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  1. OH, and anonymous? It’s lose,,,,,,,not LOOSE.

  2. Waves at “anonymous” Bye Felicia! Since you’re too afraid to use your name whilst flinging poo, I’ll just call you that.

    Hugs B

  3. Dear sweet Brenda,
    This is YOUR living room on the internet. You can have whatever discussion your heart leads you to. One post about the current crisis and your own thoughts and you’re slayed? They’re fighting in YOUR living room. They don’t have to stay. “I used to like it here all these (hundreds in fact) posts about decor and pets and lovely fluffy things”,,,,,now one serious post and they wanna bolt? Ok. You didn’t force a conversation. You allowed them to argue in your living room. They can go if they need to. Sometimes these situations flush things out. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE IVY. I LOVE CHARLIE. I LOVE TALKING ABOUT DECOR. If you don’t like swiss cheese and I do? Whatever. We don’t have to agree on everything to mutually love things. Please don’t ever go away. You are a warmly lit living room, where I like to pop in and visit daily and feel inspired and understood in my love of all pets. In learning about autism and how it may affect my adult son one day, as you move through your own life. Goodness it’s been 2-3 weeks of this and we’re already eating each other alive. I’m so sad. Hugs, Impy

    1. anonomous says:

      You stirred up the controversary Brenda and I for one am saying bye bye. You’ve indicated your political thoughts be fore. I think your blaming the President is disgraceful. Watch another point of view once inawhile and fact check your posts. the president did not cut funding to the CDC. That’s the fact.I hope you loosE MANY READERS!

      1. Chris (Not Anonymous) says:

        There’s a reason people are called con “artists.” They’re really good at fooling people, unfortunately. The truth is coming to light. I hope that we can begin to heal as a country.

  4. Bernadine says:

    I support you for just telling the truth. It is time for us to demand facts so that we know how to protect ourselves.

  5. Can’t help noticing that all the comments are based on either Television or social-media information. Doesn’t anyone read newspapers and news magazines anymore? Brenda knows as a former journalist that newsprint reporting requires at least 3 reliable original sources before publication. Therefore I choose to believe the approximately 25 reputable, national newspapers that analyze and report how this administration is untruthful with its citizens. Investigative print reporters have exposed corruption since the founding of America. On Page 2 of every major newspaper there is a “Corrections” section where the editor corrects any errors or misinformation. When is the last time you saw television or the Internet admit a falsehood or mis-statement? T supporters like to claim “fake news” but believe everything fed to them by the administration, Facebook and Twitter.

  6. Anonymous, just get off the forum. Your first comment was enough. Quit trying to stir up a firestorm. Just go away.

  7. Oh boy! It always surprises me just how STUPID people can be!! All those T followers are out there listening to the State Network aka Fox and yet they have the audacity to criticize those of us who listen to legitimate news. But then T has depended from beginning on the stupidity of his blind followers.

    T is without a doubt the WORST thing that has ever happened to the US. His LIES, ineptitude, fraud and stupidity in virtually every area are now literally killing the US. Not only is he a billionaire ONLY in his fantasies, he has lost more money in his lifetime than anyone in the history of the world!!!!! . And yet you follow him! And some of you actually think he cares about you. ROFL!! .He only cares about your blindness and your vote. Whatever kool aid you are drinking….I hope you are keeping it all for yourself.

    Those T loyalists will be the people screaming and begging the loudest when the distribution networks shut down and they have no food, money or medical care because they did not care to prepare. BooHoo. Don’t bother coming to my home for any of my well-tended supplies. The door will be locked. I will be here. And my gun will be loaded…..that is the one and only thing I learned from the R’s during this….be prepared to defend yourself!

    1. JJ I thought you didn’t believe in the second amendment. Now your talking about defending yourself with a loaded gun. You can’t have it both ways. You sound like a person with a lot of anger and hate who maybe should not own a gun. Red Flag!!!

