I finally found it. An apartment to move to. It doesn’t have everything on my list I wanted, but it has some things I was not anticipating having.

This place is also soon going to be a gated complex, so that gives me a degree of comfort. 

It is a one level community of four-plexes. 

You get your mail at your door, and my apartment will be close to my parking space. (No garage, but you can’t have everything).

I do believe it will actually be closer to groceries and restaurants and such than where I currently live. And no steps to have to go up and down. 

What I’m Pleased About:

It has a large privacy fenced patio where I can still garden in containers and the dogs can run around.

You take your trash out your door and to a dumpster that is at the other end of the four-plex. There are no unsightly trash cans.

No one will be living below me or above me, so that was a huge plus to me.

I won’t have a refrigerator with an ice maker. But that’s not a big deal to me. I used ice trays for years before ice makers became popular. 

Though I know most good cooks prefer gas stoves, I have a fear of them due to an accident I had when I was young, and this stove is electric. 

I don’t think I’ll have as much kitchen cabinet space, believe it or not. But you know me. I’ll improvise.

Two Big Walk-In Closets:

What I will have are two large walk-in closets for clothing, etc. I don’t have a lot of clothing, and I may as well give away a lot of shoes since I have to wear sneakers with my ankle brace. I can use some of that space for other storage. 

The Oklahoma Chapter for Cerebral Palsy called last night and wanted to know if I had anything to contribute. They’ll be on my street next week so I will take that opportunity to donate.

This is a place that just seems more amenable to people my age.

I’m very worried about the pupsters transitioning. They do not take change well. Heck, I don’t take change well.

This will be coming about by May 1. Yesterday evening after signing all the paperwork I pulled in the driveway here and couldn’t help but cry. 

With life comes change. It is inevitable. I will live in a new-to-me home.

What is important is that the pupsters and I will be together. And a fresh start.

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  1. I have moved more than 30 times in my lifetime, there is always sadness as well as excitement about each move. I think I have become addicted to moving, it seems after a few years I start feeling restless. Maybe I am part gypsy. Good luck with your move and I know you will make it cozy also. Love your blogs.

  2. I am new to your blog, but once I found you I read every post. You made me smile, and your courage and adaptability made me realize I will get through what I need to get through, too. Thank you for the inspiration and good luck to you and the kids in your new place. I know you will soon make it "home"

  3. Hi, I am new to your blog, but your story spoke to me somehow, I read every post. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in your new home, you will be busy, but you will be too busy to worry much, and before you know it you will be settled. Good luck and my best to all of you.

  4. I am so glad for you Brenda! It sounds perfect, and the small size is good for the simplifying you sound like you want to do! The pups will adjust – you will be there and that is all they need. Congratulations, and know that my prayers will be with you for a smooth transition!

  5. I am sooooo distressed that I missed this post! But I am thrilled to pieces for you, Brenda! This is wonderful news! Hooray!

    It really does as close to,perfect as you can get. This has so many of the things you were looking for, and I love the fat that things will be done for you and that you will have a space for gardening and big closets and updated electrical. Yea! God bless Judy for helping you find this. She really is an angel.

    I have you in my prayers fro a smooth transition.



  6. Well, obviously I am behind in reading your posts. I saw the one today and realized you must've announced that you're moving. I hope the new place will work out for you and even turn out to be a blessing in disguise. As they say, when one door closes, another one opens. I wish you all the best with this transition.

  7. SO happy for you, Brenda! Glad you got everything that is really important to you. Change is good, and who knows what wonderful things may happen when you close the door to your house, and open the door to your new home!

  8. Brenda, I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you are open to a new adventure. This place sounds like it will be much more manageable. If you're happy then I'm sure the pups will be too. Glad to hear that you and Judy are such good friends. What a godsend. Good to hear that you will have a manageable outdoor gardening space. A fresh start and a new canvas and maybe a new friend or two.

  9. So happy for you, Brenda. I don't blame you about keeping location a secret. In this day and time, it's not safe for folks to know everything. I hope you are extremely happy in your new place, and that your babies adjust quickly. This sounds like a great place to start over. I'm wishing you all the best!!

