1. Sure looks better than that brown table it was last week with scratches all over it.

  1. I too love the name "Crushed Oregano"! But even more, I really love your new font, flower header and footer – pretty pink!! I was just going to post how much I liked the one yesterday and before I could say so, you posted again with this new one … looks like a "new attitude" – VERY nice!!

    1. And I just want to say: All of you who have asked me not to change this header need not worry. I just designed and ordered business cards with this on it. So it isn't going anywhere any time soon!

  2. I love it! I think I might need to go get me a jar of that color. I agree with the commenter that thought it was a picture from BHG. Great job! I really look forward to your posts each day!

    1. I'm so glad you like to read my blog. If you have suggestions of what you'd like to see more of, just shoot me an email.

  3. You never cease to amaze me, Brenda! You did a wonderful paint job on the buffet, I would never have guessed it was the same piece in the first photo. Well done!

    1. It really is a cheap piece of furniture to start with. Hardly was worth the worry of messing it up.

  4. Brenda you are one amazing lady and you truly do inspire me. When I get down I now think, "ok what would Brenda do?" And then I try and pick myself up and go from there…

  5. Love this color! I have a bench this same color, that I painted from a sample too. I find them in the Oops bin at Home Depot all the time, and they're marked down to 50 cents. It's such a pretty compliment to all of our reds and blues that we love so much 🙂

  6. And I'm so glad I have such wonderful friends who visit me daily! You all are my blessing.

  7. Isn't it amazing how color changes a piece of furniture. And thanks for the tip on the Valspar samples. I think Valspar is a good paint. Good, rich color pigment and it levels well. Your apartment is so charming and welcoming. Welcoming to all of us who visit you daily!

  8. I'm getting ready to turn some cubbies into a sofa table and I'm going to use a green like this color. A friend gave me six of the valspar samples and she told me she got them all for free. I wish I could remember the names of the magazines, but they have coupons for them.. I used what she gave me on a dresser I did in a plaid pattern and they came in super handy!

    Love your dresser! Great idea to use it for craft storage!

  9. OH MY! love that color! It looks very trendy and updated with those lamps….but still COZY!! great job!

    1. I like the color combo a lot. Wasn't sure if I would till I got the lamps over there.

    1. And when I think of you, Vickie, I think of your gorgeous dining room. Funny how we think of certain things or rooms when we think of other bloggers.

  10. This does look worthy of being in BH&G! The green paint really lets you see the nice details on the buffet. What a great idea to store craft things in there, will be so handy.

    1. I've got to get some stuff out of those bedroom closets. I've given away so much, but still have so much, and I want to get things organized where I can readily find them.

  11. Brenda what a great color! Not something I would normally choose, but the pop of color is exactly right. Love those lamps and blue and green has long been a favorite combo of mine. I'm going to check out those Valspar samples and get something to paint a cedar chest I have.


  12. Great color choice! I wish I were more brave in picking colors and thinking outside the box. Great idea about buying the Valspar sample paints!

    1. When you have to go cheap, you think outside the box a little. And those paints are perfect for small and medium projects.

  13. The color on the buffet is fun yet sophisticated too. I love the chucky feet of the buffet. Their round shape is picked up again by the lamps. I really love your new header — please keep it around awhile because it is so pretty.

    1. I do tend to try out new headers and then like them so much I want to switch them, don't I? I will leave this one for much longer, I promise. I am a dabbler at things, and love to play with styles and graphics. I hadn't thought of the chunky feet mimicking the roundness of the lamps.

  14. What a great color combo for your buffet and lamps! I like the shades on your lamps too. That was a good idea to use sample pots for it.

    1. I just don't have the budget to use more expensive and trendy paints. If I did, I would like to try them to see how much difference they make in applying them.

  15. Oh my gosh, I love that piece of furniture painted that color! I can hardly wait to see the table.

  16. Brenda, if it hadn't been for Abi, I would have at first thought your 2nd photo was one you were sharing from BHG. And of course I mean that as a compliment. It looks awesome! Bess

  17. All I can say is – Wow! An unexpected color but it works, especially with the lamps. Good choice, Brenda.

    1. It is quite unexpected for me. Thought it was time I branched out with more color choices.

  18. I love the bold green color and the blue lamps look great against it. I so love your love of color. It's so great to know someone who "gets" it about color. I've never been a whole room white thing going on! The knobs do have a vintage vibe going on and I like that they don't compete with the cabinet color.

    1. Every other kind of knob I looked it just didn't seem quite right. Can't go wrong with clear ones!

  19. Love the bold green. So much life to it. Saw a wall painted that color at Three French Hens in Wildwood MO recently and wanted to come home and go wild with it. Love looking at your colorful little home.

    1. Color seems to carry a vitality all its own. I could never live with all neutrals. I need bold colors, and a variety of it, in my life.

  20. Wow so different for you. But I like it slot. I usually end up with most of the paint on me. I didn't know why my hair had tangles. Here it was white paint……so.

