Cataract Plans & Walmart Problem

I had the evaluation and testing of my cataracts yesterday. This took up the entire morning.

I will be having the first eye surgery on the 15th of August. I had my daughter actually make the appointment to better serve her work schedule, because you have to have someone with you.

I’ll have the second one done a week or so after, once they see how the first eye is doing.

Red bowl of lemons

I will be getting the traditional cataract surgery, which means just removing the cataracts. I will still have to wear glasses. My insurance will help with that, but not with anything else.

There are tiers of plans, about four others, which they showed me. The tiers above the traditional cataract surgery would actually help more with improving eyesight, and then perhaps not having to wear glasses.

But they were very expensive. It was going to cost $2600+ for the first tier.

The doctor said she would not want me to go above the first tier anyway, as they found that I have something called guttada(sp?), which I’d never heard of. Having to do with the spongy portion of one of your eye layers, I think?

Once they figured that was an issue, they then tested and measured that. They said mine is manageable and I won’t have to start using eye drops for it. At least not now.

So with my health insurance, going the traditional route of just removing the cataracts, it will cost me a little under $300 total. That is for one eye. Then my deductible will have been paid and the second eye is free.

Morning glories

In other news, my window air conditioner arrived last night.

My SIL is coming over tonight to install it in my bedroom window. They are going to the beach for a week leaving town Saturday, so this was the best time for him.

I’m really aggravated at Walmart. I only applied for a Walmart credit card to get $25 off the first purchase with it, which was the air conditioner. Total price came to around $175 after applied taxes, etc. So if I’d gotten the promotional $25, it would have been $150.

When I applied for the card, I was given the option of getting a temporary credit card number online until mine arrived. Because there was no number to use to place my order

However, I had a problem getting the temporary number to work. So I called customer service.

They said we could try to get another temporary credit card number, or I could just wait for my card to arrive by mail. So I opted to do that.

Red oven mitts

I went to my account online and saw that they had not taken the $25 off the purchase, where you opt to pay your bill.

I asked them about this and they told me it would come off my first or second statement or something like that. Which they do not tell you when you order, or when you apply for the card.

Come to find out, you had to order your first item that very day, as was apparently in the fine print.

I called them and told them what had occurred and about my first call, but they were adamant that I was not eligible for the $25 off.

I spoke with a supervisor, as I wasn’t taking the first person’s word for it. Her explanation wasn’t anything to do with what the first guy said about the $25 coming off the first or second statement.

Her reason that I was not eligible for the $25 off was that I had not made my purchase the day I applied. I told her I didn’t have a credit card number the day I applied.

They were undeterred and said I didn’t qualify for the promotion. I told her I wanted to dispute that. So we’ll see if anything else happens..

Thoughts? Am I being persnickety?


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  1. Persnickety? I think not. It drives me crazy when these stores take advantage by not being clear with their “fine print,” or whatever rules they don’t make clear in these promotions. I’m not a Walmart fan to begin with. Good luck with your cataract surgery!

    1. Walmart had just joined the ranks of all the sheisters out there. I need help to hopefully get glasses to help me see and postpone surgery because of covid. Is that possible? Thanks for info good prayets to you!

  2. That burns me up about Walmart. They did you wrong. They do lots of people wrong. But they will keep doing it because they know people will not stop shopping there. Yes, folks may get mad now and then and stay away for a little while, but eventually they start going back. The Walton machine has seen to it that the whole country is papered with their stores so that they are the most convenient option for a huge majority of people. i still have to go there every now and then for something, but I made a conscious decision several years ago to give my business to merchants that treat their customers with more respect. I go out of my way to find smaller or locally owned places and if I can’t find something there then I prefer Amazon to Walmart. They are probably an even bigger machine but so far I feel they have very fair business practices. Hope you and Charlie are enjoying the cool! BTW, you’ve inspired me to start drinking iced coffee this summer. Soooooo good! Thanks for the great idea……….Alice

  3. You are not being persnickity at all! Shame on Wal-Mart for not budging and not helping a customer. You are absolutely right about being entitled to that $25 off. I’ll read your newest post to see the update…

  4. When I have these Walmart type issues, I find it very calming to know no matter how many ppl I might have to deal with, whether they realize it not, I’m going to succeed. Then it’s a matter of 1 idiot down, X many more to go before I get what was promised.