  10. This IS good news indeed! Don't worry too much about the pups, they will adjust. Bentley did and I was worried about him leaving the house and yard that he loved. I was concerned also because he was born just three houses away and that was all he knew. But our dogs just want to be with us so wherever we call home, that is home for them as well. And you also know how they sync into our moods and insecurities so if you are happy then they will be too. Judy is a wonderful friend to you. What a blessing she has been and will continue to be. God Bless that dear soul. It sounds like your life is on an upswing. It's been a long time coming, but its good news indeed.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Brenda, new to following your blog, I had no idea, but this sounds like you found the perfect new home for you and your pupsters! With a new start of independance and freedom to be proud of. I am so glad to follow along and see your wonderful new place become your home. I am happy for you! I have two sisters in Oklahoma, one in Edmond and one in OK City, just wanted to share 😉
    [email protected]

  12. Brenda, I'm behind, so I just now found this post. Glad to hear that you have the where to go part under control. It will all work out in the end, and for the best…I truly believe that for you.

    Hugs sweetie. And good for you for keeping some details private.


  13. So glad you've found a place both you and Judy like! It was so sweet of Judy to help; she's a keeper.I want to comment on what Janet Pigman warned you about, that some places look okay in the daytime but are so very different at night. When my son would have to find a new apartment because of job transfers, he was aware of that, too, so he would drive by at night to see how many cars there were at any apartments he was interested in and also whether they were newer cars or old. A lot of cars meant a lot of people and could mean a lot of noise at night and older cars maybe meant the unemployed. Sometimes there is a lot of loitering at night or lots of kids outside being noisy. You can learn a lot by driving by a place at night. If you ever plan to buy a house, it's even more important to check out the neighborhood at night. It is amazing what you can learn.

  14. Wonderful! You're wise not to broadcast your location.
    Enjoy your new home! It does sound lovely. I'm sure you
    will have it cozy and homey in no time.

  15. I am so happy for you! I think this place sounds perfect. You always talked about small space living, so I know you will make the best of 725 SF. You can have your dogs, you have some yard space, you don't have to shovel. No ice maker is no biggie at all. I've never had one. It's so easy to just use ice trays. Think of it this way: it's one less mechanism that could break! The electric stove would probably be a deal maker for me; I can't cook on one. Gotta have a gas stove. But I understand where you are coming from since you had an accident with one.

  16. So happy for you Brenda! This place will be so much easier on you and the pups. Maybe you could convert one of the walk-in closets to a laundry with a stackable washer and dryer. I bet your pups will like it better too if you are able to get out and walk around the community. You will be busy the next couple of months so don't worry about postings. We'll be here waiting to hear from you. Good Luck!

  17. Congratulations Brenda! Great news as you sound so relieved and excited about a new start.The pups will adjust and be fine.They will have you and their belongings and it will be wonderful. I think it is a nice way to Spring clean! Just move ! LOL, I realize there is so much more involved but I have to have :-)'s. When the last item is on the truck and you are leaving your little house, do your talking to it, lock the door and that is that. Smile at your wonderful new days ahead. You are so kind and so talented, you will have new adventures and we all get to share with you.Bless you 3 (the pupsters) and wonderful Judy getting things going now! Yes! I love the idea of a housewarming something! Hugs.

  18. Brenda, believe me when I say this has made my day! I was so worried you wouldn't find a place that would let you keep the dogs, or a place where you didn't have your own outdoor space like a yard or garden. Whoo Hoo! You are truly on the road to independence! I can't wait to see where you go from here!!


  19. Such great news! I'm sure it is also incredibly bittersweet so will be thinking of you as you transition to this new season… And am eager to see what you do with your new space–you'll inspire so many of us as usual. 🙂 ~Danielle

  20. Wherever you are, will be home for the pups. I hope you are very, very happy living there and that all your dreams come true.

  21. I am so excited for you. Ready this and hearing you have signed a lease…..Yahoo. I'm sure you and Judy have picked a safe and perfect place. The pups will have less to get used to than before. That move was across country and leaving a lot behind. This move will just be the same but different walls, so to speak. I like the whole idea of this. You can meet new friends, garden in an enclosed area, no repairs and on and on. I like that you wont have to service your home while paying rent. Also that the freedom of really being on your own. That's why the little house didn't work. It wasn't because you didn't try. I would keep the address quiet. We can go through Judy if we need to. I am so glad that you found a small place that takes dogs. Yippee…….and I do think a housewarmer party is in order. xo

  22. Yay! So happy for you! It sounds like the perfect place for you and one that you can finally settle into and stay in. I'm sure the puppies will be fine. I think it's a great opportunity to downsize and really surround yourself with the things you love most. Love that it has outdoor space for you and the puppies. Can't wait to see it!

