Flowers Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Yesterday I was in the picture taking mood. But it was raining. That did not deter me. I went out anyway and took photos with my windows down.

Then at the last minute I decided to go to Trader Joe’s to get yogurt. That’s what I tend to run out of the most. Yogurt and fresh fruit.

The Flower Display:

As soon as I walked through the door the flower display was in front of me. Hard to pass by that and not at least stop and look and smell the flowers.

Beautiful bright yellow roses for $6.99. Can’t beat that. I have an affinity for yellow roses. So they came home with me.

I plugged in the Christmas tree lights and enjoyed the rest of my afternoon.

Ivy Sleeping Like A Baby:

Ivy enjoyed her nap sprawled out on the couch. Charlie snuggled up close to me. Can’t get a photo of him when he’s plastered next to me.

I have that fireplace to add to the ambiance if I want to turn it on. Nothing makes a home feel cozier than a flickering fire, even if it is fake. At least it puts out a lot of heat.

I am running late today. Charlie had to go to acupuncture. Then I drove through the Walgreens to pick up some prescriptions.

I barely got home before Charlie was ready to go and I went back out and got him.

I had taken all these pictures before realizing the card was not in the slot of the camera. So I had to take them over again. I truly wanted to share my lovely roses with you.

Go Buy Yourself Some Flowers:

If you’re feeling a bit down with the cold weather and lack of sun, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers at Trader Joe’s. I think that might perk you right up.

In a bit I’m headed to physical therapy. I began Monday and this will be my second visit.


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  1. When my sister was going through a divorce and had 2 smallish kids she always bought herself a small bouquet of flowers every week. She said it was a reminder to treat herself well and bring some happiness to her days.

  2. Good evening Brenda,
    Flowers are indeed a girls best friend. Trader Joe’s always has so many beautiful flowers! And cheese, and nuts and tasty treats! I will be going there tomorrow and I think I will pick myself up some flowers! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. So nice are the flowers..Beautiful. Everyone in 2021, deserves lots of flowers. I always think fresh flowers are well worth the cash…though I seldom treat myself. Enjoy the Season. Thanks for sharing..your home and afternoon always sounds and looks cozy. :0)

    1. I would not normally treat myself. But Trader Joe’s just has them so cheap. I don’t think I’ve had fresh flowers in about a year. I have to be careful where I put them because of Ivy.

  4. Those flowers are beautiful and so soothing to look at. Enjoy your Roses and fireplace.

  5. Show us your tree, Brenda. Have you posted it already and I missed it? The roses are gorgeous…food for the soul, my grandmother called them.

    1. Yes, I have posted it. Just go back in the posts and you’ll see it. I’m sure I’ll be posting it more during December.

  6. I will pick up some flowers just because they make me happy! I love the picture of your sleeping beauty Ivy.

  7. The yellow roses are beautiful. Good for you to treat yourself to something so nice!
    I am glad to hear you are going to physical therapy. I am sure it will help you !

  8. My favorite color of roses!!! We have a Trader Joe’s nearby so I think I will try it out if I ever get to leave the house. Maybe in 2021 or so. I don’t miss grocery shopping but I do miss going to other stores. Maybe Trader Joe’s will get me hooked. Do they have good yogurt?? Thanks.

  9. Good for you – I so agree with buying yourself flowers! The roses are just beautiful. Trader Joe’s has nice flowers and plants – how I wish there was one close to me. They have the best things there.

  10. Your yellow roses are so beautiful. Isn’t there a song “The Yellow Rose of Texas?” That’s you, Brenda. I was extremely lucky this year to get a very late crop of white hardy mums that I didn’t think would make it this year. I clipped two large bouquets over 2 days and they lasted for a full month before they started to fade less than a week ago. They made me smile every single day because I am in and out of my kitchen and dining area where they were (since replaced with Christmas decorations) all day and night. What a wonderful gift they would be – to others, and to one’s self.

  11. The flowers are beautiful. Monday I was out and about running a long list of errands and drove right past a brand new Trader Joe’s. I was tempted to stop in just to get some flowers. My immediate thought was “you don’t need to buy yourself some flowers”. Ugh! I need to be kinder to myself. Next time I’m out I’m definitely going to get some flowers. 🙂
    I, too have been enjoying the lights on my tree. Big Sigh!

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