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  1. I would love to have any of these dressers! Because I move often, I try to avoid heavy furniture now so cube storage with cloth bins is my preference. With the right decorative bins, they can be charming, I think. Plus, some open spaces can be decorated. I found a nice one at a yard sale recently that I can manage to move on my own.

    Looking forward to seeing your bed & bath “after” photos. I changed some decor yesterday to shop my house & finish a bath re-do. So much fun!

  2. Wow, thanks for all that information health-wise!! Well, we have not had a real dresser most of our married life either…well, we got 2 old wood ones given to us which were given to the kids…we have managed with drawers under the water bed…now we have a lingerie chest for me (it has 2 shelves and 4 drawers) and one of those set of wood cubes you put cloth boxes into. Far from fancy. We have had small bedrooms, or just never figured out or had money to invest in good ones.

  3. I’ve found that searching for furniture is not an easy task. I’m not good at assembling any type of furniture but finding something that doesn’t need to be assemble is also a difficult task.
    I like what you’ve selected and I’m sure they will work very well for you.

  4. I thought maybe dresser #1, and that you’d paint it green. All good choices though. You really couldn’t have gone wrong with any of them. The solid wood furniture I’ve seen here is super expensive. Hopefully it’ll last you a really long time, and you can think of it as an investment. How are Lisa and Kinzi doing?

  5. They’re all lovely. You have great taste…and I get it, it’s hard to find decent furniture for a good price anymore.

  6. Pretty dressers. Other places to look for real-wood dressers are vintage shops (I see sooo many in these types of shops) and FB Marketplace.

  7. That is the one I thought you would choose. IKEA has a good dresser. It has to be assembled.

  8. Really like your choice! Can you tell me where you found dresser #1? My daughter is looking for something like that.
    Have a glorious weekend!!

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