  8. I agree with everything you said. It was factual. Trump is a terrible person. Period. That is my opinion.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe this is now political I use to enjoy this blog Now not so much

  10. I’m glad Brenda wrote this post. It gives everyone a safe place to vent/ share their thoughts and find comfort with others and see what others are thinking also. Lets not view this post as a fire storm or a place to leave hasty comments. I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments and have found a great deal of sense and rational and personal political observation. This is not Brendas usual type of post,and as everyone I love nothing more than the usual posts about Ivy and Charlie etc but lets get real too, and this is what the current situation calls for no matter what anyone thinks of their countries response to this health issue.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m a little surprised that you haven’t commented on anything you started today. You certainly started a fire storm.

  12. Donna from SC says:

    I’m just looking for toilet paper lol what’s up with no toilet paper?? My grandpa use to tell me (Tootsie my nickname he called me forever til the day he passed I was 44 years old ) don’t worry too much about something you can’t control it will all workout that’s always helped me in life I’m leaning on his words today have a great weekend everyone wash your hands and enjoy your family ?

  13. Naomi Shelton says:

    We all have a right to our own opinion. What is confusing to me with this issue is that opinions are not always based on actual facts and right now It’s not clear what is fact and what is opinion or false information presented as fact. I, frankly, do not know what to believe. And I’m not inclined to wait for the issues to become clear, if they ever do. In regard to my own safety and health I will come down on the side of caution. I am 76 and have been diagnosed with an immune system dysfunction so I feel that I want to be extra cautious. I will be staying home, doing what I can do here to keep the house clean. Especially since I live with two nine-year-old boys. It will be challenging but I won’t succumb to panic. Fortunately the boys’ mother can work from home, so she will not have to leave her job to care for them.

    Again, I don’t know what the real truth about this pandemic is and I suspect it may not ever be completely evident who did or didn’t do what. I think the best we can do is to follow the protocols for not contracting the virus, keep our spirits up and not criticize others for their choices.

    I support you, Brenda, in saying what you believe about this crisis. To whatever extent you are right or wrong I still support your right to say what you think is true. It’s your blog, afterall and I will remain one of your readers despite the opinions of others. There are many ideas being presented as fact regarding this Coronavirus and who knows which will ever be proven true. So I am taking the crisis day-by-day, sorting the information to the best of my ability and still trying to enjoy life. Happily, Spring will be here soon and I will plant flowers and be thankful for the life I have one day at a time. I hope all of us will do the same or similar. Health and blessings to you, Brenda, and to all your readers.

  14. I’m not buying it either! The numbers just aren’t there to warrant the EXTREME measures being taken. I am very skeptical.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This, too, just became political. I’m sick of it. Bye, Brenda. Always enjoyed your posts but today’s responses are sickening.

  16. I refuse to discuss politics because it seems it’s no longer possible to discuss matters in a civil manner. It’s your blog and your right to state your opinion. And it’s also a reader’s right to agree or disagree. That is what makes America, America. I believe the media is to blame for CONSTANTLY keeping things riled up. They should be ashamed of themselves. People are losing their damn minds over this, and it’s beyond ridiculous.

  17. DEBBIE CHAPMAN says:

    I’m a nurse. The first week I heard about what was happening in China, I had big concerns.
    This was before the media talked much about it, political parties took sides, etc. I knew back then we were in trouble, & quietly started preparing.
    I hoped I as wrong. But, things have unfolded as I figured they would, with the virus quickly going global. I have read several times the world would be hit by a pandemic, despite all our sophisticated medicine & technology.
    So, here we are.
    Brenda, I totally agree with you.

  18. Oh, brother! I’m glad that this post settled all our issues! Not! I think I’ll go outside and get some fresh air. I woke up happy and optimistic this morning. Not feeling so much now.

  19. Ance Mist says:

    President Trump did NOT cut CDC as Brenda said. That is fake news over and over again. Wash your hands frequently, stock up for a couple of weeks, stay away from crowded places and we will all get through this together. Don’t spread fake news….If you watched Pres. Trump’s most recent newscast, he has all hands on deck with this virus situation and we will get through it if we do not panic. Stay calm and help your neighbors who need help. And yes, we DO have a coronavirus test that works.

  20. I’m sorry Brenda that you had to make this political. No matter what our president does people like you and others blame him. Politics have nothing to do with this illness.

