1. They are all so pretty. I can’t decide which ones I like better. They’re all beautiful when they are filled with flowers!

  2. These are really pretty. I love bud vases. I enjoy going out in my yard this time of year and cutting flowering perennials to bring in the house.

  3. Love these little vases. I’ve used salt and pepper shakers for window sill arrangements. . Just look around the house for things you forgot about. I love all your ideas. .

  4. I like the Zenfun set of six – so pretty. Years ago I bought a set of six very small bud vases that look like inkwells, all slightly different but all in that watery aqua color of a canning jar. I love them so much.
    Have a good week-end,Brenda and Ivy. Hope the PT session went well today.

    1. The PT went great. This guy was not as quick to have me do things as the first guy. This is why he says he wants to talk to the surgeon before he has me do anything besides strengthening my legs with activity while sitting in my chair.

  5. I love the first photo with the clear bottles and the greens. Such a lovely table setting!

  6. Oh, I love all of those, but especially the green set. Going out right now to gather a few blooms for a bud vase. Thanks so much for the inspiration! You & Ivy Lou have a great weekend 🙂

  7. All are real pretty! 😊
    We have several bud vases around in clear, pink & green.
    Lovely to use in spring, f uh&or the Lillies of The Valley white blooms. They are so pretty & fragrant!
    Can easily be dried also ,,,,, no water necessary.
    Almost time for your PT Brenda?
    Best of ,,,,,, hope all goes well for you today. ❤️

  8. I need to find some little vases that can hold the little violets and wildflowers that are on my land. They’re so pretty!

    I had a couple of old juice glasses that I use to use sometimes. They are special bc my Nana use to use them and I did too when I was little. I gave them to my Mom bc she couldn’t hold anything heavy anymore and my Dad started using the other one. It was her Mom’s so she was happy to get them! I gave them my Tupperware cups too but these were perfect to hold right in their hand.

    U should check out these blogs bc I think you’ll like them. And then we all had tea and The English Garden. Her name is Marie. She always has a lot of eye candy! Lol

    Have a great day and stay cool Brenda!

    1. I meant The English Kitchen! Lol
      I had flowers and gardens on my mind!

  9. These vases all look so delicate and beautiful. I like both the clear and the ones with color. You could use whatever suits your vignette on any given day. Lots of fun.

    1. I am constantly amazed what I can find at Amazon. The other day I ordered this twine holder that looks like an antique.

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