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  1. So sorry for all you’ve been going through. Always, always get a female doctor. They are more sympathetic. Everyone of my female friends who have had a male doctor have complained about the same thing. They have switched to female doctors. I’ve had a primary care female doctor for years and she is awesome. Always willing to hear me out and gives me advice. I feel that am with a friend. Glad you are feeling better.
    By the way, I love your cozy little home. I love the way you decorate it and you take great pictures. I love seeing Ivy and Charlie – they are adorable.

  2. Yay on it being benign! Never, never, never go to this jerk again (not that you would). His behavior is outrageous! Brenda, there are good dentists. Really, there are. I agree with the others, to write down his behavior and give it to your doctor and also your issues when you go. Good dentists will make sure you are comfortable and not in pain. Saltwater rinses, which I actually do on occasion, are very healing to many mouth issues.

    Well, it’s over though and I hope your pain subsides. It never ceases to amaze me how many awful doctors/dentists there are.

  3. Brenda,
    He sounds like a burned out jerk. However if he is that cavalier about you, make note to call in about 2 weeks about your biopsy results if you haven’t heard from him. Dale

  4. Hope you are feeling better. Your home looks beautiful, warm and comfortable.

    Relax and when you can Make an appt to see your primary doctor and have her document your experience with this doctor. She also has access to his record of your visit with him. Before you go, write down all you remember by time and dates. Having this in your records is very important for your future medical procedures.

    I do hope you are feeling better.

  5. I have sworn off male doctors while in late forties. Realize they have no manner and compassion whatsoever. One other thing..with all the drug addiction these days…they are so careful not to try and give you anything. When my husband had a surgery and need a bit more pain drug..he could have it..but we had to go by the office and personally pick up the prescription…they could not call it in they said…anyhow..I hope your mouth gets better soon. Seems a rinse in salt water may make it better..but I am no expert. Take care.

  6. I have been over medicated for at least the last four years. they keep finding something new to treat.
    I don’t do well with medications in the first place and I always tell them that. they just don’t listen.
    I had gotten so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired that I just QUIT everything last week.
    everything except my thyroid med. I had thyroid cancer and they removed it. so I will take that now always. and I will take a low dose aspirin. as for all the rest of it and ALL their tests… I’m THROUGH.
    and believe it or not I honestly think I’m starting to feeling better. and it’s my plan to feel better and better each day!
    I hope only the BEST for you Brenda. YOU deserve a BREAK!!!
    why do some doctors have to act that way? do they really think that HELPS anybody? it does NOT. XOXO hugs to you and your beloved Charlie and Ivy.

  7. NO procedure should be considered “simple”. Everybody is different, and everybody responds to treatment differently. And if using shock treatment, he had better know first hand, the health history of the patient he is about to treat. Telling you, that patients before you, did not need pain medication????? I believe just saying that to you, was not an ethical statement. I too, am surprised that the sutures dissolved so quickly. I know, things have changed since I worked, and everything has improved…(I hope in this case) but…. I’m just happy that you are finished with this Doctor. Hope you are doing better, hang in there, you are still on my prayer list…Love from WI

  8. What. A. Jerk. You were doing nothing more than checking on your health! I too have been talked down to by doctors who acted like I was bothering them. Unacceptable!
    You should never have to worry about asking questions. Ever!
    I hope you feel better soon. ❤️

  9. It’s hard to get pain under control when it gets “ahead of you”…feel better!
    You could report him to the state medical association and the dept of health,I’m sure shocking you isn’t part of the protocol.
    I once went to a pain management doctor for back and hip issues,again,a little guy,he proceeded to spend 25 minutes berating me for being overweight,I finally asked if he was pain management or a dietician and never went back.
    The gallery wall looks awesome!
    Get some rest.

  10. What a jerk. When I read your last post I immediately thought of nerve pain. Also once the pain is that bad it is harder to knock it down with pain killers. I’m glad you are better and I think your apartment with the new fireplace looks super cozy. xo Laura

  11. Hoping you get some relief from your pain. Your experience with this doctor, his skills, and bedside manner leaves much to be desired. Sorry you had to endure this procedure and then be subjected to basically indifference.

