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Decorating The Living Room For July 4th

I was determined to decorate the living room for the July 4th holiday this year, because I don’t think I have for years. But I had very little I could use in the three patriotic colors I needed. I had lots of red and white, but little blue decor.

I ended up decorating in the dining space because I needed a bigger surface for this decor. Of course the dining area and living area are one long room anyway.

This is my new Target lamp that you see below. I’ve been wanting a blue and white lamp. Preferably a navy and white table lamp.

In Decorating The Living Room For July 4th, I used a blue and white table lamp with 3 red, white and blue stars.

Years and years ago, I had two beautiful navy lamps with white shades. I loved those lamps.

Shopping For Lamps:

I’ve been shopping online looking for a blue and white lamp for the last few weeks.

Yes, I do have a “thing” about lamps. For some women it’s shoes. But for me it’s lamps. I’m just drawn to them for some reason.

I Googled blue and white lamps, chinoiserie lamps, and other variations for what I was looking for. This will of course bring up a medley of shopping sites.

My navy and white lamp with patriotic colored wooden stars in front of it.

I’m delighted with this blue and white lamp. I was also taken with the square base.

There’s just something classy about adding navy blue to a room I think.

Tuesday Morning Purchases For July 4th:

The blue and white ceramic bowl and the wooden bowl with the blue and white ceramic balls all came from Tuesday Morning.

I know you’re not surprised by that. Because when I actually go out and into a store, it’s typically Tuesday Morning.

A wooden bowl and blue and white ceramic bowls, all purchased from Tuesday Morning.

I already had the blue and white flat ceramic base under the blue and white bowl.

Those blue and white ceramic balls were a really good deal.

I very nearly ordered them from Amazon that morning before I decided to go check Tuesday Morning. And I found that they were twice as much at Amazon. So two sets for the price of one.

Two sets of them was just the right amount to fill the beautiful wooden bowl.

In Decorating The Living Room For July 4th, I used and blue and white bowl and filled it with three prim flag pillows I ordered from Etsy.

What I Ordered From Two Etsy Shops:

I ordered the 3 little stuffed flags on Etsy. They are so cute! As well as the red, white and blue stars you see. And both of the things I ordered arrived quickly.

The purchases from Etsy are my patriotic elements. The other decor simply are the colors typically used for the 4th of July: Red, white, and blue.

I’m sure you recognize the red and white transfer ware pieces I had in my open kitchen cabinets.


I’m in the midst of changing up those open kitchen cabinets a bit with my new red and white Pfaltzgraff dishes.

In Decorating The Living Room For July 4th, I used as decor two small red and white transferware pitchers.

So that is the scene on one side of my dining area. I’ve also created a July 4th vignette I’ll show you later.

My pretty navy and white lamp surround with the red, white and blue colors for the 4th of July. The background is my yellow/gold and white quilt on the wall.

I’ve been bringing all my house plants in from the patio because of my upcoming surgery on June 27th. I’ll be getting around on a knee scooter for a time. And I figured it would be easier to water them indoors.

None of my outdoor plants look very healthy right now. I think it’s because of the many days of constant rain we had with no sunshine. Now it’s hot and all the plants look stressed.

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  1. What happened? I had been receiving daily emails from Brenda? How do I get back on the email list? 😥

  2. Love the touches of patriotic decor. I particularly like the stuffed flags.

    The blue and white balls look great in the wooden bowl. Nice contrast of materials.

  3. Love your new lamp! White and blue decor is something I’m always drawn to. Good luck with your surgery.

  4. I’m so happy for u that your enjoying life so much more Brenda and u have many caring neighbors that have become your friends!
    I like your lamp too!
    Have a fantastic Sunday!

  5. At our home Red, White and Blue decor is appropriate beginning with the unofficial beginning of Summer through Labor Day. Four American holidays… Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

  6. Brenda,
    Like the others it seems your new place has reignited a spark in you.
    A comfortable home with good neighbors has done you a world of good.
    The blue mixed with the red has long been a fav of mine,not only for the USA but also my favorite football team!
    Good luck with your surgery,get rest and heal quickly.

  7. Brenda, in all the years I have read your blog, you definitely have changed your pattern in life and are “blossoming” as Jan said. It’s agreeing with you and how your environment is giving you a safe content feeling. I love how you have decorated your rooms and that has remained steadfast but it comes through now as such happiness in how you describe doing it. I wish there still was a Tuesday Morning open near us as I miss shopping them so I am happy you keep them in business there.

    1. I don’t know what I’d do without Tuesday Morning. They already have things like furniture put together, and then I don’t have to worry about having it done.

  8. Oh that lamp! And its shade with its blue lines – it is perfect! Totally agree with the idea of navy (or a deep cobalt)adding class to a setting. I love blue and white the way you love red and white – just feels so good to me.
    Everything looks lovely, Brenda, and it makes me happy to see you enjoying yourself so much more these days. It is infectious, that happiness. We share it with you just as we do when the low days hit. A family of sorts, we are.
    A hug to you, and a pet to Ivy girl.
    Oh – wanted to add, sorry about the outdoor plants not doing so well. I have read about Neem, but never sure about using such things.

  9. That lamp is so stunning. Enjoying your red, white & blue posts! I set up an outdoor table with patriotic decor just because I love it. It makes me happy!

    I have some blue willow dinner plates that would look great with red & white accents. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. A change of surroundings often leads to a change of perspective, especially when one finds compatible souls in residence. I’ll use a pun suitable for a gardener – Brenda is “blossoming.” My decorating for July 4th is limited to outdoors: a stars and stripes decoration on my red front door and small flags placed in the planters on the front steps. The planters have red and white petunias and red and white geraniums.

  11. Brenda, I love the new lamp and the blue and white balls. I have a question. My son had many American flags in his room before he died. Some of them are in need of retiring. Would it be totally disrespectful to cut them up and make small pillows out of them? Or should I take them to a veterans center for proper retirement. I love them all so much. I would like to see them live on. We have been drowning in rain all spring and now into the summer it seems. I haven’t taken any of my plants outside yet for fear they will float away. LOL Sandra

    1. Those blue and white balls are lovely. We don’t have a Tuesday Morning close. We had one and it went out. It wasn’t very well stocked. You always seem to come up with great items.

      Wow, I didn’t realize your surgery is coming up so fast. I know you will be glad when it is over and you are on the mend.

    2. I see no disrespect in this idea at all. Do what feels right to you and fills your heart. They belonged to him; thus they now belong to you.

    3. Definitely give the flags new life as pillows. Then you can enjoy them for years to come! I love Americana with memories!

  12. Oh my stars!! That lamp is perfection! Love it.
    And the little Etsy pillows are amazing.
    Thank you so much for bringing these smiles to my heart.
    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  13. Very cute. I’m drawn to small lamps for sure!!! 4th of July is my most favorite to decorate for. I suppose because it’s not about buy-buy-buy, which is a huge turn-off for me.

  14. Love the sweet pillows in the decorative blue bowl. I’m on my way out to patio as we speak to save my poor dried up flowers from the heat, too. Found a possum digging them up last night. Not cool, possum!

  15. Looks adorable…and much of it can be left out…the balls are beautiful…it has been beautiful here in Wi. The last couple days..enjoying breakfast on the porch. Enjoy the day💕

  16. Everything is perfectly patriotic. Love the blue lamp, Brenda.
    It warms my heart to know how happy you are in your new home. You’re doing things you haven’t done in a while. Makes me happy!
    Enjoy your Saturday in your lovely home. Hugs!

    1. This is true. I hadn’t gone to the library in decades. And other things I’m doing are not typical of me, at least recently.

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