1. Don’t know if someone else has already mentioned it, but from the picture you posted, your white blooming shrub appears to be ligustrum. Love all your flowers. I, too, mostly garden in containers where I live now.

  2. The design looks so natural and beautiful. I think that the work is done on some of fabric and has put on wooden frame. The another that got my attention is that it represents mother nature by putting green theme and plant beside it. Great work.

  3. Charlie and Ivy are so cute! I love catching up with you and the furbabies.

  4. Hi Brenda, I do have a color pallet, purple and white, I like those colors they seem to go well with my vintage teal color house trim. I was wondering what those purple frilly flowers are called? They sure are pretty

  5. I decorate with green in my home too. Just a soothing color. So I enjoy your decor. Also, like you, I have found I like to stay with a color theme in the garden. I usually just have two colors. But this year I mainly stayed with shades of pink. And then pillows on the porch are in green and pink. Some are patterned, some solid colors. Love your private settee area. So nice to take a break there and have sweet tea and look at a magazine. Love the pictures of Ivy and Charlie. Have a great day.

  6. Glad the bunny picture was still there… as if he was waiting for you. Ivy is quite the character. So inquisitive and fun ! So glad you were able to get such a significant savings on Charlie’s meds. Thanks for sharing the idea of going on auto order. I love looking at your gardening photos. My back pain has grown so severe I don’t think I will be able to do much gardening this year. However, I still love to look at how artistically you plant and arrange everything. You really inspire all of us to “ decorate” our worlds with little things along the way. Thanks for being such a joyful and sharing gardener, decorator and Mom of sweet furry babies.

  7. Brenda, I think your sweet rabbit picture is on fabric because it’s a reproduction feed sack. I love it, too. Our house has white siding and a red front door so I’ve always been drawn to red and white flowers but after many years I’m more likely to try new colors and varieties. This year I’ve planted astilbe and it’s really beautiful. It’s also shade tolerant and very showy. Also trying out sedum for the first time thanks to your inspiration. Cuddles to Ivy and Charlie!

    Sherry in Little Rock

  8. I use a lot of hot pink, white and purple petunias in my planters. I also have a spot under the tree that I can see from my kitchen sink window where I always plant bright orange and hot pink impatiens. I really like those two colors together. I don’t tend to plant many yellow flowers except sometimes some marigolds. The exception is my daffodils which I just love when they bloom all the way down one side of my driveway. I love all the shades of pink and purple and white mixed in best for other flowers, plus blue, too. This year I found some of my favorite black petunias again. I am going to plant those with lavender and white petunias in my hanging basket. Red and yellow just feel too harsh to my eyes somehow.

    What a scamp that Ivy is! Do you know how much she weighs? She looks like a big girl in the today’s photo.
    We have a pair of cardinals raising some babies in a nest at the top of our wisteria near the garage. They are very attentive parents flying around and calling most of the day if not beside the nest. I was able to get some photos of the male and female birds today and my daughter got one of the babies in the nest yesterday. I love watching them. I wonder if we’ll see the babies when they fledge.

    Hope you and the fur babies have a good weekend.

  9. this morning I was awakened by a crash. when i opened my eyes, tan kitty was sitting like a statue, not even blinking his eyes … i don’t know how that happened, mom! 😉

  10. I LOVE your rabbit picture !!! So glad you went back for it. It looks perfect in your space. I feel the same way you do about green. It does bring the outdoors in. In my garden, I lean towards purples, lavenders, pinks, and yellow. I love that cottage garden feel. I also love to plant herbs ! I was glad to see that I planted many of those that you recommended as mosquito repellents ! Your garden is just beautiful and I really enjoy your pictures.

  11. You are in luck — a privet is in the ligustrum genus. So, they are the same thing, really! There are a number of types of privet, so maybe you just haven’t found a photo of your exact kind. I’m glad the rabbit print was still there when you got back to the store. I like it a lot and think it goes extremely well in that vignette. I love how the print has the name Annabelle on it. A nice old-fashioned touch. When it comes to plant and flower colors, I’ve had different combos at different houses. At two houses, I didn’t have any red flowers because I thought they didn’t look good with the color of the brick on the house. I used a pink, yellow, and orange combo instead. But now I am in a house with white vinyl siding and I think red flowers look really good here. I mostly have red and white flowers, but I do have some Sweet Williams that turned out to be pink. That’s fine. I’m not as picky about it as I used to be! My little cat makes a lot of racket. When I get up in the morning, if I go into the bathroom before feeding the cats, the little one will paw at the bathroom door like crazy wanting me to come out and fill the food dishes! So I hurry and do the feeding first and then head to the bathroom. Don’t want a little cat to pass out from hunger!

  12. Brenda,

    Good call to go back for the rabbit art. It’s a great addition to your little home. Glad it was still there.
    I love the settee in the corner of the patio. By putting it on that angle it softens the edges and makes it look so inviting. Your color palette in the garden is very soothing. I tend to stick with soft pink, blue/lavender, and white because that is soothing to my soul. Love the pics of your babies. You are such an excellent photographer. I look forward to your stories and your photos so much. They are a gift and I thank you for that.

  13. Such a cute little bunny print!! Yeah, I see blue and white all over the place too, but it’s really not my thing. It looks nice, but I’ll stick with my warm colors.

    As for garden themes, I don’t really have one, but I do certain colors in certain areas. On the deck I tend to go with mainly red, white, and blue, but this year I’m adding to that. In Papa’s garden, I do pink, white, and blue. I really should do red, white, and blue there for his veteran’s status….maybe next year. I always went with pink there because it plays nicely with the peonies and bleeding hearts in the adjacent garden bed.