  23. Such good news! I'm sure the puppies will be relaxed and happy transitioning if you are too. Lots of times our animals take their cues from us. Sounds like the perfect solution and an easier place for you to handle. Many blessings …

  24. Brenda,

    I am SO glad to hear that you found a new place. I was Praying for you and knew that something would finally pop. You are SO GOOD at space saving and decorating, you can look on this as a new adventure in your life. I know that change is SO hard indeed, and at a certain point in our lives all we want to do is stay put and be confortable in our daily routines. I know that this will be the place where you can do just that, and I know that your pups will be happy because they know and can feel that you are happy. It all sounds wonderful and I wish you every continued happiness. It is good that you are keeping your new home private and other details as well. I totally understand it, and I agree completely. Good Luck always and we are all behind you 100% .

    Jackie O.

  25. I am so happy all this seems to be coming together for you. You will make it your own in no time at all. It is nice that they are giving you the flooring you want! I have no doubt you will thrive.

  26. I happy the search is over for you, Brenda, and that you have found a new place! Now you can focus your energies on making your new place, your home. Change is always hard, so I am keeping good thoughts that this will be a good change, and a new adventure for you. You are blessed to have such a good friend like Judy…and meeting her came from your last change!

  27. As long as you have your pupsters and Judy isn't too far away all is right with the world. I'm happy to hear you are open to possibly meeting new people and maybe getting out a bit more. I think that will do wonders to lift your spirits and to help this new place feel more like home. As you said, it's not perfect, but there are always compromises to make in life and this new place sounds like it hits all the major buttons. You're going to be fine (((hugs)))

  28. I am so thrilled for you! I know you've been searching for quite a while…sounds like a great fit. I think the pupssters will take cues from you…so I wouldn't be too worried about them. This is an exciting time for you…it will be a tedious but fun project. Wishing you only the best Brenda! 😉

  29. Great news, Brenda! You have been investigating smaller home sizes, so this sounds like a good fit. As soon as you said 2 walk-in closets, I envisioned one of them becoming more of a "room" than a closet….. perhaps for sewing & crafts ~ a pantry & storage room ~ a pantry & coffee station? Can't wait to see how it all gets decorated. We are hoping the snow is gone here by May 1 this year….. but, will you be able to dig out some plants by then to move along with you to your new garden space? An enclosed yard for the pups is wonderful. I hope you will be very happy, and it is so wonderful that Judy was there with you through this search. It is always good for a 2nd set of eyes to look at things with you when you make a big decision. I wish you joy and peace in your new home.

  30. Congratulations on your new "digs" Brenda! I hope you and the pupsters will be very happy! I too feel your pain about what could have been but like you said we all have to move on and make the best of it! It's your turn to have things a little easier…ENJOY!

  31. Hi Brenda, Congrats on finding your new home. It sounds great. I know moving has it's challenges but it will be so worth it for a fresh start for you and your little darling pups. Best wishes!!

  32. I am so glad that you found something!!! Prayers for an easy move and peace with the changes. I wish all the best for you and the pupsters!!!

  33. Brenda, I am so happy you found a place where you can have your pupsters and a garden. Also glad you have had your cry and can now move forward with a new start! You are a survivor and I can't wait to see what you will do with your new home. Thanks for being there each morning – you start my day in a wonderful way and I wish you the best.

  34. I'm so glad you've found a place that ticks most of your boxes. I know from househunting myself that you can't ever get them all – just have to prioritize and I trust Judy completely too. She is an amazing person. I know you will make your new place a wonderful welcoming little home. You have a talent for it. Good luck xo J

  35. I am so happy for you. This sounds just what you need. I don't blame you for being on the safe side about your new home and keeping on the QT. Take care and post as you have time. BTW. I do not get your posts until a day later,don't know if anyone else has this happen with them.Give the fur babies a hug.

  36. YaY! I will be praying for you and your babies. I do not handle change well, either, so I understand. I am sure you will make your new place feel like "home", in no time.

    Grace & Peace

  37. Hi Brenda. I'm glad you've found a place. You sound cautiously optimistic, which seems like a good attitude. I have a hunch that you and the pups will settle in well. Perhaps there will be a window from which they can watch the comings and goings in the parking lot or a courtyard, and it will be fun for them. They'll enjoy the little garden you make. You'll enjoy not having to worry about limbs falling off of old trees, electrical wiring, and the other issues of living in a house. May will be a lovely time for a new beginning.

  38. Brenda I am so sorry you have to move but I will send positive thoughts your way that the change will be good and you will be happy there. Can you maybe get something for the dogs when you move to help keep them calmer?

  39. Brenda, I am so excited for you and the pupsters! Sounds like a great place for all of you! Hope you will still be near Judy. Looking forward to seeing your new place decorated with your special touch.

