1. Glad to hear Charlie is feeling and doing better – and that you are feeling lighter, too.

    Aquariums are expensive and a lot of work, especially if they are salt water fish. We have a built-in aquarium in the wall of the basement family room – but it’s empty! When we were going to move into this house 29 years ago, the previous owner said he was leaving the aquarium behind. I asked him how in the world do I take care of these fish and he said, “Beats me – they were my ex-wife’s!” I went to the library and got books on salt water aquariums, but it was so complicated (plus I was busy enough with a 2-year old and I was pregnant with my 2nd) that I said, “forget it”. I simply fed the fish their food that was there and that was it. Of course, they eventually died.

  2. So happy to hear about Charlie and that you are feeling lighter. I used to have a large aquarium and loved watching the fish. It was very calming. I’ve though about getting a small one, but not sure where I would put it. They have one in the lobby where I live, so that may be as close as I get to having my own. xo Laura

  3. So glad to hear Charlie is doing better and feeling better… and you too! So nice to have a weight lifted from your shoulders. I love the “view” out my bedroom window as I can see our back yard and (graveled) patio area with all of the pretty plants, flowers, and shrubs that are finally filling out and creating the feel of a little oasis… with the fountain we put in, I love it. Wish I had a remote for that fountain, so I could turn it on in the mornings from my bedroom! I dream of having french doors out of our bedroom onto a little deck where we could sit in the shade and listen to the trickle of the fountain water. It’s the best view in the house! Seems we always tend to have a favorite spot/view wherever we live. Hope Charlie continues to feel good and you too. Marilyn

  4. To see Charlie looking so good and eating soothes my soul. He’s such a dear sweet boy ! Hope your day stays light and bother free. Happy Sunday !

  5. I feel lighter just reading this post. Congrats to Charlie and to you for putting a little spring in my step today. Hoping that Charlie’s therapy continues to help him feel and function better. Charlie feeling better is almost like mental therapy for you.

    Enjoy your day.

  6. Very good news to hear that Charlie Rose is feeling better. I will keep him in my prayers that his health continues to be better each and every day. Hugs to the three of you from WI

  7. When we have had an aquarium I have found it to be very soothing to watch. But caring for one is a bit of a job. It must have been nice to have someone come in to care for yours in Texas.

    So glad to hear Charlie has perked up. And so fortunate that you can get all the therapy and treatments he needs. He is a well-loved doggie, for sure.

    I know what you mean about enjoying the view through your patio door window. I love having a visual access to my backyard to be able to see the trees and the flowers and birds, too. I think having that kind of view is healing to one’s soul.

    And feeling “light” is good for the soul, too. Happy Sunday!

  8. Hello,
    Charlie looks as if he feels well. He is such a handsome boy! Keep up the good work.
    Linda, Ella, and Simon

  9. such great news to hear about Charlie and you too. it’s such a wonderful feeling to have a weight lifted from us.
    have you ever read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle? it seems to me to fit right in with your new Bo Ho feelings about your life and home. there is great beauty in it. and peace.
    I admit this is my third reading of it. never could get into it before. this time for some reason it just resonated with me. and now it has become literally life changing. I’m so glad I tried it a third time!
    maybe Charlie feels like a new dog with his handsome new haircut! 😀 xo

  10. Where is the “heart” button. Love this post. Have a blessed Sunday…I love to look at aquariums..only have had goldfish bowls…agree even that was much work. :0) … You have a great view/aquarium…

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