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Decorating With Shades Of Green For Spring

Yesterday, I got some decor arranged on the green side board in my dining space. I sometimes try to redecorate a bit when the girls are coming for lunch.

Right now I’m into all the various shades of green. Which just screams springtime!

In Decorating With Shades Of Green For Spring, this is my dining space with decor in all shades of green.

The time when warmth is beginning to sneak into the cool days. A little bit longer each week until you can shed your sweater.

The time when small shoots of green begin to emerge from the ground. First, spring bulbs.

Then perennials begin to wake up, yawn and poke their first shoots out. Gradually, little buds appear that eventually open into flowers.

It’s a time of celebration for gardeners.

A front view of my green sideboard

And it’s also a time of renewal.

Most everything here is green, including the sideboard I painted years ago. The paint color is called Crushed Oregano and it is from Valspar.

I found a photo from Country Living using Crushed Oregano painted on a wall. It was included in an article describing the 10 Happy Colors To Add To Your Home.

Using Cutting Boards In Decor:

I brought cutting boards from the kitchen to add the natural color of wood to the green sideboard. Cutting boards are so much fun to use in decorating.

Too bad I don’t have really old ones to use. But alas, I do not. So I will make do with what I have.

Have you seen the prices on those older cutting boards? They are outrageous!

In Decorating With Shades Of Green For Spring, I found all kinds of things around my apartment to use on this sideboard in my dining space

I added a faux fern in a green ceramic plant pot. Then I used the plant saucer to put underneath a candle.

I like to use different kinds of things to use as candle saucers. Often I will use vintage lids turned upside down.

You can use bowls, small trays or platters, terracotta pots and their saucers, or even salad or dessert dishes from the kitchen. It’s fun to use something in different ways.

What is referred to as “the unexpected.”

Use a bowl to hold boxes of matches. Put flowers in a vintage postal box. All things I did here.

My green sideboard dressed up in shades of green decor

I’m always looking through my stash to see what I can come up with to use as something it normally isn’t used for.

That’s half the fun of decorating. Finding new uses for things.



  1. The green is very pretty and springlike, spot on! I just finished shoveling out about a foot of snow covering the driveway approach, left over from a storm last Thursday that left drifts of up to 3 feet in parts of my patio, driveway and both front and side porches. More snow and/or freezing rain/sleet are forecast for tonight, and then off and on tomorrow through Thursday, so I’m clearing up that driveway approach just in time for it to be made impassable again, LOL. Well, it’s a good workout. I am looking forward to spring, but I’ll wait until at least March 1st to put the winter decor away, our zoo’s resident ground hog saw his shadow only a few weeks ago and current forecasts indicate winter isn’t through with southeast Wisconsin yet. I’ve got some new botanical still life prints to frame and put up, but the rest of the decor is undecided. While it’s storming out tomorrow I’ll go through the cupboards and storage stashes to see what inspires. Your lovely green decor reminded me that I have some pastel green throw pillow covers in varying shades that would add some spring to the living room along with some spring-like knick knacks that I haven’t put out in several years. Time to go digging for decorating treasures.

  2. I am all about green! I have lots of green accessories that I pull out. I prefer the softer muted greens rather than the kelly green or brighter greens. Black and green are my go-to’s in my wardrobe. lol. Diana

  3. Brenda,
    Happy birthday! I hope you had a perfect day! πŸ§πŸ¦πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸ’πŸ₯³
    All your greenery looks lovely. Definitely Springy. You’re even ready for Easter, with the cute bunny picture. I read somewhere, a long time ago, that green was the easiest color for our eyes to see. Your dresser is really pretty.

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dearest Brenda! I hope you had a wonderful day.
    The changes you’ve made in decor are stunning!

  5. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating YOU!
    Love this pop of green! It is very cheerful and springlike.
    Have a wonderful week Brenda.

  6. I love shades of green, especially for spring. Which we won’t see any signs of for at least another month here in IL.

    Happy birthday! I hope you did something special for yourself today.

  7. Your green sideboard is lovely and tells us of the upcoming spring. Even though gardening has changed for you at this time in your life, having some potted smaller plants (real or faux) may bring you some fulfillment. It will free up some time for you to be engaged in other creative endeavors: decorating, writing your blog, setting up you book blog…you have many talents:-)

  8. Everything just fits together so perfectly. Love how you have designed this area. The green fern looks so real, and the stripes in the picture of the rabbit, well all of it…..PERFECTION!!!!!!!!

  9. Brenda, A lovely post and photos. The green is so soothing and calming and I love the use of “stash” decor items in unexpected ways. Good for the environment, our budgets, our space and it just feels good to see change without extra cost. Thank you for the inspiration to pull out some spring things! Sherry B

  10. I have always loved that sideboard in oregano green I’ve noticed over the years I gravitate mostly to blues and greens! Find them very soothing. The display is just charming.

    Not sure but i think it’s your birthday today Missy. If so please have a wonderful day. Big hugs to youπŸ’

  11. Love what you have done with your sideboard, it is so pleasing to see all the different things and how you have used certain items too.

    Just delightful.

  12. The vignette you created on your sideboard has a definite spring theme and it’s perfect! I love all the different greens that are included. You have a knack of reimagining items to add more interest. The cutting boards add a touch of warmth to everything. It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Me I am like you and shop from my home and look at thrift stores for other things to add to save money and not overbuying. Not long till spring!

  14. How happy & lovely!
    Thank you for this delightful post.
    I adored the oregano green when you painted it and it is still delightful. You are a talent and a treasure.

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