  40. Brenda, I'm just getting to your blog and read the good news! I am so excited for you. It sounds pretty amazing and I am so happy for you. I have never had an ice maker, so that's no big deal. You will get used to doing the laundry, at least you won't have to drive out to do that. I was worried about that for you. Maybe one of those grocery carts would help you out w/that. Can't wait to see pics! You will make it beautiful, we have no doubt!

  41. Oh such wonderful news – I want to wish you all that is happy and joyful in your new home. Sounds like a wonderful home for you & the pups.

  42. Wishing you all the happiness in the world with your new adventure! I am looking forward to seeing some "before & after" pictures of your decorating! Lisa xo

  43. Good for you, Brenda! Moving is never easy, but it sure sounds like this move will make life a little easier for you. The small enclosed yard will be a lovely refuge in the warm weather and I have a feeling you'll meet some wonderful people in the gated community!

  44. Bravo!!! This sounds like a very good kind of move. I am so glad you found a place for you and the pupsters to call home. Knowing you and your talents you will have it bright and colorful in no time. Cheers to the laminate floors! And 2 walk in closets!!! I can not wait to see what clever things you do with those spaces. As far as change goes, remember that change brought Judy into your life. 🙂 As I always say, the only constant is change.

  45. Brenda, God blessed you with your friend Judy. I didn't know you were moving. I had computer problems…had all my pals on my favorite list it went with the loss of the computer…Then I had troubles getting on line and finding people. Stay strong Brenda, you are a survivor. xoxo,Susie

  46. So happy that you and the pupsters will have a new home! Brenda, you will make any home look so adorable and cozy and I am sending good thoughts and blessings for you. Carolyn in Fl.

  47. I am very happy for you, too. I know it won't be easy but it sounds like it will be for the best! And I know you'll be happy there. You have a way of finding happiness no matter where you live and you'll make a good life for yourself and your pets. I'm so glad you have Judy close by to help you. What a true friend she is and a blessing. Sending you sweet hugs! And you can always come farther South….later on! Sweet hugs!

  48. Such good news….Hope your new place gives you much joy. Won't it be fun getting it all decorated with your pretty things? We'll be waiting for pictures…Be happy!

  49. Brenda I am so happy for you! Yes it is sad / you'll miss your old place but how exciting to have found something! And the pups will be fine / you are their mama and they are going with you on your new adventure…and in my book, Judy is closer than a sister to you / you'd not have the green light without her…so it's all good. No, not easy…lots to do, but we'll all be with you on the way ! 🙂

  50. I know it is sad, Brenda, but it is exciting, too, in a way. You get a brand new start and you won't be feeling like you OWE anyone -that you don't have to feel indebted to someone for "helping you out" by depositing you in a house and then basically ignoring you. I HOPE it is not too far from Judy- I know how you love your Judy!

    Your pups will be fine because YOU will be fine and they will take their cues from you and you, my dear, are going to be just fine yourself!!!! xo Diana

  51. Congratulations Brenda! I'm very happy for you! I hope the move goes smoothly and you are able to get all the help required in the transition. It's a big job. I am sorry things didn't work out with family but you still have all of us. And you will meet new neighbors and make friends at your new home. So it looks like we will both be moving. Today, after renting of 3 years, I found out I will be a homeowner again. Let's toast … to new beginnings!

  52. Brenda, I am so glad you found a place. Your decorating style is so awesome that I know this new place will be "home" in no time. Take care in your new place and wishing you many blessings.

  53. Brenda, I am so glad you found a place. Your decorating style is so awesome that I know this new place will be "home" in no time. Take care in your new place and wishing you many blessings.

  54. Congratulations on finding a new cozy little house! I am so excited for you to have this new opportunity. I know the packing and sorting is not fun, but you have a new adventure ahead. I just hope it is close to Judy! And by the time you are there, surely Spring will have arrived and you can get your hands in the dirt!

  55. Judy, I was so excited to hear your news. It sounds like it has all the bells and whistles you need. Finding a place is so hard these days. I'm glad you will feel safe, that is very important! The pupsters will be fine as long as they have you to take care of them! I know you will make it beautiful, I can't wait to see how you decorate your new home!

