1. I rarely use a tablecloth on my table because all it does it attract my cat! (And my other cats, when they were alive.) I have a few pretty vintage ones and sometimes I use them anyway…and then just shake out the cat hair outside every day. 😉 My mom uses tablecloths all the time – but she irons hers!

    Those apple bars look so yummy.

    I love that tiny apartment in NYC. It’s so unique, charming and fun. Sometimes I wish I were bolder and braver in my decorating choices!

  2. So much fabulous information, Brenda. Thank you. I read through your post several times.

  3. The apt in New York was just lovely. What a happy environment for her children and so magical. I printed the apple crisp recipe as it looks delicious.

  4. Loved the article about the Manhattan apartment that is furnished with a lot of street finds and freebies from a Facebook group. The tenant Marcelline sure has a talent for combining things together that I wouldn’t think of in a million years! Seeing the tables dressed with table cloths reminded me holiday meals at my paternal grandparents’ home back in the 1950s. We kids didn’t fit at the big table in the dining room that was stretched to the limit with extensions, so we sat around a couple of fold-up card tables, but still boasting table cloths. I have several and every now and then will pull one out to “dress” my small dining table.

    1. I didn’t remember seeing the apartment and went back to search for it. She is so creative and resourceful! Very cheerful and family friendly.

  5. Great collection. The centerpieces are so pretty. I love the white hydrangeas! And the leaf tree – what a great idea.

  6. I look forward to seeing the New and Notable Mentions blog. It just so happens that I had collected a lot of leaves when they started falling, I thought the red and orange ones were so beautiful, I had no idea what I was going to do with them, now I do. Also love the leaf tree.
    The vegan stuffing sounds nice, I have printed the recipe just in case I want to make it. Even though I don’t care for Christmas I do make an effort for christmas day supper. I decided to make a proper Christmas cake this year., one with fruit, and ‘drown’ it in sherry or some kind of alcohol to make it nice and moist just like my Mum used to make it.

  7. Hi Brenda – The Mod Podge leaves… such a great idea. One of those where you say to yourself, “now why didn’t I think of that. ” 🙂 Love the John Kabat Zinn quote. The best way to live life. 🙂

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