  5. One word of advice on the cataract surgery…make a chart of which eye drops to use when. Once you have both eyes in the mix, it gets very confusing. Good luck.

  6. I have and know of many who have had problems with them so much so that none of us shop there anymore . I use to have my phone service with them but after being lied to many times I dropped my service – ten people walked out and said they would not deal with them because of the way they treat their customers and were going to tell others . You were obviously misled . Good luck with your surgeries.

    1. I will not order from them again. And I will keep telling about it. I never go into their superstores, but have been getting groceries at their little Market.

  7. What? No picture of your “little man” today?! I just always expect and love to see his little face when I open your post. Give him a pat and a snuggle from me.

    I never shop at Walmart. I don’t support their employee practices nor the way they swoop into an area and drive out all the independent businesses. I read once that if Walmart didn’t order an item from a supplier the item wouldn’t be sold anywhere. They are very powerful; because of their size, the can dictate the rules in the area buying and selling.

    Brenda, if you don’t have lens implants will you have to wear those very thick glasses? Of could you wear contacts, instead? Just wondering.

    1. My glasses I don’t consider very thick. I pay around $700 to get the light kind for bifocals with no line. I’ve worn glasses most of my life. I don’t like the idea of contacts. Don’t want to be putting something in my eye every day. No pics today. I’ll try to take some for tomorrow. Yesterday was cleaning day because family was coming over.

  8. some companies offer you this kind of deal for a credit car and then afterwards sell your name, etc to make money off of you. I would cancel the card as soon as possible and tell them you will never fall for that 25 dollars off scam again.

    1. I didn’t think of them selling my name. Boy, that $25 goes a long way for them!

  9. The squeaky wheel gets the most oil. I would write a letter to the ceo and give all the details. It will work. So annoying to deal with customer service.

  10. I had cataract surgery 12 days ago. In Canada, where I live, they implant a lens which has given me 20/20 vision in my right eye. Amazing since I’ve worn glosses for 55 years. It sounds as if Walmart is taking advantage. I hope that you can settle this.


    1. I don’t know the ins and outs of what they do, but hopefully I will get some vision improvement, even with glasses.

  11. Brenda, I suggest you should file a complaint with BBB about Walmart and they will let you know about the results sooner.
    I think Walmart is hoping you will forget about it, if it takes awhile.

    I’m happy that you are going to get your eyes done soon!

    Hope you have a great weekend and stay cool!

    1. Other people are telling me it happened to them, so I’m not forgetting about it. I’m pretty stubborn. My first husband said I should have been a credit collector!

  12. Sorry I don’t do Walmart, maybe that’s why? Good luck.
    When they remove your cataract they replace your lense, right? I’ve never heard of just the removal.
    I had mine done n December and January. I just got the basic lenses that Medicare pays for. Between Medicare and our supplemental, I didn’t have to pay anything. I know surgeons do things differently but make sure to find out if the eye drops are included in the surgeries. Mine were. I’ve heard others say they had to pay $200 or more for theirs.
    I did my surgery without anesthesia and did fine.
    Good luck.

    1. They told me to pick up the eye drops two days before my surgery, so I guess it is not included.

  13. If you haven’t already be sure to sign up with Swagbucks. You get a point for every dollar you spend as a rule but most times it is significantly more. It is very useful in almost all the places I shop online and many other ways that I don’t know a lot about. I usually use mine to get Amazon gift cards each month and because I shop most of the time online it adds up quickly. I also use Ebates but it takes a long time to accumulate much there. But every little bit helps.

    1. I’m really trying not to buy things online or anywhere else because I need to get some things paid off before I have to pay interest. I HATE to pay interest.

  14. I had the same thing happen to me with their credit card scam Brenda. Nothing persnickety about your reaction because they were dishonest plain and simple. They can call it whatever they want and they will, but you need to call it for what it is – deception.

    I ended up pitching their card and never used it because of the shady way they presented that. But then this unethical behaviour is in everything now.

    Ended up in a big fight over corn last week, can you imagine this? Corn for heaven sakes! Like I got time to fight about corn here but the the darn store was being under handed in the way they were dealing with me and that’s the point that really burns my buns every time out.