    This year I’m kind of all over the place with colors….I started so much from seed that my gardens are going to be a mass of color…I always feel that if I mix a lot of white in there it tempers it a bit, and as long as there’s white in every garden it brings continuity.

    Have a happy weekend, my friend!

  14. I love the rabbit art! So cute! I am happy that you went back to get it! Your garden looks beautiful already, it is hard to believe just a few weeks ago it was still in its winter slumber.

    Ivy and Charlie keep you entertained, loved and on your toes! Spoil away, you love it and they do as well.

    Have a great weekend.

  15. Your settee is perfect for the space. I have a polyglot color scheme at my place. Although I inherited nice landscaping from the prior owners who installed several purple-ish color shrubs and a beautiful Japanese maple, in the front I use red and white; along the side of the house on one side of the driveway are multi-colored giant iris, a purple clematis and two dark purple-ish shrubs that get pink flowers on them (I’ve no idea what kind of shrubs they are), the garden on the other side of the driveway across from my side-door is a conglomeration of bright orange tall day lilies, a petite special breed pastel peach daylily, purple coneflowers, lamb’s ears, a deep pink bleeding heart, columbines that self-seeded from a deep purple plant I put in a few years ago and now I have a variety of shades of purple columbines growing in that garden spot, volunteer wild strawberries, volunteer violets, and a beautiful hydrangea that gives me blooms in various shades from lavender, blue-ish, pink and white, along with white shasta daisies. The backyard has the bring orange daylilies mixed in with three different colored Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus) shrubs – one in white with deep wine middle, one in lavender, and one in pale pink with a dark middle, some bright yellow black-eyed Susans, again, a real mish-mash of colors. It doesn’t matter to me that things aren’t perfectly color-coordinated, I love it all anyway and have turned into one of those retirees who spends all her time puttering around her gardens in the summer-time, LOL! I constantly experiment. I tried planting two varieties of lavender last summer but they didn’t survive the winter. I think I’ll stick with what I have because they have all reliably come back since planting them over the past five years. I’m still growing the gardens and for now I’m working out a transplanting plan so I can harmonize the color scheme around the house a bit more 🙂 But I’ll always have those old-fashioned, gaudy and hearty day lilies in their bright orange glory.

  16. Ivy is quite a handful isn’t she? Life is never dull when you have a cat. I love your garden and the flowers are so beautiful. I can imagine myself sitting out there drinking sweet tea on a hot day. The settee is the perfect size.

  17. Glad the rabbit picture was still there when you went back. I tend to use a lot of green in my decorating and have for years. To me, it’s just a neutral like white, beige or grey. I also like to incorporate small pops of red, especially in my kitchen. I’ve always enjoyed the pops of red in your home.
    Ivy is one lucky cat to have been adopted by you and Charlie is just too cute!
    I like the plant colors you have chosen. Purple and yellow always looks good together. I like to use hanging baskets of yellow Purslane. It’s one of my favorite plants since it can take the Texas heat so well.
    Your patio looks so inviting. Now I need to get busy planting some more and working on my deck!

  18. I love the rabbit wall hanging. I’m so glad it was still there when you went back. I have been disappointed so many times because I didn’t grab an item when I first saw it since it was seldom there when I returned. I always enjoy seeing the new acquisitions you find for your home. My wicker loveseat is similar to yours. I have been searching for a cushion but most that I see online are a few inches too long. Surely there must be a source for the size I need. Ivy is quite the entertainer. What joy animals bring to our lives!

  19. Forgot to mention that the color palette for my garden is very intense colors and a wide variety — hot pink, reds, corals, bright yellows, violet, blues, white, etc. I am busy pulling up snapdragons and replacing them with vincas and pentas right now. The snapdragons just cannot handle the heat and our lack of rain. Seems like it is quite warm already for this early in the season.

  20. Beautiful photos of your patio!! It’s so pretty, and I love your color palette!! The bunny picture is perfect! I like to get things like that with no frame or glass, they’re so much easier to hang or prop somewhere. I use command strips and don’t have to make a hole in the wall.
    So, just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying today’s post, I’ll look at it again during the day because of your beautiful photos!

  21. I’m not sure, but cold your picture be a canvas transfer? I love your place and your garden. I like green and white. The greens look so nice after a rain.

  22. Glad you went back for the rabbit picture — it looks so nice grouped with the other decorative items. And what a great price! I really am drawn to pictures of rabbits, geese, ducks, birds, and most other critters one sees in your backyard or when walking on nature trails.

    Your settee looks like a perfect fit for that corner of the patio and the cushions/pillows are so pretty and colorful. Encourages one to just sit a spell and be mindful of the beauty surrounding you.

    As usual, your photos are gorgeous. Charlie’s little tongue always makes me smile and Ivy’s eyes are such a pretty shade of green.

    Hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

  23. That rabbit pic looks great in that spot Brenda! It was still there, so that means it was meant to be! I use to ponder about something before I bought it too, but after I wanted some decor and I really wanted it and went back to get it and it was gone…I was sad! Now, if I really like something, I don’t hesitate bc I can always bring it back. ?
    I love all your beautiful flowers that are blooming!
    Have a great day with Charlie and Ivy!

  24. Love the bunny art! It reminds me of my black and white dwarf pet I had years ago, Juniper. It looks great where you placed it.
    I am a bird watcher too and had the pleasure of seeing my first Rose Breasted Grosbeak last week. It must have been passing through because I have never ever seen one before. It was beautiful.
    In my garden I choose various shades of pink and blue; with some yellow here and there.

  25. Everything looks so pretty. I like purple, chartreuse green, yellow and white with splashes of pink thrown in. Although recently I bought packages of flower seed and thrown them down just before a rain and I’m starting to see little plants. I will probably end up with every color of the rainbow. I have so many green plants/bushes that lots of color will be just fine.

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