    1. Agree, enough politics out there without intruding here in our “cozy little corner”. I am unsubscribing.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Bye bye

    2. I agree with Linda. Now is not the time to blame President Trump. Disgusting!!!

  21. It is very sad to see this blog post becoming a vehicle for everyone to express their political opinions. I always liked this blog because Brenda did not indulge in criticisms of our President and our country. I did not join to air my political views.

    1. I agree with you. Had so enjoyed the posts regarding good reads, decor, antics of Ivy and Charlie, and especially the new series about small space living. Sorry that I even responded to this post earlier although I do stand by what I posted.

      1. I read your link, and I hope everyone else commenting reads it as well. I for one am tired of all the disinformation being spread that many here are repeating from the fake news outlets.

    2. I understand where you are coming from. As we share the good and bad with our friends, I am glad Brenda made one post on the subject. I absolutely agree that I also enjoy the antics of Brenda’s pets, posts about decorating, plants and just life. These are the reasons we visit here everyday.

  22. I agree with you Brenda. The people who support DT will support him no matter what he does or does not do. The entire time he has been the POTUS they have shown that. Reminds me of Jim Jones and his followers..I do agree China dropped the ball on this and I don’t think anyone at all knows what will happen with this. Only time will tell.

    1. That’s exactly right.

  23. Barbara Dobson says:

    I’m not trying to play the blame game but John Bolton under this president dismantled the pandemic team President Obama had nstituted. Trump, in addition, cut the funding to the CDC leaving us woefully unprepared to fight this virus. People need to look at the facts and truth instead of merely relying on their party affiliations. This is beyond Party. This is about lives. Dr. Fauci has said this will get worse and people will die from this. For seniors who wanted to live a bit longer, this understandably is more than worrisome. Yes, we can all take precautions, wash our hands more often and plan on staying closer to home. China was not transparent with the world but then we also are culpable in our neglect concerning the implementation of a plan. This administration dilly dallied with time because of not wanting the market to tank. Well, it’s happened and it’s a bad time for someone heavily invested who was planning on an imminent retirement. The last straw for me was when DT refused to take responsibility ! He’s no Harry Truman that’s for sure. A crisis surely does test the mettle of a leader. I’ve said my piece and now I’m going to order some books off of Amazon. I pray that all of us who follow your blog, Brenda, and you dear writer, stay safe and well during this very precarious time, praying for all Americans also who don’t have healthcare, sick leave , childcare and worry with food insecurity. Our country needs to do better. We can do better. And , I believe, we will do better.

    1. Please refer to FactChecks.Org: False Claim about CDC’s Global Anti-Pandemic Work.

      1. Yes, See FactChecks.Org:. For fiscal year 2021, President Trump has requested that CDC funding for global disease detection and other programs be increased further — to $225 million total, with $175 million going directly to global health security.”

    2. Bonnie Schulte says:

      I think it is a shame for anyone to blame our president, for the market tanking… I believe he has done what he can, when he was able, and he tried not to panic the public. I certainly to not blame him for that effort. It does not help any of us to place blame on any one person. These virus took many of us by surprise. I know, Trump loves this country, and the people in it. We all should know the drill by now. It should not be a hardship to wash hands, and do not sneeze or cough in somebody else’s space. Stay home if you are sick!

  24. You can’t believe anything that comes out of China. More like they had 10K who died and not under 3K like they reported.

  25. It seems it is too late to disagree if the government has handled things to protect us. I am prepared to stay home with everything I need for a few weeks. I usually have a well stocked pantry. I think this is a good idea. My grandson in Washington states school is closed for 6 weeks. I feel for the parents who have to work. It is a big deal if it affects you in so many ways. Being sick would be the worst. Use common sense and stay healthy everyone.