    1. I know. Me too. You hate to be duped. They all do it I guess. I will put this card away and not use it again. And pay off the air conditioner on the first bill.

  15. P.S. If I were you, I would also return the AC unit to them and demand a refund and make sure you receive a credit back for every cent Walmart charged you on it. Why keep a card you’re not going to use every again? Cut it up and forget about it, close it officially or just let it sit out there with ZERO balance for all eternity. Check around to see if you can find a good deal on another AC unit, perhaps even a better unit, depending on the maker of the unit you purchased from Walmart. I know you need the unit, it’s a priority because of the awful weather you’ve been having, but this is one way you have of not letting Walmart get its way defrauding you out of your $25 credit.

    1. I tried to lift the air conditioner box to a chair yesterday when it came and nearly did myself in. I could not get it more than a few inches off the floor and I’m still paying for that. So I cannot take this heavy thing back. And I don’t want to ask my SIL to do anymore than help me put one in the window. He’s very busy and I hate to bother him more than I have to. I won’t close the account because that hurts your credit. But I told them I wouldn’t be using their credit card again.

  16. It is NOT persnickety to insist on something that was plainly understood to be a $25 credit to be applied on the new credit card but misleadingly represented on the Walmart website! People wonder why I refuse to deal with Walmart or buy anything from them, despite “low low everyday prices” blah blah blah. It’s for precisely this KIND of unethical and possibly fraudulent behavior by Walmart. File a complaint against that Walmart with the Better Business Bureau in your city/county/state, Brenda. Do you have a “confirmation of order” email from Walmart? If so, check it to see what its contents say. Is there anything in it about the $25 credit? I suggest you also go right to the Walmart website and PRINT OUT EVERYTHING that you read about this $25 credit for opening a new Walmart credit card (if it’s still being offered). You may find that if push comes to shove, many people, including potentially a court if you brought a small claims action against Walmart, would understand and acknowledge that overwhelmingly most people do NOT read the small print that in many cases literally, is so tiny you can’t read it unless you magnify it 500 times! Who does that? Nobody I know, including myself. Or Walmart might be really nasty and try suing you, or make some notation on your credit report – which I would vigorously protest and fight! Check your state laws for consumer protections. Is there a Consumer Protection Division in your State Attorney General’s office or a Department of Consumer Affairs in your state? Can you file a complaint and ask them to investigate online? Make noise. Be a pest. Be an irritant – a never-ending irritant – to Walmart until they back off their absurd stance. They OWE you the $25 credit and need to do it NOW. Period. Personally, my stance would be that Walmart committed a potential fraud and, at a minimum, engaged in deceptive practices that violated consumer protection laws.

    1. I stopped going to Walmart for 4-5 years, and instead went to a local grocery store. But then money got tighter with all the vet bills, etc., and I started going to the nearest Walmart Market, because food is cheaper. I don’t own a printer right now, and haven’t for several years. But I will be a pest. I told the man today that I felt this bordered on fraudulent advertising.

      1. By the way, you can go to your public library and use their computer and printer. Some libraries require you to have a library card, some don’t. Anyway, my library charges a dime per copy, I think.

  17. I have always assumed that when in line making a purchase and offered a discount for opening a credit card with a company, that the discount had to be applied to that purchase that day. I have never done this. Not ever. I am not wealthy not even “well off” but the aggravation of having another card in my name is not worth it. It is designed to make more money for the store. They are counting on you carrying a balance and paying interest on purchases. They easily get the money back.
    Hope your eye surgery works out for you.

    1. I got a really discount when I did this with Best Buy once. But never again. Walmart won’t make any money on me with this credit card because I will pay off the bill when it’s due and won’t owe them another dime.

  18. Brenda, you say you do your food shopping at Walmart. Can you show them your credit card & then ask them to shred it. Then turn around & ask for a new credit card & use it on your groceries that day? If that doesn’t work, I would still persue the issue with the head honcho at Walmart & explain to them that you are a senior & on a fixed income. I am surprised that they didn’t verbally tell you that day when you got the credit card, that it must be used that day for the $25.
    Let us know how your eye surgery goes!!