  21. It does sort of have a vintage vibe, this color. Of course I dearly love herbs, have studied them for years. And if a color is named after an herb, I'm immediately in love with it.

    1. When I finally put the last brush stroke of paint on it, I was kind of stunned really. I mean, there are lots of mistakes and all, but it really is pretty. I look at it and I think: Wow, I actually painted that and I got more paint on it than I did me!

  22. I've been pondering painting a piece for the living room…I love this green! I recently modified a piece of furniture in there and thought of painting it green – but, I have a green wool,rug that I got free a couple of years ago from Free-cycle, so green painted furniture is out.
    I do love this new look– i kinda figured you'd go with green! Pat

    1. You might go to Lowes and look at these small jars and try a few colors out till you get the one you like.

    1. And they're cheap, so if you spill some or you don't like it, you're not out but three bucks!

    1. Suddenly I've been seeing blue and green alone together, or alone with white, and never really thought to do that. As they seemed part of the same spectrum somehow. But they really do look nice when paired together.

    1. I'm still cleaning up paint. I am a sloppy painter. Because I'm clumsy. And being clumsy means I turn and forget I have a paint brush in my hand and paint something. I constantly make mistakes like that. So I spend a lot of time cleaning up my mishaps!

  23. Such a beautiful color. I'm absolutely in love with it! Lovely color combination with the navy. I have very similar knobs on my small desk!

    Love how much Abi likes to be in the photo. So cute!

    1. I was worn out standing in Hobby Lobby staring at knobs. I couldn't decide whether to get something with a lot of color, or something plain. I felt these clear knobs would work, since the rest of the room is filled with color.

  24. Wow Brenda..I think I have a crush on Crushed Oregano..lol..I am thinking I would love this on my kitchen cabinets..I think I'll go to Lowes for a couple of samples and try it out!

    1. Those samples are great. It took me two and I painted the inside, or rather left it, the primed white color. You can try a sample for less than $3, and if you like it and need a lot, have them mix a quart for you. That's what I did with the yellow-gold.

  25. Brenda, it looks amazing! I think you have a Phd in color combinations. They are always spot on! Lovely job! ♥

    1. I chose from about 15 or so colors they have in those little Valspar samples. So that's how I picked my colors. I didn't go by the zillions of colors you can choose from. That's too overwhelming to me.

    1. I gave the tall black bookshelf to my friend Kay. She became my friend when she answered my call for help to move, and we've become fast friends. I had no place to put it. And I have enough bookshelves that aren't full yet.

    1. Is this the sage green color you like? Since I thought it was sage, but actually was oregano.

    2. It looks different than the sage on my bedroom walls, but I'm a "green girl". I like all shades of green, except Kelly Green. Love the name Crushed Oregano. Oregano is a favorite herb of mine.

    1. Especially in a place without many windows. You want to go light enough on the colors so you don't feel like you're in a dungeon!

  26. Love it! The lamps and your vignette are gorgeous on the green! The glass knobs are a beautiful touch. Can't wait to see the table!

    1. Judy was over here yesterday fiddling with the tabletop vignette while I was trying to figure out the gallery wall. So she can take credit for that.

  27. Brenda, I really like that color. It must do well covering since it covered the black. I also like navy and green together. Hope you are having a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

    1. Oh, I thought I'd never get enough primer on there to make a difference! I used what I had leftover from kitchen projects. I painted the inside white, well, just left the primer and it was white.

  28. I just love your new color! So bright and cheerful. I have been painting pieces I once had black-I still love black-and I love using some new color in our home I am enjoying seeing how you are decorating your new home and your patio container gardens–so pretty…

    1. I like black. But I hate that it always looks dusty to me. I don't want to constantly feel like I need to dust. If I don't see it, I can ignore it!

    2. I am with you on dusting. I used to sell furniture, and when black became so popular I would remind them they will be dusting a lot more, just depends on what you want in your life. Remind me did you already show us what you did with the top of the buffet?

    1. It's kind of hard to see the shade of color in here, as it's dark because I have the shade down due to the heat.

  29. Beautiful. Love the shade of green. Can't wait to see the table and the gallery wall.

  30. Your buffet is beautiful.. I love it done in green.. It looks so fresh. I like to knobs too. They take me way back.. It doesn't look like it could be the same piece of black furniture..
    Will look forward to seeing your table tomorrow.. Enjoy the rest of your day..

    1. I should be working on the gallery wall. But I've been a little lazy today. The table looks fresh and crisp too.

  31. Wow, you never cease to amaze me! I really like that color and the lamps w/it! Can't wait to see that cute table tomorrow!

    1. One more question, since it was black, did you prime it or just sand good before painting? You did a great job.

    1. I've ordered the same red and white buffalo check curtains to go on this window. So it will have those on each end.

  32. Brenda, I love the Crushed Oregano!! You are breaking into new colors and I like it. 🙂

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