A little boy with a scrape on his nose, just turned two, running around the park.
My daughter and Andrew. She is such a great mother, and I am so very proud of her.
This is what love is. A mother and her child. 

This is what being two is. Trying new things. 

Falling down and getting right back up. Undaunted and ready to try again.

Not a care in the world. So innocent and trusting.

A little boy whose smile lights up my world.

I love you, sweet boy.


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  1. Your beautiful post truly made my day. I so enjoyed the heartwarming photos of your gorgeous daughter and darling grandson! Really loved sharing this memorable day with you. It makes me happy to see your joy. Thinking of you…

    1. Oh Gayle, thanks for saying that. Any day with them is memorable. I shift the photos from my camera to my computer and as each one comes up, I just feel such love.

  2. Awesome day for all and blessings to each of you every day!!! So happy to see you bubbling with joy! From your NYC friend, Robin (a daily blog reader). 🙂

    ooops my spelling now corrected 🙂

  3. What a doll, your boy! I mean he is so so cute, and with his cap. My son loved to wear caps at that age. Precious pics of daughter and son enjoying the park. I am thrilled for you. Glad you shared these pics. Sheila

  4. I smiled right back at him through the entire post ; such a little darling. Reminds me of when mine was 2 and good grief he is six now and losing his teeth. Loved every photo ; your daughter is a beauty and he looks like "let me down, Mom, I sat still for 2 seconds, now time is up! "

  5. What a darling child, Brenda. Your daughter is beautiful, too. Children are so dependent on those around them, especially those bringing them up, to treat them well, to give them the things they will need for life. Grave responsibility but filled with rich rewards.

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