Creating A Cozy Environment

When I was a little girl, I wished for two things when I grew up: To be a writer. And to live in a cozy little house. I guess I’ve accomplished both those things.

If you write on a regular basis, I suppose you’re a writer. And if you surround yourself with the things you love, you invariably end up living in a cozy little house. No matter where that might be.

If you have fresh flowers in your home it just feels like you’ve gone the extra mile.

If you add pretty linens and quilts, you are adding texture and the feeling of being wrapped in love.

If you add a collection or two, you are showing your personality. 

If you paint your existing furniture in colors that you love, then you have added to your cozy atmosphere with just the price of a can of paint. Then with the addition of new knobs, you can change the look of a piece even more.

If you add greenery in the way of house plants, you are cleaning the toxins from your environment. Additionally, plants also visually soften the edges of box-like shaped rooms.

If you showcase your prized collections; your books and reading materials, a person gets a glimpse into who you are when they visit your home.

A beverage (or coffee) bar is both useful and handy. You don’t have to walk back and forth getting what you need to make yourself a cup of coffee, for it’s already in one place.

The best way to organize things is to have a place for everything. And to put everything back in its rightful place. That’s really the secret of small space living.

Most anything can be painted. If you have a lamp you picked up for a song but just don’t like the color, then that is an easy fix. Paint it. The same goes for furniture and many pieces of decor.

Color is a vital part of my personality. Color revitalizes me. So I always have color in my home. I’m not one to have all muted neutrals decorating my place.

If you’re downsizing and know you can’t take everything with you, then go into each room, sit down, and look around you at everything in that room. Think about where you’re moving and visualize each piece in that new space. 

Take a notebook and write down all the pieces in your room. Then go down the list and check off what you absolutely must keep. And what you know will fit. Have measurements handy.

Review your possessions in your head. Eventually, the cream should rise to the top. The most important elements should be readily apparent. 

And then you can add what you simply would like to keep.

No matter where I land in the future, I will manage to make it a cozy little home. Whether it be a house or an apartment. 

Because living with things you love in a cozy arrangement and in an organized fashion, is what everyone really wants in their home.



  1. You have so much in a small apartment. It looks beautiful and cozy. Your step by step instructions
    Are great but what I really need is for you to come to my house. Your talent amazes me – great writer, great decorator, great at gardening and the energy to make it all happen.

  2. I agree with your thoughts on making a home cozy, comfortable and colorful – no matter where you live. And you do a great job with all of it!

  3. I wanted to be a writer too. I guess blogging was made for us! I love your cozy home. I enjoy it when you share it with us. I love how you used the vintage box to store the laundry soap. And the lamp. If I could get my laundry put away more often I could decorate the space better. You inspire. Thanks for sharing. Have a fabulous week.

  4. One of the many things I love about your decorating style is your courage with color. Obviously you have a great sense of harmony or you couldn't mix color as effectively as you do. Honestly, it's fascinating. Anyway, LOVE your home, the subtle creative touches and the intimacy!

    Kindly, Dana

  5. I too always wanted a little house – was never into a large fancy home. I'm still trying to downsize so have boxes and tubs still stored in my garage. It is so hard! Take for instance…. in your last photo of the sweet little collections on your washer – if you could only take say, 3 items, what would you take and what would you be able to part with? it's such a hard decision, for sure for sure.

  6. This post is wonderful and I absolutely adore your home Brenda! I love the furniture pieces you have restored and your vignettes are perfectly placed! You have done a wonderful job creating your home and wherever you live, it will have your exquisite signature on each area. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  7. You hit it all on the head. I don't live in a really small space by some comparisons…certainly not 3000 sq. feet +…but I still make it all cozy—that's how I roll. I would find a way to break up spaces even if I lived in a large home. You are the best inspiration. Painting furniture and creating small focused spaces like your coffee bar and cute laundry space. Big homes often keep room very utilitarian but you can work with it. I have small rooms in my old house and I aim to do what you do. I guess I'm thinking of my son's new home and how I'm trying to help him "fill in" the large spaces with some 'home sweet home' touches', Do you have any suggestions after living in some larger homes? I'm sure your decorating touches were quite beautiful then, too.Food for post thought?

    Jane x

  8. Brenda you even make your washing machine look cozy. You really have knack for display that is for sure. Write a book woman.

  9. Yes, yes, and more yeses! Hi Brenda. You're so right about making a home. I love the way you decorate and surround yourself with color! I love color too and it does make me happy! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  10. A lovely post that reflects the absolute beauty and care you put into your lovely home. I feel the same way, I am currently living in a bedroom but I made it as cozy as possible with all my I love. No matter where we call home, if we add our own personal sense of décor and color, it becomes a place that wraps you in happiness and peace of mind.

  11. my mother used to say, it's not what you have, it's how you arrange it. More people should think that way. I, too, dreamed of a small cozy place to live in all alone when I was small. I have a totally different lifestyle now but I still dream of that!

  12. Your dining area looks so comfy with your wicker chairs and the pretty yellow lilies.. I've bought several/lots of house plants this summer.. I'm hoping to bring them in and that my two kitties will leave them alone..
    Have checked to see which ones are poisonous. They are growing nicely outside………..hope they'll be good sized when I bring them in.
    As always, wishing you "happy trails".

  13. I love your ideas Brenda , I would love to be able to visit you some day and enjoy your company and all that you have to say. Very pretty and Cozy home you have!

  14. Just looking at your pictures makes me smile. I so love all of your color. And you are so right about downsizing. I'm struggling with that now.

  15. So true, Brenda. I don't need a big or fancy place to live, just someplace that I can decorate with things I love and make it a cozy space. You have always done a wonderful job of making wherever you live your "cozy little house"!

  16. You are so right, Brenda. My husband just asked me the other day if I would be happy in a newer one level home. A few years ago I would have said no, but really, it's the things and people you fill your home with that make it cozy. I've been getting rid of "stuff" this summer, and I'm starting to see the light.

  17. My home is also a reflection of who I am. I'm trying to downsize and get rid of excess and as I do so I feel better and lighter. I love all the color you use.

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