My Charlie has a new trick. He’s not one of those dogs that shows off or has the spirit of a leader. Still, a new trick is a cause for celebration.

Abi was here first and I guess that he feels she’s the alpha dog. He lets her take the lead.

I have a big tub of toys he’s been given over the years, all manner of toys, and he ignores them. 

A time or two he got excited and picked a toy up and then put it back down. He never seemed to understand quite what to do with a dog toy.

Charlie has the sweetest disposition. Abi is the bully around here if there is one. 

When she’s attempting to eat all the food with her mouthful of sharp teeth, I will pick her up so he has a chance with his two teeth to catch up.

When Abi is chewing away on a chew bone, I always give Charlie a soft treat so he doesn’t feel left out. 

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks:

So the strangest thing happened. 

Out of the blue, Charlie picked up one of Abi’s chew sticks, put it between his paws just like she does, and started chewing on it. 

Granted, he only has two teeth. But he was gnawing at it with his gums. 

I was beyond surprised. I was shocked. 

He didn’t chew/gnaw on it for more than about a minute.

Still, it was amazing.

Why hadn’t he taken this momentous step back when he actually had a mouth full of teeth?

My little boy has finally figured it out. It took him 11 years, but he finally figured out what to do with a bone. I guess you can teach an older dog new tricks.

I know this probably sounds silly, but this one thing was the most wonderful of Christmas presents.

This gift wasn’t wrapped up and tied with a bow. But I cherished it as though it was the best present ever. 

Because in a way, it was.

I guess it’s like when you have a child who somehow isn’t like other children. And that difference just pulls at your heartstrings.

It has happened a couple of times since. And each time I stop what I’m doing and just stare at him like any proud parent.

And I’m just so moved I want to cry.

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  1. Awwww, sweet baby Charlie, that's such a cute story!! I think my best present was the fact that Molly hasn't had an accident in the house in quite a few days now…I think she's finally catching on!! What a sweet baby she is, she loved her first Christmas with us and was so tired by the middle of the day she konked right out in her cute little Christmas dress!!

  2. Merry Christmas!

    Sweet Charlie, finally enjoying chewing a bone like other dogs.

    We don't give Fuzzy any type of bones, but he loves his little dog toys and is so careful not to tear them up. He has three that are 12 1/2 years old now. They were his first toys. He alternates which ones get to be in his doggie bed with him each night. He arranges them around him almost like they are puppies. I have always wondered if he is pretending that they are his long lost litter mates. Our pups are so full of love, aren't they?

  3. Clever Charlie! (if maybe a bit slow on the uptake!)

    I know you will be glad when you hear that I have received 20 books for Solstice gifts!! They are ones I've read and loved in this past year. The Mary Russell series by Laurie R. King, and 6 by Kate Morton ~ talk about being in 7th heaven!!

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