Corrections In Ink & Orange Is The New Black

I started reading a new book last night. It is called “Corrections In Ink”, a memoir by Keri Blakinger.


Keri Blakinger had a figure skating career that led her to the nationals before that fell apart. Then she went diving into self-destruction with the same intensity she once saved for the ice.

For the next nine years, Keri ricocheted from one dark place to the next. She lived on the streets, selling drugs and sex, and shooting up. All between classes as she tried to finish her degree at Cornell.

During her senior year of college, a policeman caught her walking down the street with a Tupperware container full of heroin. She was behind bars for two years.

This was not a girl who came from the a dismal background. Her father was a Harvard-educated attorney and her mother was a teacher who graduated from Cornell.

Her parents gave her everything they could for her to succeed. But Keri had always been drawn to dark places.

The Broken System:

Along the way, she met women from all walks of life, who were all struggling through the same upside-down world of corrections. Keri came to understand how broken the justice system is and who that brokenness hurts the most.

After she walked out of her cell for the last time, Keri became a reporter. She was dedicated to exposing our flawed prisons as only an insider could.

“Corrections in Ink” uncovers that dark, brutal system that ultimately affects us all.

Not just a story about getting out and getting off drugs, this memoir is about the power of second chances.

At The Beginning Of The Book Is This:

“Nobody heard him, the dead man, but still he lay moaning. I was much further out than you thought, and not waving but drowning.”

– Stevie Smith

I suppose it’s hard to tell if someone is waving or drowning if they’re so far out you can barely see them. And that seems to be the story of Keri Blakinger.

The signs were not always recognized because she managed to hide them so well. But her path veered farther and farther in the wrong direction as she became a teenager and then an adult.

Orange Is The New Black is a Netflix series with seven seasons.

Orange Is The New Black On Netflix:

I’m watching the last season, Season 7, of “Orange Is The New Black.”

It must seem that I’m drawn to stories about women’s prisons these days.

First, it was the Australian series “Wentworth” about a women’s prison there. Then I switched to “Orange Is The New Black” on Netflix.

And while watching the two separate accounts of women in prison, one thing became clear. Some people, women in these cases, often don’t have much of a chance. Violence is often a way of life that they learned from a young age.

Many are born poor, grow up poor, and doors are often closed in their faces. Then they end up in the system, which flings them to and fro for years.

It’s hard to make it on the outside once you’ve lived on the inside. Who wants to hire a felon?

And so the revolving door of criminality is often perpetuated.

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  1. I like stories of determination to change their lives. I am not too interested in people who follow a bad path of destruction to themselves and their surroundings and whine how the system has failed them. Accountability makes you stronger and able to face consequences for your actions so I applaud these many social workers and volunteer groups who work to give those who don’t think they can catch a break, a chance to work at changing. Life is too short to waste it so I prefer upbeat shows. Hallmarks Christmas movie last night had a bit of light intrigue in it so very entertaining for an evening.

    1. Seems responsible to do. Even if you are from a neglectful home life.
      Although very difficult in countless ways.
      You must try and be strong.
      Always destructive to abuse drugs.
      People do this to escape their pain.
      Alcohol abuse is also horrible.
      Very glad I was able to escape drugs and alcohol.
      Was never into drinking or drugs.
      Couldn’t afford either.
      I’ve been watching Hallmark holiday movies also.
      Colorful and always cheezy!!!
      They decorate to the max on the those films!! 😃
      Most of us I’m sure, have lives that are not Hallmark oriented!!!

      1. I never fell into the alcohol/drug trap either. I’m so grateful that I didn’t and neither did my daughters, thank goodness.

  2. I’m very, very intrigued with Keri Blakinger’s story and plan to check with our library for it’s availability. I simply must look up Isabel Paige.
    Like J I prefer happy and lighthearted stories and movies however that doesn’t mean I don’t watch or read meatier things on occasion.
    My contract with Direct TV is finally done and I’m looking forward to changing the way I watch TV. I’ve been paying way too much money for the four channels I do watch and enjoy. I just need to make some decisions regarding what I do want to stream. Needless to say, I’m very excited about these changes.
    What are your favorite streaming channels, Brenda?

    1. I have Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. I watch Netflix series a lot. But there are also good ones on both Hulu and Prime, as well as movies.

    2. This is a good time for me to change from Direct TV, too. I want to see answers to your question.

  3. U forgot to mention even when they’re trying to make a better life for themselves, they always get pulled in the station when someone commits a crime. I watched a few of those shows before. I rather watch upbeat shows, comedy shows, dancing and of course the Christmas Hallmark movies are back on. Yay!
    I like a lot of utube channels too! That was epic where this guy goes around and gives money to ppl to pay their rent and bills, buys out two shops and gives a ton of kids boards seeing the smiles on their faces was epic. Some kids had to do like a 360 on their boards or some other kind of trick and he gave them even more boards!

    Isabel Paige built and designed her little house and lives in the mountains where she plants a garden, weaves, sews, builds things, makes yummy desserts and shows beautiful horizons…

    There’s others but I can’t remember the channels right now!
    I hope everyone is having a great day today! It’s raining here.

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