People who live in small spaces often must come up with small space solutions for storage. And this is because in smaller homes they rarely have much of it.

I live in an apartment and it’s just over 700 square feet. Not tiny, but still smallish. I’m always looking for storage space ideas.

For instance, I like to store decorating and gardening books in this red wire basket below. It keeps them neat and on display on the coffee table where I can find them easily.

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Red wire basket which stores decorating and gardening books on my coffee table

I try to find creative solutions for every room. In my living room, I have a cupboard, below, where I keep my craft supplies.

A storage cupboard made of wood and galvanized steel where I store craft supplies

My cat Ivy loves to perch on top and look out the front window for bird sightings. She also watches for me to pull in the parking lot when I get home from someplace I’ve gone.

Furniture With Storage Solutions:

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A cupboard with drawers where I store dish cloths, cloth napkins and place mats

This piece of furniture is at one end of my couch in the living room. In these drawers, I store dish clothes, fabric napkins, and placemats.

It’s not far from the kitchen. It’s actually adjacent to my dining room. I like having all these things in one place so close to my dining table, which is where these items are used.

Dough Bowl Storage:

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A dough bowl where I display and store magazines

I store magazines in a dough bowl on a boho style table in front of the cupboard that holds my dish cloths.

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An area of my living room at one end of my couch where this piece of furniture with drawer store kitchen items

It’s easy to move this little table to open a drawer, and I like the way it looks there.

Cozy Small Space Storage Solutions:

Sometimes it makes a room look cozier to have decor and/or furniture gathered close together. Of course it depends on what it is.

But these two pieces of furniture are both of the boho style, so I think they look nice together.

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A cupboard with doors where I store things like batteries, light bulbs and electrical cords

In the above cupboard, I store household things like extension cords, batteries, and light bulbs. Hey, we have to find a place for things like this for our homes. So this is my dedicated space for that.

Storage Solutions At Tuesday Morning:

By the way, both the cupboards I’ve shown here came from Tuesday Morning.

It is my go-to place for things like furniture. And that’s because it’s already put together and I don’t have to do it myself.

Plus things are discounted there and usually pretty well-made.

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A wall above my washer where I store plastic baggies, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap in my kitchen

This photo is above my washer in my kitchen. This small wall is where I hung a washboard on the wall. Then I attached a wooden box to it with a nail.

It’s where I store my aluminum foil, clear plastic wrap, and plastic baggies.

Storage In Handy Places:

Since it’s very close to my kitchen counter, I just reach up there and grab what I need and never have to look for it.

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A small wood set of three galvanized drawers on my desk where I store small items

This box with drawers is on my desk in the office niche I created in my dining room.

There is one drawer inside the desk, but I don’t find that to be enough. So I put extra stuff in these little three drawers. Like rubber bands and small office supply items.

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A kitchen scale stores coffee pods next to my coffee maker

Decorative Countertop Storage:

This red and white kitchen scale was on my countertop already. And it’s right next to my coffee maker.

Shop Red Kitchen Scale

So I decided to use the top to store my coffee pods. It’s both handy and useful.

If you think creatively it’s actually fun to think of alternate ways to store things in our small space homes.

When you buy furniture, try to look for pieces that have storage already built in. Like ottomans with lids, for instance.

Or when you’re looking for storage for smaller items, first look around at what you already have. Consider using that and you don’t have to spend a dime. You can be both creative and thrifty that way.

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  1. The lucite desk is brilliant, and the green and white bathroom is very pretty. Notice how there's jewelry on the walls too? I'm not sure i would do that in a bathroom, but it's an interesting concept.

  2. I don't have a foyer either – you walk in my front door straight into the living room. I have a console table on the wall as you walk in, much like what is shown in your first photograph.

  3. Brenda, these are some great ideas…
    We don't have a foyer/entry… my front door opens right into the room– thinking of changing things up soon.
    I am also thinking of RE-creating my drop cloth curtains…maybe I'll move them up! lastly…I like the color schemes in the last 3 photos… especially the one with orange lamp shade! Pretty!
    Orange has really been grabbing my attention lately.
    thanks for sharing the pictures. Don't know how knew your button/siggy is at the bottom of the post. I just now spotted it.
    I like it!

  4. I love how creative people get in small spaces. One of the best apartments I had when I was single was a small one bedroom that had lots of flexibility in the floor plan and I could shift things around for a totally different look. xo Diana

  5. You really have a good eye, Brenda. I never would have seen how these these things work without your pointing them out. Love the bathroom idea, both of mine are almost exactly like this one. Thanks!


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