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  1. I’m so sorry you’re having this dream (nightmare?), it sounds terrifying to me. The manner in which you’ve written this sounds like it could be a book or at least a short story. When you wake up after having this dream do you notice any physical symptoms, like your heart racing? It seems to me your dream may be pointing to the unknown and change???

  2. Brenda your dream seems to relate fear. Not being able to find your way home is the fact that you’re out of sorts at the moment. You are trying to get there but is difficult thus your ankle is holding you back.

  3. All the time I was reading about your dream, Brenda, I was thinking it related to your experiences in your childhood. A sense of not belonging anywhere or not knowing where you belonged. Feeling uncertain and fearful about why you weren’t taken care of by your parents. I think troublesome experiences as children do inform some of our dreams as adults. Perhaps I am way off the mark with my impressions of what you wrote. Only you can say whether any of it rings true or not. I certainly do sympathize with the frightening and helpless experience this dream is for you. I wish there were some way you could stop dreaming it. It seems like it must exhaust you, Wish I had an answer for you.

  4. I hate dreams like that…ones that are total frustration and you simply cannot find a good place to go in them!! Perhaps some of this is due to how much our society has become more and more dangerous…especially for women and the elderly. Even within some families…one of my friend has 2 kin living at her house and in my opinion they are downright dangerous!! I worry that one day my friend will be done in by them…yet, if I was to involve the police she would never speak to me again…so we each have our own choices to make. A doctor told me that vivid frustrating dreams can mean your blood sugar has plunged too low…might be a good idea to have a test kit and if you can manage to wake up, test to see if your blood sugar is ok. If not, maybe you should keep a few snacks beside the bed.

  5. WOW!! My husband has vivid dreams, but I barely remember mine. It’s like I don’t dream at all. But I know that’s not true.
    But I feel lucky, because that kind of dream would scare me silly!

    1. Those are about the only kind of dreams I recall. I’m sure I have other kinds of dreams, I just don’t remember them.

  6. That is quite a dream! I dream a lot. Some is just your average wired stuff like I can’t find my school books to turn in at the end of the year so I can get my report card or I can’t find my locker as if the number is just not there. My dreams are vivid and in color and detailed. Some are of buildings and places I have never been in my life but yet seem familiar. There are times when people, mostly family are in them that have long ago passed away or are still living. In the dreams they are all much younger. Just really strange. I will have recurrent dreams of the same places that I have never been to. Makes you wonder how many tiny details are stored in our brains and are put together creating these dreams. Many of mine leave me feeling as though I have failed in this life or a feeling of being incomplete – Always looking for something.

    1. Isn’t it funny how our dreams, or maybe our worries, many times go back to school aged events Forgetting the numbers to get your locker open, forgetting your books, being naked at school, forgetting to prep for a test, etc.

  7. Brenda, your scary dream gives me the chills. I’ve had similar, but not as long lasting as yours, and I’m not running. I dream pretty much the same dream, over and over.
    It is always night and pitch black, and I’m all alone and lost, in some big city, and I’m walking in the middle of a street between huge dark empty “spooky looking” buildings with no lights in the windows. I have no purse, no money, and no car keys on me, and worried where to go, when I discover an open building. I enter, but go from one empty room to another, and still can’t find my way. Lots of doorways, leading to nothing, or an elevator to no place. Sometimes, in these dreams, a bear will be behind me, getting closer and closer, and I don’t know which way or where to go to get away.
    I haven’t had this dream for a year or so, but your dream made me think of it again,
    Just weird, and spooky.

    1. Seems we’re always looking for a place but we don’t know quite where it is. We’re vulnerable and don’t know what to do.

  8. My goodness – this is a nightmare, not a dream. I felt panic as I read it – how awful! I rarely remember such detail. That feeling of being lost is so scary. Those dreams I have had – usually on a busy highway and no idea where I am.
    Sure hope you have a more restful dream time tonight.

  9. You’ve had a lot of changes and challenges occur over the past year, and with your injured ankle that has so impacted your freedom to go where you want to go and move like you want to do and do the things you want to do, the frustration has been building up. That’s what I see in your dream, frustration of not being able to get where you want to go, and not even being sure of how to get where you want to go, being pushed about by things over which you have no control.

  10. Goodness, Brenda. You really have vivid and detailed dreams. I rarely dream (that I can recall) and if I do, unless I make a concerted effort right away to remember them, they are immediately forgotten. I’m amazed by the level of detail in yours.

  11. Wow! Just Wow!! If you aren’t afraid to go to sleep, you should take a nap today. After reading about your dream I might need a nap too lol.

  12. Wow Brenda this is a very powerful dream. I wonder if some part of you feels unsettled in life. Maybe you are looking for something unfamiliar to explore in your own life. It would be interesting to have your dream analyzed. Have a good week ahead.

    1. I guess I feel unsettled because I don’t know how this ankle will be in six months or a year. Whether I’ll be able to get out and about by myself.

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