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  1. I had a tooth pulled three weeks ago and it is just now healing. I can't imagine having 11 taken out. When something happens to us, it gives us empathy for animals and people who have had them all pulled at once!
    Your cozy little house, Brenda, is so charming.

  2. The first thing that struck me about this post is how cozy your kitchen looks! Glad your little Charlie is doing well. Stay warm – spring will be here soon — won't it???

  3. I'm so glad to hear Charlie is getting better with each day. I better get Milo in soon, maybe he, too, is having pain I don't know about.

    That's a great picture of the snow. I've tried to capture it and it just doesn't show up. What setting do you use on your camera?

    We didn't get half the snow they were claiming this past weekend, but it was cold and still is. At least it's sunny.


  4. I'm glad to hear that Charlie Ross is doing better. Poor babies Can't always tell us what's going on. I know what you mean about being grateful for a safe place to live with a roof over our heads, especially when it's cold outside. We've had a polar vortex type of winter here in Michigan. We've had a few days where the actual temp (without windchill) was 1 degrees. It's at these times that I worry about people and stray animals. Thank god we have churches and shelters that reach out even more during these times. I don't know how the birds are making it through this winter because most of them don't fly south anymore.

  5. Glad to hear the pupster is doing well! It was 80 on Saturday here in the piney woods of east Texas and today after sleet and snow, it won't get above 29 degrees. Stay warm, Brenda!

  6. So glad Charlie is doing well. We got 3 " of snow instead of 10". That's a good thing. I dropped my Kindle down the wooden steps today. Yep it hit every step. It was in a 31 " punch and seems to be just fine.

  7. So glad little Charlie is doing well. What a trauma to have so many teeth removed. Animals are amazing in springing back! Hugs to him.

  8. Charlie looks content and happy. I am so glad the dental problem is gone.
    I too and concerned with those without warm shelter. We had icy rain last night and I stood at my door with my heart hurting for those precious souls. I am very aware that but for the Grace of God that would be me. Glad you are keeping warm and safe. Hug the babies.

  9. Brenda, stay inside and cosy with the dogs, it's the only sensible thing to do in this kind of weather. Glad to hear that he is doing well, that's a real mouthful of teeth to have extracted, poor baby.


  10. We've had such a hard winter, and the other day E and I saw our friend, Eddie, a homeless guy who camps out not far from here. And I said to E, "How on earth does he get through this cold?!" But that's the life he's chosen, everyone has tried to help him. Glad Charley is better now! Hope your computer gets better, all these electronics are great … until they quit working. Stay warm!

  11. My little Schnauzer, who was very old, had to have most of her teeth removed. She was a rescue dog and had been used as a breeder. Her teeth were just not good. After they removed several, she felt better. Her tongue would fall out of the side of her mouth when she would sleep! lol Tess has gone over the rainbow bridge, but she was a sweetheart for the time she was here.
    I am glad Charlie feels better.

  12. You have a lot of snow coming down. My family and I were doing yard work in shorts today. Tonight, a snow storm is coming in. At least we got out today. Your kitchen looks cute with the doors off the cabs and lined in a pattern. I missed your post on that. Cute!

  13. I am out of the loop and hadn't heard a out Clyde! Oh, Brenda! I am glad he is okay. Poor baby, and how that must have scared you. We all love you and the pupsters so it is good to see that he is resting comfortably.



    Downton comes on PBS during the winter for about eight weeks. It is a series and is on DVD. They started before the first WW and are up to the 1920's. I think it actually started with the sinking of the Titanic.

  14. We had a pretty day here but more rain and cold on they way this week. So glad that Charlie is doing well. We do love our furry ones! Stay warm and safe.


  15. If we can find somewhere, let's all move to a warmer climate!!!! I think Charlie will improve daily because they say when you have really bad teeth, it just pumps poison thru your system. I think he is doing great.

    Stay warm,


  16. Hi Brenda. I am so pleased that you and Charlie have survived the ordeal of surgery. As you say, he may have been in pain for quite some time. I have 2 dogs also, and although they generally get on very well (despite a big difference in size), they tend to squabble over bones and other chewy things. Or they immediately try to bury or hide them from each other. So their teeth are probably suffering as a result. My male dog is a little toy poodle, who came from the pound. He loves to snuggle just like Charlie.
    Hope you get an improvement in your weather soon! We are having beautiful end of summer/early autumn weather here.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  17. It's good to hear that Charlie is doing so well. Stay warm and snug in your cozy house while that snow is blowing. It's snowing here off and on since last night, but thankfully we didn't get as much as they predicted. At least not yet. I'm like you and will be staying inside!

  18. A good lesson on how important good dental care is for our furbabies as well as ourselves! My baby boy had to have six teeth out. He never complains about anything. The only reason we took him to the vet was that he was cocking his ear at an angle so we thought he had an ear infection. Poor baby must have been miserable but he is always so happy so you can't tell. It's important to give them chew bones, biscuits, etc. for them to chew on to help keep their teeth clean.
    Happy he is feeling better, stay warm!

  19. We are getting sleet here in north Texas. It was 80 yesterday. The truck door was frozen this morning as we had rain after the temperature dropped.

    Glad that Charlies is doing well and all 3 of you are warm and safe.

  20. Brenda, Hug Charlie for me…he has my sympathy. I have had some dental problems myself since last August. You are wise to stay in when it's icy. Take care and stay warm, xoxo,Susie

  21. I'm glad he is continuing to get better and feel ok ! I like the name 'fairy flakes' …..we DID get snow here today, far earlier than they predicted, though they'd warned us the storm was unpredictable …maybe 4 or 5 inches at most with a wee bit of ice to start and I think it's over now and moving on …

  22. So happy to hear that Charlie Ross is doing well after all those extractions. I can't imagine that many at a time. Your weather system is headed our way. This morning was beautiful and 66 degrees. Now it is raining and the temps are dropping. Have a nice afternoon in your cozy little house! ♥

  23. we are getting a little bit of ice right now here in Arkansas might change to snow later today – I did my errands yesterday as I knew I would be staying home today and most likely tomorrow too. We have had at least 3 ice storms this winter where usually it is maybe one ice and several snow storms – I would rather take the snow any day. Love your yellow cup!

  24. Hi Brenda. Poor little Charlie Ross, he's been through a lot and I'm glad his little mouth is getting so much better. I've had lots of work done on my teeth all my life – I've had bad teeth. I think I'm about fixed now. The snow is pretty but I know it must be cold. Stay warm, bundled up in your quilts!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  25. I am so glad that Charlie is doing well. His mouth was probably bothering him worse than you knew. And, they say that teeth have such an impact on health- even to adults.
    You have the same kind of snow that we got a couple of days ago. I, too, am tired of winter-tired of the snow and the ice and THE COLD. I will be glad to see a true Spring day. xo Diana

  26. Yesterday was in the 80's here but today, it's sooo cold. We have a 20 percent chance of snow…we actually need the moisture sooo bad.
    Stay warm, dear heart…

  27. I'm so thankful to have a warm home to live in. I'm like you and worry about the animals who don't have a sheltered place in which to live. I worry about homeless people who don't have the necessities of life. There should be no homeless people in a country as rich as ours.
    It's wonderful that Charlie is doing well and taking his meds like a good boy. I used to mash pills and give them to our kitties in Gerber chicken baby food.. They loved it.. They would lick it right off of the spoon.
    I think your "fairy flakes" are headed to my house.. It is getting colder and I'm ready for them.
    I'll be thinking about you and your babies all snuggled together..
    I think I'm going to get my second cup of coffee right now.

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