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Well I was just sitting here drinking my coffee and checking emails. And I saw that I had an email from my oldest daughter, Kendra, 13 hours before.

It said that Kasi, my younger daughter, had a bad accident working out in the garage yesterday afternoon and broke her wrist.

Of course I immediately called Kendra.

Apparently it was a bad break. Kendra forwarded photos of the x-rays and the bone was completely separated.

Kendra said she was texting back and forth with Ross, Kasi’s husband, all evening.

Both their father and I are not into texting. We’re both stubborn and have to be emailed. He won’t even think of having a cell phone. I have one I carry in my purse and never turn on. What an old-fashioned pair we are.

But then I’m almost always home and sitting right next to my home phone, so it’s easy to get in touch with me.

Anyway Ross had taken her to urgent care and after sitting there for hours they finally saw her and said take her to the hospital.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I broke both sides of my ankle in July 2012. Sat in urgent care for hours. When they finally called me back they took one look and said “Call an ambulance.”

So off to the hospital I went on a Sunday evening and laid there till 10 p.m., only to be told I’d need surgery and to call a surgeon the following morning. I wasn’t able to schedule surgery till Friday. Which coincidentally was Friday the 13th.

So anyway Kasi is on painkillers and we don’t know at this point if she’ll have to have surgery. Apparently they put her under and snapped it back into place.

The email was of course last night, but I get off-line by 6 p.m. I used to have a laptop in the bedroom. But then I’d always think of something I needed to Google, and you know how that is. You end up going down a rabbit hole and come up for air hours later.

So of course I’m worried about Kasi. They wouldn’t let Ross go in with her due to Covid-19. He had to leave Andrew with a neighbor. He sat in the car for hours and went inside every little bit to see if there was any news.

Kasi didn’t have her phone on her and he wouldn’t leave the parking lot to go home to get it even though they live close by. He told Kendra he didn’t want to leave her. They’ve been married nearly 18 years and he’s always been very protective of her.

Of course it’s always bad to have something like this happen. But to have it happen during the era of Covid-19 is even worse because all the rules have changed.

I meant to talk about other things today, but as I just found all this out, that’s all my mind can think of. I’ll let you know what happens.

Kasi is 41 years old but by golly she’s still my baby.

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  1. My oldest is 43 & she’s still my baby hope all goes well with your daughter be blessed?

  2. Oh goodness, that’s terrible, Brenda. I will keep you all in my thoughts. I hope it heals quickly and she doesn’t need surgery.

  3. So sorry for your daughter, Brenda and the rest of you too!! Will be praying she will recover quickly and be mended well soon!! And that you will not worry overly much…yea, we are always mamas till our sense is all gone!!

  4. So very sorry. How heartbreaking to know your daughter could not have her husband to join her. I hope healing goes well with no need for surgery…. and she, as well as others who have to endure medical care at this time, are in prayers for safety. We have an elderly friend(82), who fell last week and broke his hip…no Family allowed…so sad to have no Family support in time of medical emergency/needs. :0(

  5. When you leave the house…Turn On the Cell Phone, you can see who is calling and choose to ignore or answer. It’s that simple. When you get home turn it back off and call back anyone you chose to ignore, your choice, you’re in control, you pay for the phone use it! Sorry to rant, but you have it, put it to use. Otherwise your wasting your monthly payment.

  6. Sorry about Kasi’s injury. I will put her in my prayers. I went to Urgent Care a few months ago. They said they do not take my insurance. No one even asked me what my problem was, so I just walked out.

  7. Oh Brenda, hopefully she will be just fine….a recovery period, and then good as new. I’m the same, my older daughter just turned 30 a week ago, but she’s still my baby. Sending prayers and hugs, my friend.

  8. I’m sending lots of prayers to Kasi that she will heal quickly!
    I don’t always turn my phone on, but I text my family all the time or a quick call. The only one I call and talk to for about an hour is my Mom bc she only has a phone, not a cell. My Dad’s hearing isn’t like it use to be, so he doesn’t like to talk on the phone at all. It’s frustrating for him!

  9. My son is 47 and my daughter is 40. Of course always my babies

    Best Wishes and Prayers to your daughter

    1. Same age as my girl,Brenda,and I worry about her daily.
      She had a level 2 spinal fusion in January,a difficult recovery and then she tested positive for Covid,twice!
      The DOH feels it was just the timing of the tests,she was likely just infected on the first one.
      So, completely understand,saying a prayer and keeping good thoughts.

