1. Keep posting what you do! I may not understand something but I will never complain as I enjoy so much more of your daily life. Let the complainers go. I have to wonder why they follow if their toes might get stepped in!
    The sheep are beautiful! I love how your ‘garden’ is getting so lush and green! My trees are blooming with pink flowers. My bleeding heart is up and blooming. I made a mistake and left an empty pot of soil on top of the pot it’s in so the plant did what it had to and cane up on the side away from the pot. Still beautiful!
    Have a joyful day with Ivy and Charlie and all the lovely things you have, making such a beautiful, peaceful home.

  2. Brenda, I love your post and your vignette is lovely. I enjoy seeing your darling little apartment. It looks so comfy and serene. It is filled with the things that brings you joy. You have done so much to make it home. Thank you for sharing your ideas, and your decorating with us. Your patio is an oasis of tranquil in a world filled with fear. Your blog is a wonderful place to visit and I visit every day. All I can say is a simple thank you. You are a good person.

  3. Love your Buddha! Please ignore those negative comments, If they were really a Christian they wouldn’t be so nasty. Keep doing what you are doing!

  4. I love your display! we are all different and in that sense you learn different perspectives on issues. Although I didn’t see is at first, I now look at the vignette and it reminds me that we should all learn to live together! Isn’t that what most faiths promote? Kindness, acceptance, and love….maybe if more people would follow that teaching we would all be in a better world! So Thank You Brenda and so many others for giving us a window into your home and life….it is truly appreciated! Be safe!

    1. I am not religious, but I would be interested in learning the various religious perspectives just because I’m curious. Even if I did that, I would always decorate with what I like. There is no symbolism really. Except I was trying to provide something for spring because it is a scary world right now and I wanted to give a bit of cheerfulness to you all.

  5. Brenda, I like your Buddha I have a
    Happy Buddha in my home my sweet, kind Vietnamese friend brought me from Vietnam.
    I am delighted to have my beautiful
    Buddhist friend, Went w/her to a Buddhist
    teaching. Wonderful experience!
    I have learned so much from
    her being kind to me, others & self. Never
    questioning another’s beliefs.
    Before being negative… we need to be knowledgeable. Then research more about their beliefs.
    I so enjoy visiting different churches that I have never been in. See, listen with open mind &
    Harsh words ARE NOT kindness. Our world is overflowing with unkind people.
    Brenda,You bless me daily sharing from your ❤️
    I am always anxious for your daily visit???
    Your friend, marthap

  6. What a nice display. That is just what we all need, something happy and cheery. Thank You for sharing.

  7. We all realize that you enjoy your statue and have placed your fears at
    it’s feet. Perhaps you could call your vignette ‘spring’ only. The lambs are
    appropriate as this is the time of year when they are born. Would you consider including a crucifix in your vignette? The true representation of Easter.
    I am sure you did not set out to intentionally insult some of your Christian readers. Let us all (writer and reader) be sensitive to others beliefs.

    1. At first I called it a spring vignette. But then I noticed that I already had a title of a post that said that same thing. So I added “Easter.” Now I wish I hadn’t. I don’t happen to own a crucifix but would not mind at all decorating with one.

  8. I wanted to add to my comment that I so enjoyed seeing all the luscious green on your patio. I’m excited to follow the progression of your patio garden. Looking at it makes my day–a real treat when it’s still so grey and cloudy here. Thanks for showing–and telling.

  9. When I began reading today’s post, Brenda, and saw your sweet vignette with the little lambs and the green Buddha I tho’t “Oh, oh, we’re going to go through this controversy over Buddha vs Christianity regarding Easter decor.” I was raised Christian and I still espouse many aspects of that faith, but I also believe that their are valuable beliefs and values in other religions, such as Buddhism. I don’t feel I have to choose.

    For those readers that are so offended by your use of non-Christian artifacts in your decor, I would suggest that they choose not to read your blog. And I would encourage you to be yourself and post what is authentic to you. This is your blog; no one is forced to read it if they don’t like the content. Please continue to post about the “real you” and your “real life.”

