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  1. My doc explained most surgeries are being done at surgery centers that do not treat any illnesses. Still no guarantee but better.

    I’m still going to wait for knee replacement. Even if this would be a good time to be recovering, home anyway!

  2. I started minimizing my consumption of the Covid-19 info; after Laura Ingraham had two doctor’s on her show that were so logical and rational. I’m sorry I didn’t record their names, but you can research them if you want to. I found their candor and factual assessments of their personal treatment of covid patients enlightening. I will wear a mask in stores as well as gloves. I will wipe down products brought into my home. But, I’m going to start to live again.
    I feel apprehension for your daughter, Kasi having to be in the hospital at this time. I wish her a speedy recovery.
    Your cat’s antics on her tower are so funny. I can only imagine the laughter she gives you.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Those numbers break my heart. I feel grateful that no one I know has gotten the virus, but woman yesterday who said her cousin had died from it. So sad. xo Laura

  4. Hoping all goes well with your daughter’s surgery! I know you’ll be glad when it’s over and she can recuperate at home.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Mercy!! Your kids are keeping that hospital in business this year!! I hope both girls come out ok and for the better!! Wonder if some bone broth eaten regularly might help the wrist heal better? Yea, we are staying put for the most part too…and most days, with our daughter here getting groceries for us, plus what we order, we are doing fine. Vitacost company has been SO QUICK getting my boxes here…2 days last time. Yes, they do not have everything, But I have no problem getting the minimum amount needed for free shipping. Boxed company is a bit slower….usually a week, but they too…good for what they have and I do not have to leave the apt.

  6. Prayers for your daughters ! I’m very lucky my daughter does all the shopping for me. I go along for the ride and wait in the car and people watch !

  7. Ance Mist says:

    There is a trick to washing hands all the time yet having healthy hands and it is this. Always, always dry your hands completely, top and bottom, in between fingers and around nails. I have been doing this for a long time an don’t even use any type of hand cream or oil on my hands ever and they are very healthy and healthy-looking even tho I wash my hands all the time, I mean, ALL the time!

  8. Annette Tracy says:

    I am glad Kasi is getting the surgery and hoping her recovery will be swift. The same for Kendra. My daughter’s shoulder is a mess due to long time gymnastics, equestrian and violinist for years. It is rearing it’s ugly head and I think the time has come to repair it but scary to think about it.

    Love seeing Ivy in that tree. And so sorry Charlie has to go out so often. Certainly doesn’t allow you to rest much.

  9. I’m glad Kasi doesn’t have to stay overnight in the hospital. I’m sending her prayers for a speedy recovery!

    Stay safe and be well!

  10. I’ve been doing curbside pickup for groceries since mid-March. Don’t plan on going inside for quite awhile longer. I’ll probably venture into a garden center soon, donned in mask and gloves.

    Brenda, how did you decide on your daughters names? How do you pronounce Kasi? Casey? Cassie? Kay-zee? So pretty!

    1. It’s pronounced Casey. I didn’t pick either of my daughters’ names. My great-aunt, who cared for me when I was so sick before Kendra was born, chose her name. And with my second child my then husband was determined to name his child, male or female, after some ball player. So I didn’t pick either one.

      1. Not an answer I was expecting. It is what it is and doesn’t matter now, but still sad. Thanks for sharing. Hoping for a speedy recovery!

  11. I finally stopped listening to the news. It is all too much and always negative. My head is in a better place now. Thank you for the photos of Charlie and Ivy!

  12. Pat Gaudreau says:

    Keeping good thoughts and prayers for your daughter.
    Bella and Bud got their 1st Kit nip box yesterday,now usually they don’t pay much attention to their toys,well,not sure what their secret ingredients are but they’ve been busy since it came!
    Apparently during the night as well since everything was spread out this morning,lol.

  13. Good morning Brenda,

    I will be praying for your daughter as she has surgery on her wrist. Will she have to be overnight in the hospital? Hopefully she can get out of there as soon as possible.

    Poor charlie, I hope he gets a break in the rain.

    I am on the same page with you, as much as I might want to go somewhere, I am not risking my health or my husbands.

    Take care my friend.

    1. No, it’s outpatient surgery. Most are these days I think.

  14. We are living in scary times and new ways of doing things. I hope both of the surgeries go well. Jumping through hoops right now sounds like a lot but probably will keep both of them safe from the virus. Keeping good thoughts they will both do well. Love seeing little Ivy on her Tower over looking her kingdom lol!

    1. Prayers for both daughters. I agree with you, I am only going grocery shopping in the senior hour every 3 weeks or so. I live an hour away from my 88 year old Dad who takes care of himself. I make sure he is not going anywhere either. Maryland just announce it will open up a little more starting Friday. We will be only going out for essentials and watch what happens. Stay safe everyone.

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