  26. It was hard to go into the grocery store and the Target last night and see the shelves empty. Not just paper products but lots of food shelves empty. I think it is good people are taking this seriously and taking precautions and hopefully with stocking up on things will remain home as much as possible over the next few weeks. The schools, churches, large venue places are all closing down until April here in Illinois. Hospitals and nursing homes and other medical buildings are only allowing employees or people with appointments to enter. It is so sad to see how many people are dying now in Italy from this. Seems like when it hits a country if rules and precautions are not followed then this becomes critical and deaths occur. Just praying in the next few weeks it will not be as bad as Italy and China have experienced. Stay home, wash your hands as much as possible. Contain your exposure and use common sense old fashion hand washing with soap to stay well.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Regardless of what was done or not, some things are not predictable, like this virus. It is easy to cast blame. And some response in this one, has come quicker than with SARS and other such in past years…and those past administrations. I think it looks more simplistic from the view of us ordinary folks, than it truly is. There are some very obvious parts of this too…pertaining to China. I was shocked to learn that eating of wild animals is the demand there of the rich…not the poor. This was a report done by someone STILL living in China. There are reports that this particular germ was something that escaped one of their labs. Which is NOT a good thing for any country to have…but likely most countries these days do. You have to be fair, Brenda…China refused to even do a thing for some time and even put the doctor in jail who was trying to let the world know.

    1. Just to add: there is a good site called that has for a long time searched out myths and rumors and shows if they are FALSE or TRUE. It is often a fascinating read to find when/how some stories started—remember those awful Chain Letters and stories about needles in theater chairs! Scientists have certainly looked at this Wuhan virus’ origins..bats! Yes, that poor Chinese doctor was silenced..ultimately he died of the virus. He is now a hero to the Chinese who have lost loved ones. As you navigate the craziness surrounding the unknown, be careful and check your story before you pass it on.

  28. It’s not the media that is inducing panic. Deaths overseas and occurring here are NOT fake, those dying people already filling our ICUs and those already dead are not HOAXES. When misinformation and deliberately suppressing tests to keep the count down because the President doesn’t want the “numbers” to go up because they will hurt the stock market, we should all realize we’re facing major problems. The rest of the world is not lying about what’s happening in their countries, and the USA is not exempt. Practice social distancing. Cash money can be laundered because it is made of a cotton/paper blend and it will hold up to laundering. Coins can be washed and disinfected. Lysol spray kills coronaviruses and cash bills can be sprayed. We know the drill of how to keep ourselves as safe as possible. As most of us use our credit or debit cards these days for many in-person transactions, make sure they are disinfected after every use. Carry pocket size disinfecting wipes with you. You can make your own at home with a bleach/water mix on heavy-duty paper towels cut to whatever size you want and carry them in a resealable baggy. I’m worried about parents in areas where schools have been closed, including as of yesterday my own state. What will they be able to do for child care? Will they lose their job because a parent has to stay at home to take care of their children? I certainly would not want to have a child in a public day care center right now, even assuming you could find one that has room to accept new clientele and could afford it! This virus can be lethal to anyone with certain health conditions, no matter what your age. The death rate is much higher for COVID-19 than for seasonal flu, that is what is concerning people. Why should anybody over the age of 60 in our country, or an obese person, or a person with cancer, a person with a depressed immune system, a person with diabetes, a heart condition or a lung disease and people over age 65 be in fear of this virus? Because it CAN kill you if you get it. The majority of deaths in Washington state, one of the initial “hot spots” for the outbreak, were elderly people – people in nursing homes! I won’t apologize for being scared – not panicked but darn scared, and rightly so. I am 68, will be 69 in August and have a damaged mitral valve. I’m a prime candidate to develop complications should I contract the novel coronavirus. And millions of other Americans are, too. It’s insulting that some dismiss us as being stupid for being scared!

    1. WOW! Take a breath!

      1. Let her speak her peace and take a breath when she wants. We all have the right to be worried and speak.

  29. I think you have been watching too much CNN & MSNBC. I agree with everything Debbie T said. We shouldn’t be blaming.

    1. I second that.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Respectfully disagree. And doesn’t the fact that this administration cut CDC funding bother you? Apparently it doesn’t, but it does me and many other folks who never watch CNN and/or MSNBC. I am grateful for our much maligned free press for coverage. I turn it off when it gets overwhelming.
        I realize I will get unpleasant responses to my comment which is upsetting as I hate discord, but felt compelled to say something in support of Brenda’s post.

        1. The current administration did not cut funding to the CDC.

        2. Brenda and Mary, I agree. Thank you for stating the facts succinctly and honestly. It is now time to take off the red, white, and blue colored glasses and acknowledge that we are simply part of the global community, for both better and worse.