    1. And I didn’t even think of that. It never occurred to me that the Buddha might be offensive. Sometimes I think I’m just thick in the head.

      1. Brenda, you are not “thick in the head”! You are just a person who is accepting of others’ views and not bigoted. Both wonderful qualities to have. Not your fault that some others aren’t the same.

  10. Your garden is like a peaceful oasis in the world, Brenda…so lovely! I don’t mind staying home either. but I do miss seeing my family. Put Skype on my phone today and got to visit with my daughter’s family…loved it!

  11. Brenda just curious. Because you are behind a strip mall is it pretty quite or are there a Conglomerate of trucks going to and fro? I love your patio this year. Up here in Manitoba it is still too early to even think about planting…except for starting peppers tomatoes etc. Jean

    1. Occasionally there is a truck that picks up food from someone over there for the homeless. And then there is the trash truck. Otherwise, no traffic really except for the occasional person who probably runs a store over there and is going in the back. Doesn’t bother me at all, which I’m thankful for.

  12. I’ve been puttering and rearranging things a lot lately. Helps keep my mind and hands occupied! I normally enjoy staying at home most days, but I also love to get out and do “fun” errands (like Home Goods, a bookstore, my favorite antique shops) and I also greatly miss getting together with my friends or family. Now that I did often. This isolation is starting to get pretty depressing. My poor mom (who is a widow) said she is very lonely.

  13. Love the Buddha. It belongs perfectly in your vignette. Please do not let other’s criticisms ever influence what you do or say. You are my favorite blogger.

  14. The new vignette is lovely. As stated before I am jealous of your grocery store. You find the cutest stuff there. So far all
    We’ve done for Easter is daughter has decorated her pink faux tree. It’s about 3’ tall with pink lights and we added a string of white this winter. She has a bunch of eggs on it, some cute carrots, and some animated pull bunnies. It sits on a bookcase in our happy room. That’s short for dining room, hang out room, serious talks over tea! She actually keeps it up all year and it’s fun to see what she does with it.
    That is a great Buddha. Do you remember where you found him? Please don’t tell me the grocery store!! Very relaxing to look at. Stay safe dear one.

  15. I have always been a homebody so this stay at home thing is nothing new to me ! I enjoy the comfort of my home ! I decided to change the curtains in the living room. Before my husband passed away we built an addition onto the house,which was to be a family room. We did most of the work ourselves and he passed before we could finish it. When we first started the addition I ordered curtains and when he died everything was put on hold and the room never got finished! I was disappointed I would never get to put up the curtains because I didn’t want to put them in an unfinished room. I thought well I’ll put them in my living room but I only had one pair and I needed two. The company I ordered them from had gone out of business in 2017! I googled the company to see where their stock had gone and low and behold I found the exact curtains on eBay, just what I needed one pair ! I couldn’t believe I found just what I needed after several years of me buying them originally ! What luck ! There supposed to be delivered Friday. I can’t wait to put them up!

  16. Are you Buddist? If not what this Budda doing in Easter Vignete? I can’t understand…This is Easter!

    1. No, I’m not Buddhist. Do we have to go through this again? To me it’s just a decorative object and I wanted something green. I guess I’m going to have to limit my vignettes because I don’t want to be picked apart over something like this.

    2. I am a Christian, for me Easter is the death and resurrection of Jesus, not a Buddha!

      1. Brenda, you don’t have to explain yourself and although I’m not Buddhist either, I love your green Buddha and I think most of us enjoy your pictures. Please don’t let one person hurt your feelings or make you feel you need to change. This is your blog and the best thing about you is your authenticity. You just be you for those of us that are a little more broadminded. So what if you were Buddhist? So what? You’d still be the same person so many of us greatly admire.

        1. I agree! It doesn’t matter if one is Buddhist or Christian or neither one…it’s simple a decorative piece that Brenda happens to like and that brings her joy and contentment! I have a small Buddha statue in my home too, simply because it looks peaceful amongst my plants. And I’m not Buddhist. Sheesh, let it go….

