1. Wow, 70 years is certainly worthy of a big celebration. Congratulations to them both!

    I am only 40, Brenda, but I feel similarly to you in my contentment to simply stay where I am. I live in an idyllic small town in small-town Ohio where I get to see all four beautiful seasons. I had relatives from Argentina visit recently and they are begging us to visit soon. I’ve already been there three times in my life – and it’s not as though I don’t want to be there and see them – but I absolutely hate the hassle of traveling. I know others love it…but I dont find it worth it. I would prefer to drive cross country and see parts of my own country I still haven’t seen.

    anyway, I always feel like I’m in the minority when it comes to travel, so it’s nice to see that someone else also feels similarly:)

  2. Congratulations to Ron and Pat! 70 years is an amazing blessing! I love their invitation with the then and now photos. That’s so cute. And I’m so happy you will be attending. That’ll be good for you, I think, and it will be nice for you to spend their special day with them. I think they’ll appreciate that. It thrilled me to hear all the socializing you are doing with your neighbors. That’s so good for you and them, and I’ll bet for all the furry friends as well. This move has been the very best thing for you! That’s what happens when you find a good, supportive community of friends to live by. I would love to have that in my neighborhood. You are so blessed! I’m sorry some of your plants aren’t blooming. It could be that it’s just too hot. For some reason, your flower pictures didn’t load, but I’m sure they are beautiful. They always are. I’m so sorry little Kinzi suffered a set back. I feel bad she has to wear that cone. That can’t be comfy. That inflatable ring thingy sounds promising, or at least way more comfortable. I hope Lisa can get one.

  3. I love travel, but the costs put me off, as well as the physical effort to haul suitcases and sit for hours in a narrow jet seat. But I’ve been toying with the idea of train travel. To sit in a comfortable seat with a hot cup of tea to watch beautiful scenery drift by — that sounds like something I could easily do. I’ve done a couple of river cruises. Once aboard, nothing could be easier than to stroll the decks, read in a deck chair, and eat a well-prepared meal in the company of other travelers. Heaven!

  4. What sweet photos of Ron and Pat on their invitation. I’m glad you are planning on going to the party; I think it will be enjoyable for you as you have enjoyed them as neighbors.

    I hope you can find one of those inflatable collars for Kinzi. Can you imagine having to wear one of those rigid ones for several weeks? Poor thing. So sorry about that attack. Glad the owner of the attacker is taking responsibility for it the way he is. But, still, it doesn’t lessen the pain and suffering of poor Kinzi.

    I sure envy you the place you live. I would love to find something like that here in mid-Michigan. Just doesn’t seem to be anything comparable, at least. not in the area I want to stay in. I don’t want to leave my house but it is getting to be a lot to manage with so many repairs needed. You’re a lucky duck, Ms. Brenda! And I am glad for you!

  5. How wonderful and amazing that Ron and Pat will be celebrating 70 years of marriage. Brian and I will be married 39 years next month, so we’re getting there!

    I can’t believe those dogs haven’t been reported to the authorities, but I guess as long as the owner is being responsible and paying for everything, it’s all good. I just hope that male dog never attacks anyone or another animal again.

    Steve coming from Seattle and stepping off the plane into the muggy air of Tulsa reminds me of when we went to San Francisco years ago and then stepped off the plane back in Chicago. It was like walking into a muggy sauna. You forget how bad the humidity is until you leave it and then come back.

    Traveling is exhausting, for sure, but so worth it. I don’t like airports – they’re huge and confusing – but I don’t mind the planes. Once you’re seated and up in the air, you don’t even realize you’re surrounded by people. You can’t see anyone else except the people beside you. And this is coming from a true introvert. I would love to explore so much more of our beautiful country. I’d love to go back to England to visit our friends, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

    It is much cooler, gray and windy here today. I was able to turn off the AC and open the windows. Nice change of pace. We’re supposed to get rain overnight into tomorrow, of which I’m so glad. We’ve been so dry here this summer.

  6. Wish we could find a place like yours, in community!! Our 1 set of nice neighbors will be moving in about a year…so I told Hubby I am not willing to stay here when they go. It is a very nice invite to your neighbors 70th celebration…I hope you will have a very nice time too!! As to the dog owner paying for the doc and vet, that is the least she should do, so glad for that…but the rest of you living in that complex have a right to speak out too about how you feel living next to an obviously dangerous uncontrolled dog!!

  7. Its my favorite kind of day so Brenda !
    It rain for a week in Paris and I am glad of this…but a new canicule is annonced !
    Have a good day Brenda !

  8. They say that maintaining strong social connections as we age can add years to our lives. I am impressed by all the lovely people in your complex and I say “have fun and enjoy each other’s company”! Back to the dogs for a sec. The attack was not the dog’s fault – it is instinctive to some breeds. It was 100% a result of the owners’ irresponsibility. Kinzi will also likely be traumitized after she finally heals as well. I am just saying this because Kinzi still has a road ahead of her.

  9. Brenda, there are inflatable dog collars for dogs. Go to Amazon and you can find several cute ones. You just blow into them and they become like a soft cushion and they can rest their little heads on them. I’ve had one for my dog and he could rest with it. I’m not good at sending links so couldn’t forward it to this comment.

    You sure are in a wonderful complex now and I’m so happy for you.

    1. That is what I got for my little dog when she had surgery. It made so much difference for her. It was like a little pillow for her when she slept. So much better than the hard cones.

  10. It’s wonderful that you’ve found peace and contentment in your new apartment complex. It’s very obvious you’re living your best life, Brenda.
    Enjoy every minute.

  11. I would love to see Ivy and her pet playmates. Your plants look great. I got lobelia for the first time this year and really love seeing the hummingbirds and butterflies around it all day. It is a beautiful flower and is tolerant of the heat. I thought the anniversary invitation was cute. I am so happy for you having such a welcoming neighborhood. I am a homebody and like you have nice neighbors to chat with once in awhile. Have a good week.

  12. It just seems like the security and peace of your complex promotes decency and respect in its residents. I’m glad the dogs’ owner has stepped up to take care of Kinzi (although I still worry about their temperaments) and that Lisa hasn’t demanded their euthanasia (although I’m curious about mandated reporting from a vet – must not be the same as it is for children). I wish vets would develop something to replace those stupid cones! Poor little Kinzi 🙁
    Thank goodness for the ease of having everything delivered to our doors these days! EVERYTHING!

  13. Such a lovely invitation…morning glories are late bloomers here in Wi. so they may still bloom…a little miracle grow may help…I picked the wrong dresser yesterday but it was fun trying to guess.. it is beautiful here today.. we need more rain…my sister in law in Jenks is hating the heat…she has lots of Flowers too…enjoy your day 💕

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