  30. Nope, I can go walk the beach, take a drive down the coast, play outside with my dog/cats, sit outside and enjoy the warm sun, visit friends, ………

    Enjoy your weekend.

  31. I am tired of being lied to by the president. There is no easy testing for the corona virus. My daughter’s friend has all the symptoms, visited the ER, and was told they could do nothing for her except rule out the standard flu and tell her to go home, isolate, and rest. They said she is one of dozens in similar circumstances, having just returned from spring break travel. The young woman is a mother, a neighbor of my daughter in a VERY affluent suburb north of Dallas and has excellent insurance.

    1. Spain is locking down tomorrow just as Italy did two days ago. Cases in the US are rising exponentially. We lag only 10 days behind Italy. We will begin to see thousands of cases spread all over the country and 100s of deaths. If you help with social distancing, you can prevent this outbreak from hitting all a once, which would be catastrophic for our hospitals. Read up on what it means to flatten the curve.

      My mother has been quarantined in her nursing home in rural Oklahoma. No visitors of any kind, staff check temp daily, no group activities, residents must stay in their rooms. This is tough for me and my mom, but it is a small price to pay to know she is safe. There will be sacrifices for all of us. We are willing to sacrifice for those who are most at risk – 60+, pre existing conditions like asthma, heart disease, diabetes, compromised immune systems,etc. Take care of yourself so you don’t infect someone who might not live through it!

  32. I think we are all smart enough to take the necessary precautions but I will not “take the bait” and believe that America has failed to protect its people. There will always be new viruses and we will always be vulnerable and especially now that many people travel internationally on a regular basis. The Chinese government officials withheld vital information for at least a month or more regarding this virus and by that time, many individuals had traveled to and from China. I feel safe and know that if I do get sick, there is no other place I would want to live and to be treated than in the United States of America. I have many family members and friends who have had to reschedule their spring break plans and who will miss watching the March Madness games and other sporting events but understood the need to avoid large crowds at this time. In time, a cure/vaccine will be developed just as for other types of viruses. I am not trying to make light of this situation but it seems crazy to lock myself in my home and peer out the window.

    Goodness, widespread panic has developed as a result of a media induced outrage. I do believe that our President and his administration are doing a good job in dealing with this “crisis.” Heck, the previous administration could not even protect a small embassy from terrorist attack knowing the imminent danger there. I am sure that it is a major undertaking to try to protect the citizens of such a large country as ours who have more freedoms, mobility, and liberty than any other nation.

    It is a glorious day here in northeast Florida and I am going out to plant flowers and enjoy this beautiful day. God bless America.

    1. Dianne Kropp says:

      I’m not buying it either! The numbers just aren’t there to warrant the EXTREME measures being taken. I am very skeptical.

  33. I have also prepared for this situation. I stocked up on bottled water and food, cat food and litter. I am hunkering down for a while, not going anywhere. I have plenty of reading material and my roku for television watching. My neighbors here in the apartment building have done the same. Be safe everyone.

  34. Barbara Underwood says:

    Unfortunately, we now depend on China for too much. This mess started around year 2000. This covers everything from medicine to processing of meat. We grow the critters in the US, but will now process in China. We must be independent! I was told yesterday that most of the paper mills are in China. I do not know if that is a fact, information passed on to me. Anyway, please do not panic as that will not help any situation.

    1. This is why President Trump wants to bring manufacturing back to the USA.
      Then we will not be so dependent on China. He has said it is risky being so dependent on another country. Penicillin was discovered in London in 1928, but China manufactures it now. The last penicillin plant in the United States closed in 2004.
      Many of the drugs that Americans depend upon, including birth control pills, antibiotics like penicillin, vitamin C and even cancer drugs, are made in China. We need to bring our manufacturing back!

      1. President Trump has been warning us about China since his first campaign and he has been spot on. He has kept his promises and cares about the American citizen. I don’t blame him at all for this mess, for he alone, cannot fix what the NWO has created. They want to make sure we fail, as a country. Call me a Nationalist or any other name but we need to make things right here that we, the people, need to live our lives, without fear or dependency, just like our ancestors.