    1. The people who work at the Walmart Market I go to are I’m sure making a low wage. I don’t want to take it out on them. I’ll deal with the higher ups. They make all the money.

      1. Oh, and I did tell the man today on the phone that I am older and don’t make very much money.

  19. Walmart is not as consumer friendly as some of the other box stores. I wish you luck with your issue, but I doubt they will give the promo to you.
    I used to shop Walmart almost exclusively but have become disillusioned with their customer service these past couple of years. I now tend to look for items in other stores even if it initially costs a tad more, because I get better service if I have a problem.
    Yes, your electric bill will increase, but what choice do you have? It has been really hot this summer even here in Reno and I am thankful to have A/C. I do not like A/C, as it seems the room is either too hot or too cold. I am on the top floor of my building and it is really hot up here so the A./C runs a lot.

    1. I imagine the top floor is pretty hot. No, I really have no choice. Just have to grin and bear it and pay it. My air conditioner comes on in the morning and never goes off till about 9 p.m.

  20. For reader Joyce-
    Brenda cannot get the $25 refund anymore. She said the fine print said she had to buy something the very day she signed up for the credit card.
    Brenda, what I would do now is write a letter to the Walmart CEO. He will surely take the $25 off your bill. The CEOs of companies never get the information from below-the employees try to handle everything before he knows about anything. BUT if you address the letter directly to him in care of Walmart (find the CEO name and corporate headquarters address online), and he reads it, you will have skipped all the layers of protection or whatever you want to call it. They cannot just throw the letter away. Fight this to the end. Do it for the people who don’t have time to fight something like this or don’t know how to fight similar issues, please!

    1. I spoke to a man at corporate today. He said it would have to go through a review for the dispute than might take several months. And still might not be positive for me. Guess I’ll give it a little time and then go back on the attack if nothing good comes of it.

  21. I am so weary of fine print tricks on every promotion that arrives in my in box! Hard to believe that WALMART of all places would not, as a courtesy, credit you – a new customer with good credit – a measly $25! You may well be at the end of your options, but if I were you I’d make a $25 purchase, accept the credit, and never buy from them again. Your disclosure here probably cost them a dozen or more customers – and has earned you the gratitude of your readers. Thank you!

    1. They didn’t seem worried about what I might say to who. The guy today seemed more concerned than the supervisor.

  22. No, you are NOT being persnickety about the false advertising!! Go after them!

    When I was working at a “come & go” surgery place, one of our eye docs always told his patients “Itchy, scratchy, blurry ~ no worries!” So don’t be alarmed after the surgery. It will clear up in a couple of days, and is normal. Just DON’T scratch at your eyes!

    All best luck ~

    1. The doctor said I couldn’t go anywhere near dirt afterward for a time. I said I have to water my plants. She said just don’t deal with dirt in any way.

  23. Brenda, just wanted to say Cataract surgery is the least invasive of any other. I had cataracts removed 7 years ago. I still wear cheater glasses from the dollar store tho, for fine print. I don’t know what level surgery I had, but here in Wisconsin each eye was $10,000. Thank goodness, my insurance paid for all. Each eye surgery takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Takes longer to get you prepped, with eye drops and all. I was VERY surprised to find out when I received my statement (paid) what the cost would have cost me, if I had no insurance. But your eyes are worth it, for sure. Anyway, you are going to be very very happy, when you see the difference in your sight. White and colors, are brighter, (white is no longer yellow), and road signs and the light up signs, in stores are clearer.. It really is like Magic…..Good Luck…

    1. Well, I was told that no insurance will pay for anything than the medical needs removal of cataracts. That is a really high price!

      1. That’s odd Brenda. I had cataracts removed from both eyes, 2 weeks apart, 4 years ago. They insert lenses, and the Dr. adjusted mine for my vision. Afterwards, I didn’t have to wear my contacts or glasses. After 50 years, this was great! This was right before I went on Medicare, when I was using my hubby’s medical insurance, and I had to pay a co-pay for each eye of $300. It was my understanding that this clinic ALWAYS did one level of service, there were no tiers.