  56. Brenda,
    I am so excited for you. It seems like the perfect solution. We downsized last June and its great to not to worry about the outside stuff and we have a tiny place next to a fence to supply with flowers without wearing one out. Same with the trash and the mail. Have quiet neighbors and we can get out and walk our dogs in the coummunity without being afraid. You will be happy and as long as your happy the puppies will be happy and safe.
    Start packing slowly. I got boxes off of Craiglist for a samll amount of money. They were sturdy. Sometimes they are free. So ahppy for your Brenda.
    Connie, FL/IN

  57. Congrats! It sounds perfect for you! If it were just me and my dogs, I would do the same thing!! No lawn mowing, no expensive repairs from your pocketbook, etc….. perfect!! Happy for you!

  58. I'm so glad for you, Brenda, and this place sounds like it will work out for you wonderfully. And…you'll really not be alone if you should need someone.
    Be careful and take your time. We'll be here.
    Be a sweetie,

  59. Please be careful about where you are going. There are pockets in Tulsa where by day everything seems okay but at night things get very different. If the complex is becoming gated there maybe a reason for that.
    Judy has been here along time, what has she said about the area? I know when I was getting my divorce and having to move I was looking at a really cute duplex community about 56 and Peoria. When I told my agent where I was looking-I was advised that he wouldn't sell me anything there…
    51st south to 71st between Riverside and Lewis is dicey. North of 31st, East of Sheridan to 129th is also not so good. Just a concern since you didn't pinpoint an area in your post.

  60. So excited for you…will be so fun to watch and keep up with your decor and all…it is a little bigger than my new digs to be…it will so fun to follow you and learn from you once again.

  61. Brenda, you will transform this new house into your new home! You are right that with life comes change–and though some is not what we hoped for we seem to adapt and even thrive with it. We can't wait to see what you create in your new home….

  62. Good luck with your new move and things always happen for a reason. I think you will be very happy there. Even though downsizing can be difficult most people find they are happy after they do it. I got rid of/sold a lot of my "collections" and made good $. It felt so freeing to have less stuff to dust and take care of, and more time for the enjoyable things. My best wishes for your new home.

  63. As hard is moving is (again), there is a bit of excitement in it…and…this new duplex community sounds like it is really nice. If people have been there 20 years, you know it is a good one.
    Just think how cathartic cleaning out and packing up will be! (Trying to be really positive here). 🙂

    You will make your new home just as comfy cozy for you and your pups as you did in your present home. As soon as you are settled, you will have to post pictures for us to continue to drool at.

    Just pack in stages and don't overdo it…too much.

    Wishing you the very best!

  64. Brenda I am so very happy for you! I know how hard this has been and to finally find a place is such a relief. I live in much the same kind of place and love it. My neighbor is there if I need her and everything is taken care of; maintenance, yard work and I feel safe which is very important! I know Judy has been such the best help and the best friend ever!!! I'll email you soon.

    hugs, Linda

  65. I am so proud of you. And I love your picture!!! No matter where you go, you will make it sublime! I agree with Poppy, we should have a virtual house warming party…perhaps a few followers may want to send you a special something to your new home. Congratulations.

  66. An enclosed patio for the pupsters will be safer for them too. Sounds like a safe place to live and without the type of neighbours you have next door now. Very happy that you, with Judy's help, did find a place you can move to and be comfortable with the surroundings.Hugs.

  67. Kudos to the dynamic duo for tracking down just the right place for your present needs. It sounds perfect for you and the pupsters. So glad it has a garden, which I know you really love, and especially am happy that you are open to meeting new people, making new friends and sharing the wonderful amenities and features of this new place, which you will soon call home. Best of luck to you, and we'll have to have a virtual house warming of sorts!

  68. I'm happy that you have found a place Brenda. Change is scary, but I know you will make your new home as beautiful and cozy as your place is now. Take care. ♥

  69. That sounds like a good fit for you!!! You will still get to garden and that is going to be wonderful. Just think of the fences as verticle space for garden vines, etc. Plus the pupsters will be safer there. No getting out to the street. I am so happy for you. Now is your time to try smaller. You have been wanting to try living smaller. 🙂 I think that this place is smaller….or maybe not. I can't remember the size of the house you are in now. I can't wait to hear about all the adventures you will have making this into your new home! Clean slate. What do you want to try next? Will you go with a new style of decorating? But I guess that is hard to say until you are actually in the space. Even though I know that this will take some getting use to and will be scarey at times, I am so happy for you. Hugs, Teresa

    1. I currently live in 1010 square feet, so yes, 725 is smaller. Doubt my style will change. But I'm excited to redecorate. That's the best part of moving!

  70. I'm so glad to hear this! It sounds like it will be a good place-praying things will go well with this fresh start and that the pupsters will adjust easily!

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