        1. Absolutely agree !!

      2. Anonymous says:


    2. Americans sre too spoiled. Tjey will never do the type of work people do in China. Also, there are usually unions that control everything for the employees. The demands are greater than is often impossible yo reasonably accomplish. People in America do not want to pay an outrageous price for most sll things. So, there’s China now ,,,,,, to do it for us. Always goid to think positive thoughts ,,,,,, but in times like these, it’s very very hard to do.
      We certainly must feel for young people’s futures. How they’ll survive in the coming years ahead.

      1. Apologies people for typos. Wasn’t wearing my readers. Also tired. ?
        Will do better next time!

  35. Morgan Graff says:

    The information you have stated is very different that what I have heard or believe. President Trump has been very diligent about protecting Americans.

    1. Very true and I agree with you.

    2. I agree whole heartedly! Money was Not withheld from CDC either.

      1. All of his budgets have proposed cuts to the CDC, but congress stopped him. So no, he was unable to actually cut funding, although he tried. His new budget also proposes cuts to the CDC, and even though we are in the middle of a pandemic he has refused to amend it. It is very easy to check these things out.

    3. Chi Chi Mum says:


    4. Anonymous says:

      I agree

    5. kriskeena says:

      Trump protects NO ONE but himself. Stop watching FOX

    6. You’ve got to be kidding me, this president has not been diligent about protecting any one in America. Trump has struggled to even comprehend the basics of what is happening from the experts when they have tried to explain in the simplest of terms. I do hope you don’t pin your well being on a president who has no idea what’s going on and really do the research and listen to the true experts that are actually working diligently to get us all through this.

  36. Don’t worry…you go out so little, you will be just fine!!!

    1. Trudy Mintun says:

      I am a reading tutor for K – 3 kids. I’ve been home sick for a week and a half with just the regular flu. I’m thinking of returning to school on Monday, but I’m concerned.
      If anyone needs an easy reminder (especially for kids) what a 20 second hand wash is sing the Happy Birthday song.

      1. I think you have to sing it twice from what I heard last week.

  37. The funding for animal created virus would not have helped us in the US. It seems to me things were done as soon as possible to stop the spread here. It was the other country that did not inform us for months. How would anyone have known this would happen anywhere!

    1. Totally agree with you.

      1. Mary Farrell says:


        1. I too agree with Dianne.
          This country took quick action early on with the travel ban from certain areas. Which is why we have so small a number of infected at this stage compared to other countries. I know I would not want to be facing this virus issue in any other country besides the great USA.

          1. Judy Trigo says:

            I don’t think anyone would!

        2. I agree wholeheartedly.

          1. kriskeena says:

            We have a boatload of infection. We just lack the testing to confirm it. Trump has dragged his feet because he thinks higher numbers will impact his re-election. He cares only about protecting his political hide. Last week at the CDC he said on camera ” Keep them on the ship. I don’t want our numbers to go up”. He cares about 1 thing only- himself. Wake TF up.

  38. Anyone I told this thinks I’m nuts, but I went to the bank and got fives, ones, and change and went home and washed it. If I have to pay for anything, it will be exact change, no change back.

    I’m using a credit card as much as I can; I’ve stocked up on food and medicine and don’t plan to be in stores from now on.

    I’m 73 and want to protect myself. Money is very dirty and it will circulate from all over the world with germs on it so I took precautions. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’ve stopped ordering online for a while.

    1. Nedra Wilson says:

      I agree. This is a tremendous threat to the US and around the globe. All of us will be impacted in some way and many of us will loose someone we love. The US in dreadfully unprepared as the agency to handle global treats like this was disbanded. We do not have healthcare for everyone so many will not be tested or treated. We do not yet have the test and means of testing. We do not have the beds, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, gloves, machines and more needed to handle a pandemic. Trump with held information and called this a hoax made by Democrats. This lie was a dangerous one as he convinced people they should not take precautions. From this thread and from others, I see that many still believe that. Wash your hands, stay at home, do not visit others if not for your sake for the people you may come in contact with. I do not watch CNN or MSNBC. I read sources from all over the world. Thank you Brenda for bringing this to our attention. I hope that we all open our minds and listen. Hunker down and stay well.

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