1. Soooo LOVED Longmire. Wish they’d renew it. Start anew. He’s older. Has to come out of retirement to fight new crimes. New residents. New storylines. Would love to see an expanded sheriff’s department. An appropriate love interest for Longmire AND his daughter. The possibilities for crimes, criminals and resolutions are limitless. Also, would love to see a whole new side of the rez and the possibilities there. Great cast. Great stories. Watched it twice. Will watch again! BRING LONGMIRE BACK!

  2. I call him the modern day Andy Griffin! He Carrie’s a gun but refuses to carry a cell phone! I wish they would have renewed this series because it’s one of the best ones I’ve watched in years!

    1. The Networks are sitting on a Goldmine. They just don’t know it yet.

  3. Longmire! My wife and I have watched the Netflix series 7 times! Yes, I said SEVEN! May watch it again soon! To us, it’s that good!

  4. I’m not a big tv watcher, but this is one of my favorite shows ever. I’ve seen each episode multiple times. I actually grieved when it was over. 😏. Enjoy!

  5. Taylor also played a priest in the series, Ballykissangel. Probably not spelled right but it’s a good series. I loved Longmire and am thinking of watching it all over again. Taylor is the original Marlboro Man to me.

    1. You should try Vikings. 93 episodes, 6 seasons. Very good series

  6. Glad you did this post . I get this show on 2.3 . I’ve never watched it , but now I want to give it a try . I’m in Wisconsin, in case anyone else wants to check it out .

    1. A must see it will put you on the edge of your seat many times.

  7. Stand and Deliver is an excellent movie. I watched a few of Longmire
    years ago. I guess I’ll have to start again.

  8. Oh that is probably about my MOST FAVORITE series ever! I LOVED it when it first came out and binge watched…. then would have to wait for another season, so before it came out, I would go back and watch the previous season again, to get my caught up as to what happened. I love Walt and Henry.. loved his deputy (the heavy set guy) but didn’t so much love Vic! But she was a big part of the series. I was SO SAD when it ended after 6 seasons! I have gone back and watched the entire 6 seasons again, and will probalby watch it all again soon! Robert Taylor is just stupendous in this role, same with most of the other characters. I love Lou Diamond Phillips too, so any time I can find something to watch with him in it, I do. I tried reading some of the books but actually liked the TV series better so didn’t read any more of the books. Craig Johnson is an excellent writer too! I keep hoping that there will be a spin-off of the series or another similar one with Robert Taylor in it! Marilyn

  9. If you like the tv series and like to read, the books upon which the series is based, are very well written. I met the author, Craig Johnson, at a book reading just as the second novel was published, and have been hooked ever since. His writing is so descriptive of the beautiful landscape and the current situation & history of native Americans from the Wyoming region. The storylines are somewhat different from the tv series.

    1. Love this show Yes I agree Robert
      Taylor should be the Marlboro man. I wish this show would come back I also look at reruns over and over again. I like all actors and these are actors not Hollywood want a bees. Longmire is my description of a man and not many around now.

  10. Thanks for the tip on Longmire. I’ve been looking for a series. And Wyoming is beautiful but then again maybe they didn’t shoot there.

    1. The show does have beautiful scenery. I like to find a series that has more than one season, and this one fit the bill.

    2. Most of it was filmed in New Mexico but still beautiful country.

  11. Longmire is a favorite of my husband and I. We have watched all episodes twice. Very rich characters and modern America indian culture is both fascinating and sad.

    1. I didn’t know if I was going to like it when I began watching it earlier in the week, but it has captured my interest. And I do enjoy learning about the Indian culture as well.

  12. How are you doing today? Glad you can find shows that keep your interest. It is best we all are keeping cool in this heat! Have a good day everyone.

    1. Think I overdid a little bit in PT yesterday, so limping a bit today. Still mostly using the knee scooter though.

  13. My husband and I loved Longmire, and of course, we were sorry when it ended. My husband doesn’t like to binge so we watch one episode at a time…I guess that makes it last longer. I just finished The Long Call on Britbox…I liked it just fine. I’m glad to hear that your ankle/foot are coming along…every day it gets a little better, but rest and not overdoing it are the ticket for a good recovery.

  14. Oh how I wish Longmire was still in production. I love it! It is also airing on Circle TV in the evening at 6:00 central time.

    1. Why this article was suggested I don’t know. However this is my favorite show! One of the only shows I own all of on DVD! It’s outstanding, thank goodness Netflix finished the series. This was a fun little read, unlike the Longmire novels if I’m being honest. I love reading so it was a obvious choice to try the series. First book was good, second novel I fell asleep every single time until I just gave it up!

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