        1. Just wanted to comment that my husband had cataract surgery with lense replacement and the Dr. charged $1,400.00 for each eye. He did them 3 weeks apart. That was about 5 years ago and before my husband was on Medicare. He had no insurance at the time and we had to pay the full bill out of our pocket. I’m certainly not complaining though after hearing what some other doctors charge. We live in a small town in North Texas. Maybe location has an effect on cost. His surgery went well and he has been thrilled with the results. I think you will see great improvement. I wish you all the best.


    1. I got a better response from the man I talked to today. But still it goes to a dispute type arena now. Nothing quick.

  25. Yes you dispute Walmart to the MAX. That does sound like false advertising. So glad to hear SIL can put the ac unit in tonight. Charlie will sleep better. Must keep our pets cool.

    1. I get all my groceries from Walmart. I spend money there every week. Seemed to me $25 was a small enough amount (to them) to keep me from voicing this online. See above in a comment as to what happened when I called again just now.

  26. I meant I had cataract surgery 10 years ago.

    Wal Mart should have showed good customer service and have given you the $25 discount. Putting that about having to use your card on the day you purchase the item in fine print just seems so wrong. Is there a number for the corporate head quarters you can call?

  27. You were correct to dispute this. Customer service failed you from the get go when your temporary card number did not work. Have you tried calling their corporate office in Arkansas to voice a complaint and there is always the possibility of leaving a review about this on their website.

    Hope you get it resolved soon.

    1. Okay, I called them as you advised. The upside is that this time I got someone who spoke good English. He said I still might not get the $25 when the dispute is resolved.

    2. Brenda,do this…I bought a small flat screen a few years back and took the purchase protection plan on it,not sure what they call it.
      The T V fell off the stand and the screen shattered,I called the number in the paperwork only to be told thàt wasn’t covered.
      Well,I put up a fuss,I emailed ArKansas and said I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and it was not spelled out in the ppaperwork what was and wasn’t covered,I would tell all my friends and family not to shop there and so on..
      I got the full price returned to me in an Egift card the nextday.
      Take it to the top and stand your ground:)

  28. Ten years I had cataracts removed. The Doctors do one eye then two weeks later they do the other eye. The surgery is very mild and so easy to have done. I had corrected lenses put in.

    After wearing glasses for 50 years I now have 20 20 vision. Amazing what medical procedures can be down now. As an RN my patients were in the hospital for 10 days.

    Best Wishes Always xoxo

  29. I think you were absolutely correct to dispute this with Walmart, and they owe you a minimum of $25!

  30. Hi Brenda,
    No, you are correct. That is a customer service mistake. They should have credited you.
    BTW, I love your emails!

    1. They were pretty stubborn about it. I said I would write about this on my blog and it would be bad advertising. They didn’t care.

  31. How irritating!! I’d be equally persnickety about that, no doubt! I am a person to take advantage of every savings I can when I need something and if I don’t get the appropriate savings I get really ticked off! Good luck with your fight….and with your eyes.

    1. The only reason I signed up for their credit card was to get that promotion. Guess I won’t fall for that again.

  32. I think you are right to dispute this with Walmart . I would think just to show good customer service they would give you the discount. Good luck .

      1. You need to call the 1-800-Walmart number and ask to speak to the manager of customer service (to begin with) and go from there. I called them from a Walmart store one day when I couldn’t get anyone to help me at all (couldn’t find a product). That rep called the store manager and she found me! lol I’d dispute it on principle!!!

  33. Best of luck with your cataract surgery. I just had both of my eyes done in May. It is amazing how it has helped me. It was a very easy surgery to go through too. Hope your air conditioner does the trick for you. Hopefully it’ll help bring your electric bill down for you too. Have a fabulous day!

    1. It will probably make the bill higher. I ordered the same one the neighbor has, and his went up. Mine now is around $110 a month, steadily going up every month even on the yearly averaging. His is $160 on the same averaging.

      1. Mine is running $600 a month right now for a 5 bedroom ranch. I know it’s all relative and we’re a two income home, but my goodness $110 sounds lovely,,,,,,,,Glad you’re going to be cool and Charlie boy too!

    2. You weren’t done right on the walmart application I did the same thing and I got my discount they should take responsibility for their Web page error. I too have had my cataract surgery and still wear glasses for stigmatism and reading insurance only paid for first type . Thankful I can see better . Good luck with your surgery Gloria

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