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  1. The show “Restored” featuring Brett Waterman, he often disguises modern refrigerator/freezers behind period appropriate cabinetry so it blends in seamlessly with period appropriate decor (based on the age or style of the house, for instance a Craftsman style, Queen Anne style, Tudor, etc.) while providing modern-day efficiency in the kitchen. The cabinet covering the fridge/freezer in the photo is beautiful, I love the idea of disguising appliances. I’ve seen it done with dishwashers too, very cool. The white living room is gorgeous, but it would make me nervous to sit on the sofa with those heavy looking items above my head.

  2. Love that cabinet look of the refrigerator. And the shelf over the sofa is decorated so pretty. Thanks for all the decorating links, too. I’m having fun looking at them.

  3. Love that refrigerator made to look like a cabinet. The lemon loaf cake looks delicious!

  4. love the Chinoiserie balls, I think I will have a go at making those. 2 more books have been added to my list of books to buy.

    Can’t resist the Lemon Loaf, I love anything lemon. One Pan Chicken with Tomato Pesto Sauce. looks so good, I’ll just switch the chicken for tofu, for us it will be just as good.
    Loved all the decorating tips too.
    Thanks so much Brenda, it was a delight to look at all the different things today.

  5. The shelf over the couch is a beautiful addition to the room. I loved their white couch and chairs. I did the white couch once and it just got to be too much plus the slip covers shrank and it was a major fight to get them back in. I only washed in cold water and air dried. All beautiful links!!

  6. A plethora of information once again, Brenda. Love the shelf over the couch. Fabulous decorative element that someone like you could make so lovely.
    Enjoy your Saturday!

  7. That chicken recipe looks really good.
    I loved the white pitcher collection yesterday. Even better when they each have a story. My Christmas ornaments are like that. I unwrap them every year and remember when and where I bought them. So many memories.

  8. The first thing that caught my attention was the shelf over the couch. It looks like a fireplace mantle. I don’t think I ever would have thought to do that. Plus, I think I’d be worried about a taller person hitting their head on it. That being said, I think it looks great! I’m going to have to check out the different ways to cook salmon, because I’m really trying to eat more of it, and I’d like options to avoid a cooking rut. The green refrigerator looks like an armoire in her kitchen, lol. It’s really kind of interesting. Love the posts today. Thank you. By the way, it’s really kind of you to advertise (for free) for all these other bloggers. I hope some of them return the favor. You’re all like a big family out there, so hopefully you do things like that for each other. At any rate, you’re doing your part. You are a good friend and fellow blogger. And we all appreciate you!

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