          1. I agree! I’m Jewish and my folks had a decorative Buddha in the home which my mom brought with her when we moved in together. He’s cool.
            Please don’t let the negative comments get you down, Brenda. They can simply unfollow instead of posting BS.

      2. Then please feel free to not use a Buddha when you decorate for Easter.

        1. Please stop! Why not practice acceptance and love?
          No one in this world agrees exactly the same as everyone else….but that is how we get a different perspective on an issue. This is Brenda’s blog and she is kind enough to share her home and opinions with us and allows us to do the same, with kindness!!! I was taught Jesus loves us all!!!
          Thank you Brenda for allowing us a window into your creativity and home! Peace to all and stay safe!

  17. Brenda, I retired recently so the stay at home isn’t a problem except for an occasional car ride to keep the car battery alive. I drive around the area looking at yards and front doors to get ideas. I ordered a rose from the Rose Emporium to put in a planter. Even with a yard, I do most gardening in containers now (my new knee doesn’t like kneeling at all). I use the rollers under all the planters on the patio so I can move them around. I’m trying to go through all my papers and clutter so I can pare down what I don’t use anymore. Now that the nieces and nephews all have families, I don’t need as much stuff. I gave them some of the toys they used to play with here. Anyway, I’ll be able to do more decorating when I get rid of things I wasn’t using or don’t plan to use.

    Your blog continues to be a good source of information. Thank you for continuing to write and thanks to all your readers that respond with some good ideas and information too! Carla

  18. you have a beautiful home and patio, would have never known it backs up to a strip mall! we can be content where we are and make the most of it or we can complain. you are a great role model for contentment and making the most with what you have! blessings in these crazy times! Deb

  19. The new vignette is lovely. I like the sheep, they are peaceful and serene. And I like the more open look. The salt lamp and Buddha are soothing. I have a Buddha overlooking my living room, much smaller than yours. It was a special gift to me years ago, purchased at a museum and there is a bottom compartment that contains a couple of seeds from the gigantic tree in India where Buddha was said to have first received his divine inspiration. At least, that’s what the little slip of paper inside the compartment claims – who really knows. The sentiment is lovely, though! I always feel at peace when I sit in that room. I should probably move the Buddha into my disorganized den/office! Maybe he would help motivate me to tackle cleaning up my working bookcases and finally rearrange this room the way I want! I was never much of a social butterfly unlike one of my long-time friends who is really suffering what seems to be social withdrawal symptoms because she can’t be out every other night doing something with someone. Now, as a retiree, my life has not changed with my state’s “safer at home” order, except I have cut down on my usual 3 round trip walks a week to the supermarket. I could still do them, but I am leery of too much social contact in the supermarket – the aisles are not wide enough to keep people 6 feet apart if you’re passing each other. I won’t order via delivery because during this time of people stripping shelves and hoarding, when I go shopping I can see when some of the things I want are out of stock but you don’t know that when you’re ordering online. I can make decisions on what, if anything, to substitute because I am right there in the store to check and see what’s available. Since I do not have text messaging (not even a cell phone), there is no way for the shopping service to contact me and ask about substitutes. I’d rather go and just make the decisions myself – faster and quicker even if it does make me uneasy to be out among too many people these days. It also saves the $11.95 delivery fee, not including tip. So I’m trying to spend time outdoors daily to do clean-up and more vigorous raking and sweeping to make up for the loss of the miles I walked to and from the store each week. The weather has not, however, been very cooperative. The entire week will be “seasonal” (meaning in the 40s) and gloomy.

    1. Just wanted to say that when someone’s shopping for me, they call me about substitutions because I don’t text. But yes, there is a monthly fee of $14 for Shipt.

  20. Your patio looks so lush and green already, it’s amazing how quickly things fill out in your planters!! Looks great, Brenda – you have a true talent for decorating and design.

  21. Lovely post, Brenda, with encouragement I needed to hear. Health problems have limited my ability to maintain my home the way that I want to and that worsens depression which worsens everything else. I, too, find comfort in meditation, especially now. Thankfully though, like you, I’m happier at home than anywhere else. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

    Sherry in Little Rock

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