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  1. I love buttons, Brenda! And I always think I have way too many but seeing these projects I think I may not have enough! The button bouquets really appeal to me. Might try one of those. Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  2. Such adorable ideas. I’m not a terrifically skilled crafter, but these seem like things I could do!

  3. I loved the button pillows. The fact that buttons come in all shapes, sizes and colors really make your creative options endless. I really liked the fabric covered ones made into a necklace. The zebras are adorable. You can make that with anything… dogs, cats, flowers, etc. I’m not sure I’d want my entire bridal bouquet to be made from buttons, but I’ve seem some stunning bouquets where they used crystals as little accents for some pizzazz and sparkle. I’m sure they make sparkly buttons too. Lots of fun ideas for sure.

  4. Great post….I just saw a project where this lady did her kitchen backsplash with buttons. used them like tile…it was so cute!

  5. I really liked the little button bouquets – and that little vase! Also the chicken picture! All so cute.

    1. This reminded me my father-in-law often uses the expression “cute as a button!”

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