I am talking to a friend and that’s what is important. From gardening to rearranging the furniture in your room and your fur babies are enjoyable and a lot of times helpful.

      1. This Karen seconds Karen Robbins’ comments! Brenda, thanks for the darker font…it helps with my old poor eyesight.

  21. I get a lot of unrequested emails too. I tag anything I don’t want to see as “spam” and it gets directed into the spam folder that empty every few days without looking at it. Saves a lot of time.

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