    Your fireplace setting and the gallery wall is beautiful and gives one a sense of peace. Take care and I hope you have a restful evening.

  12. Hope you are feeling better. He does not sound like a doctor with much compassion.

  13. Just be careful please, how u word something on line, like no names bc it could come back and bite u in the butt! They could come back and try to sue you bc it’s happened to ppl.

    Have a restful night Brenda.

  14. Hope you feel better…most doctors today that we know about are very lacking!! VERY!! We have found a very good dentist in our area…but nothing else. Too bad Vets cannot treat us!! I am serious…they are better doctors…the vet I used to work for said some who drop out of vet school for being too hard, go on to become MDs…oh so sad!! You can at least warn others of that doctor online someplace Brenda…hope you feel much better soon…rest, rest, rest!! I am surprised he did not tell you to do the salt water rinses…every time I have had a tooth pulled, they certainly did…and after all, this is still a mouth issue!!

  15. That doctor sounds infuriating! Did you remind him that his negligence had caused you to receive a significant electrical shock?! He is responsible for whatever a student does! Take the power back and leave negative feedback where you can. If it doesn’t feel better soon, go to a doctor you trust. I’ve been a Registered Nurse since 1978 and I turn 74 soon, so I no longer put up with attitude. Thankfully all the doctors I have right now are all really nice and it makes a big difference in your recovery of any problem. Feel better soon!

    1. Totally agree with Dianne. Shame on that doctor. You were literally shocked & given no after-care instructions.
      Swishing with 1/4 tsp EACH salt & baking soda in warm water 2xday will cleanse and disinfectant. Plus it numbs the pain a little. Great for sore throats too. (From my dear old doctor who was excellent & extremely smart.)

  16. Even if he put in dissolving sutures it doesn’t seem possible that they would have dissolved so quickly.
    Additionally, did the doctor send the specimen (portion he excised) to a lab to determine what it was, i.e. cyst, cancer, etc ?
    My husband was a respected dermatologist/dermatologic surgeon and would have never excised anything without it being sent to a lab for a determination. JMHO.

      1. Great, just wanted to be sure they followed proper procedure. Did they determine what the growth was, i.e. cyst, etc.? Just curious.

  17. Brenda,
    I’m glad that you went back at least to have him check for anything else more serious. And let me say that stitches that come out or dissolve inside your mouth, dont cause the kind of pain that you said you were having. Move forward with your own doctor, and yes, its good to know that she is female. Hopefully much more understanding and caring. I’m sure you can post a review about this man on Google. You’d be amazed at how many people look for recommendations. Glad you are feeling better. Hope that you and Charlie can get some rest tonight. Take care.

    1. That’s what I do is read the reviews: car places, doctors, vision, etc. I am pretty sure people are being on the up and up when commenting in those places unless someone or the company really “ticked” them of royally and they have a bone to pick or bone of contention. If I were You, I’d leave a comment – not something hateful or anything, but a truthful review – Folks will thank You for that, I am sure, I would! Love Your pics, cozy little home, and that cool new “fireplace.” Silly me, I tune in to YouTube blazing fires in fireplaces and hope it helps me feel warmer and somehow it does.:) Love to Charlie and IvyKitty! 🙂 Enjoy Your blog very much!

  18. I’m glad you’re not going back to that doctor. He sounds like a jerk. And FYI, it’s definitely not just male doctors. I have two PCPs, one female (and western medicine dr) and one male (more holistic). The female is very brusk and doesn’t have a good bedside manner; the male is incredibly patient, kind and caring. I like him much more than my female dr. I also recently went to a female dermatologist that was basically like the doctor you just had. I will never be seeing her again.

  19. It sounds as if all you accomplished was taking him off your list. What a dope he sounds like. Keep a close eye on your pain because it’s an indication that your body is trying to tell you something.

    If it gets worse, go to emergency.

    PS . Your room looks like an art gallery.

  20. He doesn’t sound like a Doctor that I would want to be going to either! Hope you are feeling better soon.

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