1. I’m sorry about your mouth pain. Whenever I get a canker sore, I do that salt trick too. It works pretty good.

  2. I put some coconut oil in my mouth and swish it around for a minute or as long as u can. Then spit it out and brush your teeth. It’s called teeth pulling. It makes my mouth feel cleaner and fresher too. If my mouth is hurting alittle it will stop hurting too. It’s worth a try anyway. Just a suggestion!

  3. I usually had a sore mouth after having my teeth cleaned the old-fashioned way with the scraper tools, but the water spray my hygienist uses for the past 3-4 years is wonderful, there is no discomfort and the modern spray things (I have no idea what they’re called) come with a suction tube that sits inside my mouth but doesn’t try to suck my cheek out so she doesn’t have to stop so I can spit rinse water out of my mouth. No little white sink next to the chair! She or my dentist who will come in afterward to check the cleaning and give my mouth an exam sometimes will use one of the scraper tools to remove any plaque that the water pick didn’t remove after a cleaning. Although I don’t care for the taste of it (and every other mouth wash I’ve ever tried), I use Listerine’s purple-colored mouth wash for sensitive teeth/gums and it helps calm my mouth/gums down a lot if the nerves inside are sending their “ouch” signals after I get home from a dental cleaning. The new technology that my dentist and hygienist have used for the past 4-5 years has decreased the ouch factor for me by about 95% compared to the older-style dental care, and I don’t tense up close to what I used to experience in the chair before then, but the latest improvements to clean with far less discomfort costs a lot. But then, what doesn’t cost a lot these days. You may have had a build-up of plaque because you had not been to a dentist or had your teeth cleaned for some time, and I know – that’s no fun, the “deep cleaning” that is required, ugh. Hopefully the nerves in your gums and mouth will calm down quickly.

  4. I had a crown done this year and my Medicare insurance only paid three hundred dollars of it.The other nine was my responsibility. I cracked the tooth and it had a big filling so had to have it.My dentist had to fight the insurance company to get that…they pay for part of xrays and cleaning.You only get so much money to work with per year.I hope you go ahead and start…you can get very sick from bad teeth…just have one done at a time.Dental work is never fun but a priority to stay healthy.Warm salt water always helpful.You are likely sore cause you had so much plaque…if you start getting a cleaning once a year it will be so much easier for you.Good luck…once you are caught up going at least once a year will catch things early…💕

  5. Hi Brenda,

    I thought I would respond to your query concerning sores in the mouth after being at the dentist. This happens to me frequently after a visit especially if the apparatus used for X-rays scrapes my gums. I treat it like a canker and put either tea tree oil on it or Campho phenique. It takes a few days, but I have spent my whole life, 75 years, dealing with these. I have a mouth full of dental work and probably am not done yet!

      1. Milk of magnesia dabbed on with a cotton swab may help, too. I hate flare-ups in my mouth. very preoccupying! Taking ibuprofen or a mild pain killer might also help.

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