  10. My prayers are for Kasi and you, too, Brenda. Take deep breaths often during the day. Relax. Try to stay busy. Kasi will be OK and home soon. This, too, will pass and everything will be okay.

  11. They are always our babies no matter how old they are. I hope she is able to get on top of the pain and that she doesn’t need surgery. xo Laura

  12. Oh that’s awful. So sorry for her!! I get the whole phone thing, I hate texting too. I have a landline and much prefer a person to person telephone call. I also am thinking that if the Government is going to Contact Trace us through our cell phones mine may be going in the trash. I like my freedom and privacy!! Anyway I hope your daughter gets the care she needs.

  13. I’m so sorry to hear this news! This Covid thing is certainly making it difficult for anyone with medical issues. A neighbor had a baby 3 weeks ago. If her husband wanted to stay with her while she had the baby, he would have to stay with her the entire hospital stay. That’s because if he left the hospital to go home, he wouldn’t be allowed back in until the mom was discharged. On top of that, he would need to bring in ANYTHING he would need while staying there, food included!! The cafeteria and all other food shops were closed (no visitors allowed in hospital) and the medical staff used their own private cafeteria. A friend’s 90 year old father developed pneumonia and then septicemia and was admitted straight into the ICU! His wife couldn’t even go in to admit him or visit! If you’re ill with a broken wrist or pneumonia with your organs shutting down, you would do better with family nearby! I guess infection control is most important now but tell that to your daughter and SIL. ☹

    1. My granddaughter is having her first baby in June and we told her husband he better bring snacks because he won’t be able to leave the hospital. We are hoping that the hospital will offer him a meal as they would for my granddaughter !

  14. I wanted to ask about a couple of the plants in the pics. The rose (maybe You have said before but I can’t remember,) is it an old fashion rose or a knock out rose? And is it Yellow? And the pic with the yellow flowers (Beautiful!) what are they? I’m considering putting a Lacy type Daisy on one side of my Shastas and a Banana Cream Daisy on the other side and I still have room in my flowerbed for a few more things and I really like Yellow flowers!! Good Day. 🙂 b

    1. I really don’t know what kind of rose it is. But not a knock out rose. And it is yellow. The yellow flowers you see are Yellow goldilocks rocks. I’d never heard of them or seen them until they were at the nursery this year.

  15. I broke my wrist in several places 3 years ago. I had surgery and a custom steel plate put in. It healed easily and quickly! Good luck.

  16. I’m not going to tell you not to worry because, you are going to always worry about your children no matter how old they are ! My prayers are with Kasi !

  17. “Kasi is 41 years old but by golly she’s still my baby.” Interestingly, the last line of Your post says it all! I know she is hurting and I hope the pain will ease and she will heal quickly. Will keep all in prayer. 🙂 b

  18. I’m not going to tell you to not worry because when it comes to your children, you worry all the time and pray all the time to keep them healthy and safe no matter how old they are ! My prayers are with Kasi !

  19. Brenda,
    Regarding telephones:
    ” I have one I carry in my purse and never turn on.”
    Why bother to have a phone if you are not going to use it?
    As we get older,especially living alone, a phone is a lifeline!
    I’m not a huge fan of texting, but there have been times when emergency dictated “time was of the essence!”
    Please reconsider all the advantages of having a phone and start using them now.
    your daughters will truly appreciate it!
    I know my kids do!

    1. I have it for emergencies. If I need to use it, I can. I prefer not to be bothered by it otherwise. My kids can call me here at home because I rarely go anywhere and the phone is right next to my chair. They know they can do that. I just hate seeing people walking around glued to those damned phones. I want to enjoy my surroundings when I go out.

      1. So sorry to hear the bad news. Will say a prayer for Kasi. You hang in there! I am the same way with cell phones and I do not text. Ever.

      2. Sorry, Brenda, I agree with Lou. I think when you are out, you should have your phone turned on in case someone is trying to contact you in an emergency. Just because it’s on doesn’t mean it will be glued to your ear. I’m glad to hear you at least have a home phone though, so your daughters can contact you at home when you’re there. I don’t have a home phone, so my cell phone is turned on 24/7 in case of an emergency (my 80-year old mom, my aunt who has a lot of health problems, my son, my friends)…and yes, there have been a few times in the past years where I’ve been called with emergencies, even in the middle of the night.

  20. So sorry to hear this. Will say a prayer for her. Try not to worry to much, she will do good.

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